5 Photo Editing Trends In 2022

5 Photo Editing Trends In 2022

Understanding the latest photography market trends at the moment is beneficial. Knowing what to capture, whether for wedding photos, stock photographs, or product photo shoots, puts you ahead of the competition.

Whether you need to make the background transparent or change the orientation of an object, the right editing software is essential. While it is becoming increasingly popular for amateurs, editing a photograph is second nature for many photographers.

When an image is edited correctly, it is a fantastic tool for social media marketing. Although, there are many other factors to implement (dynamic ads, branding, and engagement) to be considered a successful marketing campaign.

As with fashion, photo editing trends are constantly evolving. In 2022 there have been many trends, and we have highlighted five for you.

Authentic, Unedited Photos

We know saying unedited photos is an editing trend sounds a bit strange. In 2022, many individuals are striving for “anti-perfection.”

This form of “non-editing” facilitates relationships between the design and the user, which marketers continuously strive for on social media. Rather than seeking images of perfection, brands are increasingly demonstrating themselves to be more vulnerable and honest.


Photo edits are critical in this high-drama approach because the images include certain essential aspects. Some important features include striking colors, incredible zooms, natural elements (stunning sunsets), high contrast, lighting effects, and emphasized elements.

These photographs, which have been an enormous success for professional photographers and are generally applied in wedding and maternity shoots and large projects, can be obtained on a smaller scale in some applications.

Lights And Reflections

In the world of photography, reflected light is lighting that is reflected off a subject. This is typically what the camera records to create a photograph. Light is affected by anything it reflects off, regardless of the light source.

Brands focusing on Generation Z use reflection photography to make their photographs more appealing. To replicate this look, use an editing tool such as Pink Papaya (iOS) to add reflections, shadows, and the prism feature, or Tezza (iOS and Android) for light and shadow effects.


Silhouette pictures are created by contrasting dark images with a solid background color to highlight the subject. Photographs of this kind allow for expressing emotions, feelings, turmoil, and interpretation.

Any solid background, such as a sunset or a rich backdrop, can be employed to accentuate the subject’s dramatics. Position your focal point before the scene for a beautiful silhouette click.

Muted Colors

Adding subdued colors to your photographs is another photography trend in 2022. These filters are standard on social media; however, filters can sometimes reduce image resolution or quality.

Although you can create a preset or setup design, you can employ image editing software to soften the colors in the image and get the most out of it. Editing professionals are well-versed in color contrast, correction, lighting modification, and other techniques. As a result, you obtain a gorgeous image with minimum depiction and colors that calm the audience’s eye.

One of the most valuable things in photography and retouching is experimenting.

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