5G Technology: Impacts And Benefits For Companies

5G Technology: Impacts And Benefits For Companies

See how 5G technology will impact organizations and how companies prepared for the next digital revolution will benefit.

It’s not just a matter of speed. 5G technology will change the current way of consumption and people’s relationship with new technologies. In addition, the hyper connectivity enabled by the new internet generation will drive automation, making intelligent machines increasingly present in everyday life.

In the corporate world, 5G represents greater efficiency in digital solutions, with unprecedented results for different market sectors – from healthcare to logistics – to generate better business strategies.

However, even though 20% of the representatives of the organizations participating in the survey, which make up different market segments, state that they are already investing in the implementation of 5G-based resources, the realization of projects using the new generation of the internet is still in its initial phase.

In addition, the lack of perspectives on the topic still affects almost half of the respondents: 52% of executives said they had an intermediate level of knowledge about 5G. In comparison, 29% admitted that they had insufficient repertoire on the standard. Only 28% indicated they had a consistent idea of ​​the potential of this technology.

The fact is that, according to the survey, most companies (27%) do not have a defined schedule for investments in 5G projects. Another 26% project a horizon of more than two years for investments, and 19%, between one and two years.

From the point of view of enabling technologies, the research points out that the arrival of 5G connectivity should help investments in big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), edge computing, and artificial intelligence. The consultancy also predicts that the agribusiness, education, and entertainment segments will be at the forefront of those impacted by 5G technology.

Benefits For Companies That Are 5G Ready

The speed of connections and the development of new applications in various sectors of the economy, from agribusiness to industry, will open up new opportunities for the growth and evolution of companies that are prepared to receive 5G technology in their most varied fields of activity. 

After all, the growth of innovation in business models and solutions is already foreseen by organizations as 5G networks are implemented. 36% of survey respondents expect their companies to start reaping benefits within 13 to 24 months.

In addition to the impact on economic activities, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles will also face changes with new technology, as 25% of the executives who participated in the study believe.

However, in addition to the opportunities, 5G also brings new cybersecurity challenges and concerns to organizations. No wonder this is one of the main fears about the latest technology since 5G performs a distributed and software-defined digital routing, different from the process of previous networks, centralized and based on hardware.

The Role Of Technology Experts In 5G Implementation

As we have seen, 5G technology has developed organizations that aim to evolve and grow for the next few years, supported by digital transformation, and revolutionize customers‘ consumption from different sectors through emerging technologies.

Therefore, companies that provide specialized services in the technology area will play a vital role in the advancement of 5G, helping organizations to face the challenges of this journey.

The change from 4G to 5G should represent a significant technological advance, mainly due to its ability to expand business in different segments of the economy, especially for companies that have already passed or are in the digital transformation process.

According to a research, resources for investing in new technology are already a reality in most organizations. The plan for 5G networks is on the radar of 56% of the executives interviewed, and in the companies of 71%, there is an established plan for using 5G in 5 years.

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