Aiming For 10,000 Subscribers On YouTube Channel? Here’s How!

Aiming For 10,000 Subscribers On YouTube Channel? Here’s How!

Just over a third of global mobile traffic is generated by YouTube Channel. The Internet has more than 1.6 billion websites worldwide, and YouTube is the second most visited website, just after Google. Whether it’s to share your passion, promote a brand, or provide yourself with a source of income, YouTube is an option to consider.

The famous video hosting and streaming social media brings together millions of users ready to follow videos every day. However, according to figures put forward by YouTube, it would take around 82 years to track all the videos added to the platform in just one hour. So how do you stand out from the crowd and get many users to show interest in your videos? 

To succeed on YouTube, retain an audience, or even convert them into customers, there are many tricks and secrets to master. From the seduction of the Youtube algorithm to that of your audience, I propose to share with you the keys that have made the success of many YouTubers.

Master Your YouTube Audience With The Avatar.

Who are you targeting your videos for? What is the typical profile of your viewer? Let’s think of this type of person as your avatar(s). For each avatar, it will be necessary to define the age, the family situation, the hobbies, and the distractions. But not only that, but you will also have to go further and try to understand what drives him and makes his dream and life goals. The objective of this approach is fourfold:

  1. You define the typical person(s) you think of when writing your script. This way, you choose the right words and ideas for more impactful content.
  2. You humanize your audience. Having a YouTube channel is about more than just managing metrics. It’s all about being able to help real people. A humorist helps his audience to laugh and have fun, and the economist brings them valuable notions. The avatar allows you to visualize the human being better because real people are behind those blue thumbs. Genuinely seeking to help your audience means putting all your empathy, heart, and passion at their service. This mission will help you surpass yourself and find the motivation to persevere when difficulties arise.
  3. Defining your target avatar can be a great way to select an audience that matches and shares your values.
  4. Knowing the type of people you are talking to, and the avatar(s) you understand and appreciate will help you be more relaxed in front of the camera lens.

Use Other Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat… social networks are now legion. Enough to promote your new videos for free. Don’t hesitate to post trailers of your new videos on your social networks and encourage your community to watch them on YouTube. You can also link your new video to your stories to enable curious people to view your channel. Also, remember to promote your YouTube channel by email. For example, a newsletter is a powerful tool that should be noticed.

Call And Remind To Action

Generally, all YouTubers religiously invite you to subscribe and activate the bell at the end of each video. But few use the little reminder when they are sure to have their visitors’ full attention. For example, you just cracked your best joke or revealed some sensational information, so it’s time to place a call to action subtly.

Subscribe, Yes. But Why?

It’s easier to get a favor from someone if you give them reasons to do it for you. Suppose we apply this principle to our current topic. In that case, it might look something like this: “If you like this kind of practical information, click on the red button just below the video. And don’t forget to activate the little notification bell to be alerted as soon as we publish new ones”. Although this sentence may seem somewhat “commercial” and too “cliché,” the argument is there. 

You remind people who follow your video that you often post relevant information that they would have more easily by subscribing to your channel. To entice more casual visitors to subscribe, talk about the exclusive video you’re working on that they’re sure to love and want to take advantage of. To catch this video, your visitors will subscribe to your channel.

Post Videos Regularly On Youtube Channel

This rule of thumb is the basis. The more content you post to your channel, the more watch time your channel will have. The more your subscribers and visitors watch your videos, the more YouTube will find your channel relevant and show your videos to more people. This will increase your number of subscribers. Many experts recommend posting at least one video a week when you’re starting, and then as your channel grows, increase the pace. 

Remember, however, to prioritize quality over quantity. Some tracks that publish up to 10 videos per year retain their place in YouTube’s algorithm and that of their subscribers. All this requires a strong sense of organization and planning, which can be challenging. Fortunately, there are tools specially developed to help you plan your activities on the Internet.

A Touch Of SEO (Yes, Even In The Video!)

For each video that you are about to post on YouTube, you must specify a title and tags, …To come across a video, users generally make “queries” in the YouTube search bar. Google Keyword Planner is a widely used tool for this purpose. It allows you to evaluate the search volume and the competition by keyword to optimize the choice of titles for your videos. You even have suggestions to help you find the next subject you should shoot! Other techniques can also allow you to boost the SEO of your Youtube videos.

Pleasing YouTube, OK. But Remember Your Visitors!

All advice in this article should be applied in moderation; the previous advice, for example. SEO is all about pleasing YouTube’s algorithms. But if you focus too much on it, you can quickly forget to please the viewers. As a result, you lose originality, making your content irrelevant to your community. So be careful to maintain the quality of your videos.

Make Videos That Retain Your Viewers

Speaking of retention, your goal on YouTube is to keep the retention rate as high as possible. In other words, viewers must watch the video long enough for YouTube’s algorithm to find it interesting. The audience retention rate is directly considered in a channel’s ranking. So if your videos are skipped after just a few seconds, you’re unlikely to be taken seriously by YouTube.

Mastering retention begins with learning the art of Storytelling. Here are three little tips to get there:

  1. Always start your videos with a summary announcing the points that will be covered or make a teaser. Why is this so important? According to statistics, about 20% of people who click on your video will leave after only 10 seconds of watching. As a general rule, the visitor leaves. After all, he feels he needs to be in the right place because he doesn’t think he’ll find what he’s looking for here. This is why announcing the points covered in the video immediately is necessary. To see good examples of teasing, I recommend David Laroche’s videos published on his Business Impact YouTube channel.
  2. Quickly get to the heart of the matter. Long intros are also part of the reason viewers skip your videos. They have virtually no added value since they can even be interpreted as a lack of mastery of the subject. So after showing the viewer that he is in the right place, get straight to the heart of the matter by giving him the information that interests him.
  3. The user opens loops. It’s a technique of announcing topics that will be discussed later in the video. This allows you to keep the viewer’s interest and attention throughout the viewing.


Playlists are a handy way for you to increase your watch time. The trick here is to group the best of your content into mini-series so that each time, the visitor is encouraged to follow the next video. The visitor gradually discovers the channel’s interests through your playlists and will be more motivated to subscribe to your channel. And one more subscriber for you!

Do You Have A Website Or A Blog?

Feel free to promote your YouTube channel on your website or blog. Also, feel free to post your videos on your blog and extract the subtitles to post them on your blog. So you show your videos to fans of your blog, and they are more likely to watch them fully and subscribe to your channel. And if you don’t have a blog, there is always time to make up for your mistakes. The reasons for creating a website or a blog are present, and the resources are current.

Create And Maintain Links With Your Followers

The more your channel grows, the more you forge special bonds with your subscribers. Be involved and present with your community, and interact with them. An effective trick in this context is to respond to comments on your videos. Subscribe to the channels of your subscribers who have potential, and leave a nice word.

Give Gifts

You will reach your target subscribers more quickly if you give your visitors good reasons to subscribe to your channel. Another way to do this is to offer them gifts, for example, by organizing a contest. You then invite your visitors to subscribe and activate the notification bell to participate. Another possibility is to celebrate significant milestones in your channel’s growth. 

The idea, as always, is to create and strengthen the connection with your audience. You don’t necessarily need to offer an iPhone, a car, a simple ebook, or the possibility for the winner to shoot a funny video with you could increase the motivation of your fans tenfold. You don’t necessarily have to invest a lot to make money. on Youtube

Collaboration Is Key

Going the solitary path of the Self-Made Man/Woman is a path that will only increase the difficulty of your task. And a social network is for socializing, so don’t go alone. Do not hesitate to propose partnerships with other YouTubers. Competing on YouTube does not meet the classic definition of the term. Of course, content creators have to work hard to become as big or as talented as their peers. But it doesn’t go beyond that.

As far as ratings are concerned, it’s not like on TV. One YouTuber gets fewer views at the expense of another. People who watch a video on YouTube usually continue watching it with other related videos and channels, so everyone wins. Collaboration is, therefore, a significant factor in the growth of a chain. The first step to sparking partnerships is to create content that people will want to engage with. 

The second is to come up with good ideas. Don’t just send emails and say, “Hey, could you post one of my videos on your channel, please?” “. And finally, don’t be too picky about popularity! Don’t just aim for chains that are already bigger than yours. Again, work with passion. This powerful lever will help you connect with your idols and produce high-quality collaborations.

Reaching 10,000 subscribers on YouTube will take time to happen. But if you are patient and, above all, passionate, you will succeed. If your goal is to do a lucrative business out of it, here are some tips for earning big bucks with your YouTube channel.

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