AI Sandbox: Instagram And Facebook Wink At Advertisers!

AI Sandbox: Instagram And Facebook Wink At Advertisers!

After passing the 100 billion mark in advertising revenue in 2021, Meta experienced a decline the following year to start 2023 with encouraging prospects. The AI ​​Sandbox is a tool plugged into Artificial Intelligence to boost advertising campaigns. “We believe there is a great opportunity across all of our apps to apply AI to improve advertiser and user experiences,” Meta’s statement, posted to Facebook, concludes.

Understanding The Facebook Algorithm

Users experience it every day. The content and form of advertising messages evolve according to the tastes and interests of Internet users. The algorithm determines its potential effectiveness with a specific target even before the advertisement is viewed. For this, many criteria are taken into account, including:

  1. the novelty of the ad
  2. the link of the Internet user with the brand
  3. keywords, text length, visual quality, etc.
  4. interactions with advertising, number of clicks
  5. user behavior

Toward Full Advertising Automation

Continuously, the AI ​​refines the advertisement according to the chosen target. It starts with an analysis of both the target and the message. Then comes the test period, the analysis of the results, then the AI ​​makes the relevant changes to gain efficiency. The AI offers the most appropriate advertisements by remembering who interacted with the message and at what time of the day. From this point of view, the new tool Meta offers falls within this logic.

The Main New Features Of AI Sandbox

The central idea of ​​Meta is to pursue the hyper-personalization of messages and their contextualization using AI. For starters, Meta says, three innovations are integral to the AI ​​Sandbox.

The Text Variation

AI enables the automatic creation of multiple versions of the same content. The objective is to adapt the message in real-time to various audiences. By targeting the audience more precisely, the tool makes it possible to measure the best performance.

Automatic Generation Of Backgrounds

Next to the text, the advertiser can generate a background that matches the query. The principle is the same: select backgrounds according to the tastes and expectations of a target audience. Everything is delivered with measurement tools, such as Google Ads.

Image Cropping

The chosen images are automatically cropped to be optimized (best possible format) according to the media networks of an advertising campaign (Facebook, Instagram). Through these three innovations, Meta provides advertisers with generative artificial intelligence for detecting the most relevant texts, backgrounds, and images. Still reserved for a few “happy few,” these innovations will soon be open to the general public after the first feedback from beta users in July, according to Meta.

Meta Bets On AI

After experiencing some setbacks in the metaverse, his group is resolutely turning to AI. This shift has boosted the group’s activity, which is returning to profits by refocusing on its original business: selling advertising.

The New Developments Of Meta Advantage

The advertising automation system developed by Meta remains ultra-efficient in optimizing advertisements by AI. Along with the AI ​​Sandbox coming to market, Meta is promoting new developments of Meta Advantage. The advertiser can transform manual campaigns into advantage + campaigns with a single click. 

The interest is, in addition to the use of catalog videos, the possibility of generating an automatic report to compare the campaigns with each other and improve them. The idea is to make it easier to set up campaigns. The advertiser will also have access to Audience Advantage +, which allows advertising campaigns to be fully automated by taking advantage of data collected in real-time. The automation chooses the most suitable network (Facebook Feed, Instagram Stories, etc.) because of the possible results.

Businesses Love Meta Tools

Meta enhancements are very effective for e-commerce stores. AI makes it possible to detect the attraction of an Internet user to a particular product (thanks to machine learning). Companies can then optimize their conversion rate, saving time and money. These results are possible thanks to the following:

  1. a more detailed analysis of potential customers
  2. understanding their behavior
  3. creating hyper-personalized ads

The predictive models generated by AI allow companies to target their campaigns by crossing them with the browsing data of Internet users. Based on machine learning, this targeting is boosted by “Meta Lattice,” an ad delivery process that further enhances predictive technologies. The tool captures the Internet user’s short-term interest and longer-term purchase intention. Meta’s new advertising enhancements, like the AI ​​Sandbox, don’t revolutionize online advertising but boost results. Meta highlights the 20% increase in conversion rate compared to 2022 and a 32% increase in ad spend.

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