Blockchain: What Is This Technology?

Blockchain: What Is This Technology?

Blockchain,  is a new technology that aims to ensure the privacy of data shared on a network. Chains of the information block the system; therefore, encoding the information contained in it isn’t easy.

It is a kind of accounting book that records transactions of various types and keeps these records spread out on a series of computers. It works as follows: a set of information about a bank transaction, for example, is placed inside each of these blocks of data.

The data, in turn, is ‘locked’ by a robust data encryption scheme that is only unraveled from the joint encoding of these blocks.

But How Does It Work In Practice?

We have already said above that transactions are divided into blocks of information. Each of these blocks is linked to the previous one by a link in the original code called ‘hash.’ Together, these links form the chain of blocks known as the Blockchain.

And how does it all start? Through so-called miners. They are the ones that gather the transactions that are coming to the network but have not yet been encoded in blocks. It is up to the miner to calculate the link pattern to insert the new data into the Blockchain.

Blockchain is public. Therefore, anyone can verify and audit the movements within it. However, coding the blocks to access the data fully is already more difficult.

Blockchain: Emergence And Advances

Blockchain technology emerged in 2008 precisely to support another emerging technology – bitcoin. The arrival of cryptocurrencies did not require a robust and effective security system.

According to the document that describes the use of bitcoins, Blockchain is “a network that timestamps transactions and places them in a continuous chain in the ‘hash,’ which gives rise to a record that cannot be changed without redoing the entire process. job”.

However, Blockchain logic has several applications in improving information systems. Today, several segments besides cryptocurrencies already show interest in the use of technology. For example, the food and drug traceability market is a potential sector for Blockchain to explore.

Amid a busy economic context, the new president of the Central Bank, signaled positively about the incorporation of Blockchain by the Government.

“Blockchain technology has high potential in the intermediation market, offering a cheap, fast, secure, and transparent way to control operations,” he said at a press conference in March after taking over the head of the Central Bank.

In addition to being public, Blockchain values ​​the transparency and reliability of information by making information available online, allowing mapping and auditing with photographic evidence, geolocation, and other resources, making the report even more transparent.

On Blockchain, There Is No Room For Fake News!

In addition to information transparency, the Blockchain’s operating logic allows information to be distributed in the digital environment but not copied.

According to Alex Tapscott, author of Blockchain Revolution (2016), Blockchain is an unbreakable digital network that can be used not only for financial transactions but for any negotiation that involves values ​​in the virtual environment.

Once a block of information is created, spread across several computers, and linked to a chain, any change and movement in the chain, in addition to being publicly visible, requires the entire chain to be modified – which makes it impractical to carry out any fraud.

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