7 Indicators To Measure The User Experience On Your Website

7 Indicators To Measure The User Experience On Your Website

As of late, computerization has pulled together clients and their fulfillment. Giving the best client experience or UX has become a test for showcasing and outreach groups. We give you the examination pointers to follow to take on a decent UX methodology. 

UX Or User Experience Of A Site: What Are We Talking About?

The client experience, or UX for ” Client e X perience”, is an idea that assigns a client’s general impression and sentiments following his utilization of an item, administration or point of interaction. The term is chiefly utilized in the computerized climate to recognize guests’ and clients’ enthusiasm for sites and programming/applications

The Essential Elements Of User Experience

Today, the performance of a website or an application is no longer defined by the sponsor’s approval but by the user’s satisfaction. This is increased when the site or software meets various criteria:

  1. The  design is coherent, and the ergonomics are good (e.g., an association of colours which ensures good readability of the text);
  2. The  information is clear, error-free and with reliable sources (e.g. testimonials, sources, company presentation page, etc.);
  3. It is easy to use, intuitive and fun (e.g., search bar, animations, catchy text, keywords, etc.);
  4. The visitor can browse from different media (e.g. smartphone, computer and tablet).

Why Embarking On A UX Approach Is Essential?

Surfing the net should always be a pleasant, surprising and fun experience. Internet users have little patience and a lot of expectations: if they don’t like their visit to a website, the majority won’t return. In the selection criteria, we know, for example, that  40% of users leave a loading site if they have to wait more than 3 seconds! 

Therefore, optimizing your site’s various design parameters and functionalities is imperative to avoid a drastic traffic loss. This is where the UX strategy comes in:  if your visitors see their needs met in terms of navigation, they will spend more time on your site, will talk about it more willingly to those around them, and will ultimately be more inclined to join your customers.

UX Design: Mistakes To Avoid

In defining your UX approach, your marketing and sales departments must know the most annoying elements for visitors, these black spots that scare them away:

  1. A load that exceeds a few seconds, especially on the home page;
  2. Tedious reading of texts (small size, too wide columns, etc.);
  3. Inconvenient access to tools (links too off-center, search bar too small);
  4. Repeated spelling, grammatical and factual errors;
  5. Complex/messy navigation in forms;
  6. Difficult access to information.

The changes to your website will directly depend on the User Experience. Thanks to a clear and precise analysis of the UX via indicators, you can ensure your company an apparent increase in your conversion rates! 

Seven Indicators To Follow To Analyze The UX Of Your Website 

You now know the ergonomic elements to favor and those to avoid for all Internet users. But, to adapt the UX approach to your buyer personas, you must observe and measure their site use. By analyzing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), you will refine your strategy, and your company will make the right choices regarding UX design. 

Number Of Page Views

The number most often used by companies to test the performance of their website is the overall number of visits: specify this measurement with the average number of pages viewed by each Internet user while browsing your site. The higher this number, the more it marks the interest of users. 

Site Speed

Loading your pages can strongly incentivize your users to stay or leave. Knowing the speed of your website, i.e., each page’s loading time is essential to act on the minor ergonomic elements. 

Click-Through Rate / Overall And Per Page

This rate is calculated from the number of clicks made on at least one zone of each page, compared to the number of displays of the same zone. This data indicates the efficiency of the main elements of your website. 

Distribution Of Clicks

The distribution of clicks corresponds to the number of clicks on the different areas of the same page. The analysis of this indicator informs you about the locations most appreciated by your visitors. 

Conversion Rate / Overall And Per Page

The more the navigation of your potential customers is finalized with an action desired by your company,  the more your conversion rate is optimal (downloading of a document, data entry on a form, purchase of a product, etc.). Therefore, It is an important criterion to consider to optimize certain functionalities. 

Dropout Rate

Conversely, the number of users who left a process before its completion, or the abandonment rate, is an exciting indicator for targeting less efficient paths and elements. 

Rebound Rate

Similarly, the bob rate permits you to compute the level of guests who have shut your site after showing a page without clicking. Above half, a bob rate is viewed as destructive. Past these insights, a subjective estimation can likewise improve your UX methodology. This includes utilizing devoted locales and applications, like internet-based polls or heatmaps, and setting up studies and studios to gather sentiments and analyze perspectives.

Contemplating your sites because of the client experience has not just become fundamental together not to lose traffic. Yet, most importantly, it is a significant resource for further developing your change rates. The UX approach comprises investigating your clients’ propensities during their route to expect their assumptions. Adjusting your UX plan technique and all of your ergonomics to their necessities guarantees outright solace for your guests and fulfillment with your advanced point of interaction!

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