Blockchain: Get To Know The Technology And Advantages!

Blockchain: Get To Know The Technology And Advantages!

Blockchain: Keeping up with innovation and digital transformation is an increasingly difficult task. But some concepts cannot be left out of your radar to keep up to date and know how to manage your company better or even where to invest.

An example of this is blockchain, a term that has become quite popular. But do you know what it is and why it is so important to know more about this technology? Continue reading this article to learn more.

What Is Blockchain?

Blockchain is nothing more than a chain of blocks formed by data and codes generated online, encrypted and decentralized. This is a significant advance for security in the digital environment. After all, the technology guarantees greater transparency for any movement in this market and, at the same time, offers privacy for the parties involved in the transaction.

How Did Blockchain Come About?

The emergence of the blockchain concept is connected with cryptocurrencies, which facilitates understanding its concept. In 2009, when the pseudonym of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto announced the creation of the first cryptocurrency, the term became more popular. The reason? Everything that involves the cryptocurrency sector seeks decentralization, which is what blockchain offers.

The creators of cryptocurrencies believe that technology and cryptography are the way to social, political, and economic change in society. And the two concepts are an example of how this can be done in practice. External agents that control, such as supervisory bodies and government institutions, does not reach what happens with blockchain technology.

Why Is Blockchain On The Rise?

When companies are looking for more transparency and users are demanding that their information be protected more efficiently, it is only natural that blockchain gains relevance. With innovation in the financial sector, for example, and the entry of new players in the segment, it is natural that these innovative technologies become increasingly popular.

What Are The Advantages Linked To Blockchain?

As good as a company’s job is at accountability and transparency, nothing is more efficient than a fully decentralized system such as blockchain. With its working structure, each pair needs to validate the processes for, for example, a transaction. This greater transparency can be seen as a differentiator.

More Security

Another point that has become very important for companies in the most different segments is searching for security. And blockchain technology offers higher levels of protection for a system’s data and information. As each transaction is recorded through encryption, a flow is created that cannot be broken.

Chain networks are connected to copies of transactions that have already occurred there. That way, whenever someone with bad intentions tries to make a change to one of these blocks, everyone else that is connected to it will reject that change. Therefore, blockchain is a very secure alternative for storing immutable information. Remember that there are external factors that can put a blockchain system at risk.

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is a goal for any business. Regardless of the segment or size of a company, identifying points that can be improved and have more resources left is always positive. It is possible to create even better experiences and workflows with more money available, so using blockchain can be crucial.

The cost with suppliers to ensure the security of a company’s information can reduce considerably. Imagine a company that works with sensitive data, like a fintech: you need to store that data with maximum security. Blockchain eliminates suppliers and their costs and optimizes the information storage process.

How Is Blockchain Applied In Business?

It ensures greater security for different businesses and companies. An example is in the protection of bank data. To discover just one piece of information about a customer, it would be necessary to hack half plus one of all the connected blocks and validate that blockchain chain. And that makes any system more transparent and secure.

It is an important advance in technology and can offer several benefits to companies in the most different segments. It is yet another example of how digital banking transformation can contribute to companies and financial institutions and end consumers and the entire ecosystem involved, creating a more practical, efficient, and secure environment.

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