Acapella Care – Compact Bluetooth Speaker With An Eco-Heart

Acapella Care – Compact Bluetooth Speaker With An Eco-Heart

Acapella Care – Care, protect and preserve, an excellent name for a range of electronic products with high standards. With its Care range, the company would like to reduce the consumption of plastic and increase recycling material. The housing of the Acapella Bluetooth loudspeaker in the Care version is made from 35 percent wheat straw fiber, and the cover made from 98 percent recycled plastic bottles fit in well.

The wheat straw fiber admixture ensures a pleasant soft-touch grip. The wooden box of the Acapella loudspeaker fits the self-created claim. A beautiful packaging made of FSC wood. Technically, the Acapella Care is also impressive. With Bluetooth 5 and a USB-C connection for charging, it is also up to date, as is a running time of a maximum of 30 hours and dust and water protection according to IP55.

The option of wireless induction charging based on the Qi standard is attractive. The charging time is longer than USB-C, from around 4 to 8.5 hours. With its compact dimensions of 16 cm in height and 9 cm in diameter, and a weight of 680 g, the Acapella Care is suitable for travel. Unfortunately, there is no transport protection included in the scope of delivery.

The Device Is Operated Using Three Buttons On The Top

The buttons have up to five double assignments, making operation unnecessarily tricky. The primary function for the outer buttons is easy to understand with volume and title jump and corresponds to the standard of many Bluetooth headphones and speakers. The middle key with the capital “K” is more complex. On / off, play/pause, Bluetooth pairing, voice assistant, and telephone calls are controlled via it. However, this is clearly explained in the multilingual manual.

After the first few sounds, you are immediately reconciled with the little Acapella Care. Of course, the loudspeaker is not a party machine, but dignified background music on the terrace or during a relaxing bath is fun. You can relax and enjoy chillout sounds and pop and rock from the streaming service.

The Acapella Care is now no bass miracle. Still, because Kreafunk did not develop the Bluetooth loudspeaker down to minimal dimensions, it inherently has a sufficient housing volume for a good sound. Whether the voices of speakers or singers, the clear and understandable sound is convincing.

The sound tuning would not be described as Nordic cool, relatively neutral in the world’s best sense. Therefore there is hardly any music genre that cannot be heard well with the Acapella Care. It would help if you avoided high volumes, but this applies to all compact Bluetooth speakers.


On the one hand, the option of inductive charging is convenient for a mobile Bluetooth speaker, but on the other hand, it does not fit with environmental considerations. With inductive charging, more energy is consumed, detrimental to sustainability. What we couldn’t try, unfortunately, was the proper wireless stereo mode. According to the manual, this should be activated quickly and remain until deactivation. We have already been able to determine that it does not work so smoothly in practice in other tests.

What we didn’t like was the meager essential configuration. A multifunction button with five functions is just too much. And the battery indicator with only one LED is too small. However, since the battery level is displayed in the iPhone, the LED is ultimately not that relevant in practice.

You buy a loudspeaker primarily because you want to listen to music with it, and the little Acapella Care can do that well. Whether jazz, chillout, dance, or pop, we were happy to turn on the Acapella Care for breakfast or in the evening on the terrace and enjoy the time with the music.

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