AI Chatbot: How To Improve Your Customer Service

AI Chatbot: How To Improve Your Customer Service

Are you looking to improve your customer service? How about knowing a little more about artificial intelligence(AI) chatbots? 

An artificial intelligence chatbot is a written conversation system that analyzes the information provided by the user to proceed with the service and resolve the issues presented. To be more explicit, let’s start by explaining the concept of a chatbot. A chatbot is a feature that enables text conversation with your customerA conversational robot can initiate this conversation and, if necessary, transfer it to human care.

Based on this principle, the artificial intelligence chatbot goes further. It uses this technology (AI) to identify patterns and offer an even faster and more personalized service, dispensing with the interaction with an agent.

In the past, imagining that we would interact with machines was something seen only in science fiction movies. However, this has become a reality. The artificial intelligence chatbot, a resource used for virtual service, is a good example.

What Is An AI Chatbot?

An artificial intelligence chatbot is messaging software that analyzes user-provided data. In this analysis, the system finds patterns that lead to suggestions that contribute to the solution of the problem or question indicated. This software processes the received data, which can come from speech or writing, and recognizes patterns—one of the technologies used in NLP (Natural Language Processing).

This line of study of artificial intelligence allows the systems that use it to analyze what is being requested to provide answers. Want a practical example of a chatbot for a website? Let’s assume that you accessed your bank over the internet, as you have doubts about a charge posted on your statement.

Among the service channel options, you find the chat button and decide to try it. When starting the conversation, some options are suggested, asking you to click on the one you think will solve your problem, such as “Last period postings,” “Last charges,” etc.

There was no human interaction in this type of service; you were talking to a virtual attendant, a chatbot. That one, in turn, is offering you answers based on the words you typed or the options you clicked on. In other words, the artificial intelligence chatbot can “read” your questions and answer them without having to direct you to an agent, as it is based on previous and already programmed patterns.

But What Exactly Is Artificial Intelligence?

Right! We are talking about artificial intelligence chatbots, but you may not be familiar with this concept. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a part of computer science that develops devices that approximate the human ability to reason. With this characteristic, machines become able to perceive situations and make decisions that solve problems. But how do they learn these functions? In addition to the NLP above, there is also Machine Learning. This technology exposes artificial intelligence to multiple examples until it recognizes patterns and works with them.

Is There Another Type Of Chatbot For Websites?

In addition to the artificial intelligence chatbot, there is the rule-based one. In this case, the software is programmed with specific commands, such as keywords.

This option is used for more straightforward calls that generate direct responses, such as balance inquiry, issuing a new bolero, order tracking, etc. If the customer makes a more complex request that cannot be “read” by the chatbot, he is directed to human service. Even if the resource does not use artificial intelligence, the relationship is not harmed, and the user can have their doubts resolved in the same channel.

How Can An Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Be Used?

One of the best applications of the artificial intelligence chatbot is to improve customer relationships. However, this tool does not need to be used only to resolve doubts or receive complaints. There are several other functions that the feature can fulfill. See some possibilities:

  • Collect opinions and do research
  • Make appointments, make reservations, or place orders
  • Automate sales and other repetitive processes
  • Share information between your team members
  • Suggest or disclose new product or service options to the user

Artificial intelligence chatbots help to reduce, or even eliminate, waiting time, as they can solve several issues without needing the intervention of human assistance, in addition to serving several people simultaneously.

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