An Extensive Overview of xResolver

An Extensive Overview of xResolver

With xResolver, you have the option to have your IP address and Xbox gamertag removed. Is the experience of being thrown out of an Xbox game while making a payment something you can relate to? This is the correct spot for you, then. Keep reading to find out what xResolver is, how it works, and how to turn off IP removal in the program.

What is xResolver? 

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of Xbox and PS4 users have been collected by scammers at xResolver (or In order to find someone’s IP address, you can use xResolver to search for their gamertag. Suppose an attacker gets their hands on sensitive information like an IP address. In that case, they can use it to do things like conduct DDOS attacks, hack your system or network, spread malware, or even destroy all the devices and computers connected to that network. 

Games like Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 are the ones that the xResolver patch affects the most. Some members of the Microsoft Xbox forum have voiced their disapproval of 

All of the data provided is publicly available, and the site owners state categorically that xResolver does not participate in any illegal activity. Though it’s partially true, it’s far too easy for people to cyber harass you or remove you from the game if you link your gamertag to your IP address. 

Features of Xresolver: 

  • IP Address Lookup: Xresolver’s principal function is to search for IP addresses. Users may provide a username or gamer tag, and the platform will get the IP address that goes along with it. This could reveal critical information about the user’s location. 
  • Real-Time Tracking: Xresolver asserts to provide real-time IP address tracking, letting users keep tabs on targeted persons as they navigate different internet platforms. 
  • Historical Data: Xresolver also has the capability to save IP address data from the past. This is a long-term privacy risk because it means that records may still be available even if a user changes their IP address. 
  • Subscription Model: A subscription model is used by Xresolver. The platform gives free basic functionality, but users can upgrade to premium plans that enable faster lookup times and access to more extensive databases, among other benefits.

What Does xResolver Do When Used? 

The core of is OctoSniff. Use OctoSniff, a packet capture tool in xResolver, to find out the IP address of any user on Xbox or PlayStation. If someone gets into your gaming party and installs OctoSniff from xResolver, they can find out your IP address. 

The peer-to-peer aspect of the activity means that your IP address will be exposed to all members of the online gaming party. Now with OctoSniff, you can easily find out the IP addresses of all the gamertags associated with that group. 

How extensive is the xResolver IP database? 

No data regarding the size of xResolver’s IP address or gamertag is currently accessible. Still, there’s talk that the database is on the tiny side. Xbox Live is played by more than 100 million users worldwide. The task of data mining from such a large population would be extremely daunting. The maximum number of IP addresses that xResolver should save is one million, which is less than 1% of all Xbox Live members. 

Get rid of IP addresses from xResolver 

Now that you know how xResolver works, you may assess its impact on yourself. Having your IP and gamertag erased is certainly something you’re interested in right now. This article describes each of xResolver’s five IP elimination methods. 

1. Using a VPN: The Ultimate Choice 

Virtual private networks (VPNs) and similar services exist to address precisely these kind of issues. By encrypting your data and rerouting it through a secure network, virtual private networks (VPNs) do much more than just hide your online identity. Your online activities are protected from eavesdroppers when you use a virtual private network (VPN). You can change your IP address quickly and easily by reconnecting your VPN to a different geographic location. 

2. To Change the IP Address, Restart the Router. 

You need to know your computer’s IP address in order to utilize xResolver. But since not everyone uses the same static IP address, changing yours is as simple as entering back into your ISP account or resetting your router. This works well with Internet service providers that offer dynamic IP. 

3. Submit a request to your ISP to have your IP address changed. 

Contacting your ISP is the best option for changing your IP address if they offer static IP addresses. Please feel free to explain your situation and make reference to Xresolver. We will allocate new IP addresses to your account. 

4. Turn off xResolver’s Security Features That Track and Block IP Addresses 

Your xResolver account can be banned and your IP address and gamertag removed from their database if you pay a charge. When everything else fails, removing it from x Resolver is the way to go if you’re experiencing problems with your gaming session. 

5. Manually remove IP addresses by filling out a data removal form 

Submitting the form will remove your Gamertag and the IP address from the resolver, but it doesn’t mean they won’t be added again. 


Xresolver users can view and trade information about other users, including their IP addresses, which is a contentious issue. Cyberbullies and doxxers have been exploiting this platform despite the fact that its initial goal was to assist players in blocking and reporting aggressive users. 

Xresolver is a serious issue with current internet privacy. Although it was created to enhance online gaming experiences, it has been utilized for harmful purposes, highlighting the need to safeguard personal information online. Users need to be alert for indications of security breaches and cautious when disclosing personal information. Community efforts and government activities may be necessary to address the misuse of Xresolver and the risks it presents to individuals and communities online. 

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