Artificial Intelligence – Enemy Or Ally?

Artificial Intelligence – Enemy Or Ally?

Artificial Intelligence: Some visionaries and scholars on the subject believe it is possible around 2050, a humanoid with broad capabilities close to those of a human being, the so-called general AI.

But this possibility is still far from a consensus. Despite, as it could not be different, Elon Musk was surprised once again by announcing 2021 the Tesla Bot project, a humanoid. Perhaps a prototype will be made public by the end of 2022. Although it will do some extraordinary “things,” we know there will be considerable functional limitations. Again, maybe he does 5 or 20 things flawlessly, but a human can do thousands; that’s the point. Either way, Elon Musk won’t want to disappoint; we’ll soon find out.

I see artificial intelligence as a game-changer, but is it comparable to the industrial revolution? The evolution of AI catalyzed by digital transformation is a milestone and deserves the title; of course, note that the current speed in adopting new technologies is infinitely more significant than in the past. What has happened in the last 15 years and what is about to happen in the next 15 will significantly change industry, jobs, business models, logistics, manufacturing, social relationships, etc. It’s a concise space of time for a different world, impregnated with so much technology in everyone’s daily lives.

The Impact

Anyone who neglects digital fluency in the present is likely to face future limitations in socioeconomic and cultural scope. It is not the rhetoric of right or wrong, good or evil, but options in human experience. Generations Z (born between 1995 and 2010) and Alpha (born in 2010) take these “tech” novelties naturally as if all the technological exponentiality we are experiencing were just a linear evolution that has been going on forever, which is not and truth. Many of us will still be shocked by so many non-biological and robotic intelligence present in our daily lives.

The mass use of AI will undoubtedly open the door to hidden and malevolent interests. Attentive legislation and relentless inspection will ensure that the world remains at peace among nations and a healthy coexistence between humans and “robots.” Everything that is too powerful attracts diverse interests, so in addition to enthusiasm, the subject deserves concern. Would you feel comfortable next to an armed autonomous police robot? And an army of them, what would they be capable of?

Is Artificial Intelligence More Dangerous Than Human Intelligence?

Going deeper, what impacts society and the market is not usually the use of technology in isolation but the synergy when used in combination: IoT, cloud, AI, robotics, web3, blockchain, augmented reality and virtual, 5G networks, drones, quantum computing, etc. For example, in a self-driving car, a combination of technologies is involved in delivering something truly unique.

Now, let’s note that it is necessary to closely monitor the movement of companies and countries with a more excellent technological apparatus at a higher level of maturity. We notice an almost cowardly dominance of Big Techs about the disruptive technologies that dictate the future. Perhaps some 20% of the world’s best data scientists 13 belong to just five companies: Meta (Facebook), Alphabet (Google), Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

How Many People Do You Know Who Don’t Use Google Search Or Exchange Messages On WhatsApp?

I would say that it is tough to access a web page that is not hosted on AWS (Amazon), Google Cloud (Alphabet), or Azure (Microsoft); together, they have more than 50% of the cloud market. A big part of the population does not go a single day without accessing at least one of these social networks, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. And very few people do not depend on one of these operating systems, Windows, Mac OS, Android, or iOS.

Big Techs, already trillionaires (in dollars), become bigger and bigger every year, buying dozens of companies in a concise space of time, thus concentrating more power and influence. Would we be in good hands?

By the way, the Big Five mentioned above are American. It’s not about a conspiracy theory, but it’s a fact that they drive the technology market, and somehow, they are present every day in everyone’s life. All you need is a smartphone to see this.

The fact is that artificial intelligence can be too powerful to be unprotected from market regulatory bodies and legislation with a social focus. Many of the reflections on this topic go beyond the scope of technology. For a minimally fair opinion on a healthy level for a balanced use of AI, it would be necessary to involve a large team in this plan, including an anthropologist, philosopher, sociologist, and other Humanities scholars.

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