3 Cases To Use Excel And Word For Business Data

3 Cases To Use Excel And Word For Business Data

Over our twenty years of experience, we have known different realities and deepened the contact management systems in various sectors. When we deal with our customers, we have found common denominators that recur over time, regardless of the size of the company and the activity carried out. In this article, we have grouped the three most recurring problems and tried to find solutions.

Case 1: Company Computer Out Of Order

Imagine a medium-sized company that produces pipes for industry and gardening, serving the national market. It has a sales network with six sales representatives and three administration staff. To record customer data and create quotes/orders/packing slips, they use Microsoft Office, already pre-installed on the computer. If necessary, the collaborators exchange files via email, and all documents are saved on the company server. Last month, due to a severe storm, the company was flooded, and the computers inside were heavily damaged by water, with no possibility of being repaired.

With them, the precious amount of data inside them and all company archives were also lost. No one thought it could happen; therefore, no steps were taken to save the files safely. How to avoid losing data again? When dealing with documents containing such crucial information, the first step is to secure them immediately using a cloud that constantly contains an updated archive of data and contacts, easily accessible from any location and place. Update. In this way, not only will the data be safe from potential natural disasters that can affect the structure of the company, but the files and documents will also be managed from a teamwork perspective with continuous updates.

Case 2: when was your first contact date?

Do you remember exactly when you first contacted your customer?  Why should you know the lead insertion date? Very simple: if you are doing lead generation (or generation of profiled contacts), it is also essential to know the lead acquisition times to analyze the data and act accordingly on your marketing strategies.

  1. Name and surname
  2. Email address and telephone number
  3. Origin
  4. Commercial reference
  5. Sector.

How then? In such cases, it would be helpful to create a column within the Excel file with the date of first contact inside. But what if there is a need to enter the history of the relationship with the customer? It is only possible to think of having a file with a maximum of a hundred columns and a thousand rows: it would be too heavy and the loading too slow.

Case 3: Theft In The Company

The basis for a good working relationship is trust, you know. However, occasionally unpleasant occasions arise where corporate data is evacuated by employees and passed on to competitors who discover that an employee secretly passed company information to a competitor by taking it directly from the customer management Excel file. With Excel or Word, it is impossible to modulate the accesses to avoid showing some data to your employees. When companies that contact us expose these problems to us, we offer a unique solution in addition to those already provided: an application for the management of estimates, potential customers, and already acquired in a single workspace. NetManager offers:

  1. Centralized 100% cloud storage
  2. Organized saving of documents and photos
  3. Archiving of commercial communications
  4. Use not only in the company but also from smartphones and tablets
  5. Integrated CRM to manage the customer at 360 °
  6. Constant updating of data
  7. Access restriction

Why prefer Net Manager to the classic Excel or Word file? Simplifying procedures, increasing collaboration, and ensuring data security are the three objectives that this software aims to solve. Suppose you have found yourself in at least one of the previous cases, or it might be helpful for you to find a solution to these complexities. In that case, you can contact us to learn more about all the potential of NetManager for your company. 

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