Amazon Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

Amazon Mini Bluetooth Speaker Review

In recent years there has been an explosion of Bluetooth speakers and speakers; this has happened for many reasons. We listen to a lot of music on the move and the low power of our smartphone speakers. Today I reviewed the Bluetooth speaker produced by Amazon that I recently purchased, and it is part of the Amazon Basic series, products designed and manufactured by Amazon


The Amazon Mini speaker is a wireless Bluetooth speaker with a built-in battery that allows you to listen to music and has a hands-free function. It is not very big, and it fits in the palm of your hand; placing it on a surface, we will immediately notice the quality of the product; it has four rubber feet that give it excellent stability. The build quality is high, and the body is not in plastic but most likely in aluminum. The nice thing is that there is a small fabric case to carry the speaker around with us in addition to the speaker and the USB cable.

Inputs And Control Keys

We come to the inputs and control buttons. On the side, we find the Jack 3.5 input, the mini-USB input, and the ON-OFF- lever.

  1.  The 3.5 jack input is used to connect a device not equipped with Bluetooth, such as an old iPod, to the speaker via a 3.5 mm jack cable.
  2. The mini-USB input is used to charge the speaker, and it must be connected to the USB input of the Mac; the cable is supplied with the speaker.
  3.  The ON-OFF button turns the device on and off; moving the lever up, we will turn it on (a sound will let us know). Moving the lever down, we will turn off the loudspeaker.

On the upper side, in the Mini version, we find the volume keys with the stop-play key in the center, with which we stop and stop the music and with which we can answer calls; oh yes, it also acts as a speakerphone. Connecting it to our iPhone / Mac is very simple; once the speaker is turned on, it will be enough to activate Bluetooth on our device and look for an “amazon speaker” among the Bluetooth devices found. After selecting and activating it, we will hear music, but also Voice Over, on the Bluetooth speaker.


The Mini speaker has an autonomy of about 5 hours; to recharge it, connect the mini-USB cable supplied with the device to our Mac.

sound Quality

The sound quality is not bad, there is also the presence of bass, and the volume is high. An iPhone doesn’t have such powerful internal speakers of this quality.


The speaker I bought is the Mini version, and it cost 29 euros on the Amazon website; you can buy it here. And there are many colors available, red, blue, and black. In addition to the Mini version, Amazon sells regular and large versions. The difference is in power and functions; here are the differences:

  1. mini speaker: 3w speaker, 5 hours battery life, speakerphone, and volume keys
  2. average speaker: 2 speakers of 3w, 8 hours autonomy, speakerphone, volume keys, and forward and back keys of the track
  3. prominent speaker: 2 5w speakers, 4-hour battery life, speakerphone, volume keys, and track forward / backward keys

If you still have any doubts or want more information, leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you—Bluetooth speaker review.

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