Business Card Programs: Solutions & Features

Business Card Programs: Solutions & Features

Business card programs can assist the client by giving them complete freedom without requiring the mediation of a specific expert.

What Are Business Cards Programs?

These products prove to be valid allies in any commercial sector, as they allow not only to transcribe the information and contacts of one’s company but also act as authentic word of mouth, thanks to which it is possible to expand the customer network. It is enough to leave them on the counter of shops and other public places to allow interested people to take one to consult when they deem it appropriate. 

We must also remember that business cards are a great way to present yourself and positively impress the interlocutor since placing a logo on it is possible to make the activity in question easier to remember. But how do you choose the program that best suits your needs? What elements need to be taken into consideration? 

What Is Business Cards Program For?

The programs for business cards are used precisely to create those above quickly and easily without anyone’s help. Through the interface, it is, in fact, possible to place a logo and transcribe all contact information such as e-mail address, telephone number, address, and website. To meet the needs of all users, various software companies have developed numerous free and paid solutions.

Depending on the amount, the latter can be made in a single solution or in installments in monthly or annual sums. Also, given that smartphones have, in many cases, replaced computers in recent times, there are mobile versions available within the Android and iOS app stores. When you open the chosen application, you can purchase directly from it; select the appropriate options.

How A Business Card Program Works

Once the program has been downloaded, all that remains is to launch it and open the main screen, which contains the main items, including layout, text, background, and loading from a computer/smartphone to allow the insertion of logos or images. As for the smartphone, the app must be allowed access to your photo gallery to upload files.

Otherwise, this step could not be completed successfully. When finished, save the project and print the desired number of business cards. The software of the above typology can be compared to traditional writing software, such as Word and Open Office, since they have numerous points in common.

The Benefits Of Using A Business Card Program

Using a business card maker program has many benefits, including:

  1. total autonomy since, given its extreme ease of use, it does not require the intervention of any expert professional;
  2. considerable economic and time savings since it will not be necessary to go to a printer or a copy shop;
  3. ability to make the necessary changes whenever you want and with a few simple gestures;
  4. extreme freedom to customize fonts, colors, designs, and formats;
  5. rapid printing times, you need to get the necessary material;
  6. ability to save drafts in a special section so that they can be retrieved later;
  7. large assortment of ready-made templates;
  8. wide choice of solutions aimed at satisfying all needs;
  9. possibility to consult the tutorial and the help section in case of doubts or difficulties;
  10. business cards can be designed and printed any time of the day or night, as the software is available 24/7;
  11. there is no need to delegate third parties, with whom there could be misunderstandings regarding the creation of the cards;
  12. Many programs allow you to create business cards, stickers, and other marketing aids.

How To Choose Business Card Programs: Benefits And Features

Given the thousands of business card program available online, when preparing to choose one, it is good to consider some important factors, starting from the frequency of use. If you need to print products sporadically and without too many pretensions, you can easily use a free solution or a demo version of some paid software. 

To allow the user to decide whether or not the article is suitable for him, many creator companies make available a free trial period of a limited duration (usually from fifteen to thirty calendar days) or of the basic functionalities. Furthermore, to optimize the design times of your card as much as possible, it is better to only convoluted platforms with ready-to-use modules since they slow down the work considerably. 

Templates are an absolute godsend when a particular urgency looms, or you find yourself running out of ideas; choose one, add the data, and you’re done. Speaking instead of the language, even if it might seem an obvious concept, it is not at all: before starting the program, make sure that it is also available in Italian to understand every single command and not spend time looking for any translations on the net or the dictionary.

Costs Of A Business Card Programs And Limits

The cost of a business card maker program is commensurate not only with the type of software but also with the functionality it can offer consumers. Naturally, the more the latter is sought after, the greater the price to pay. You can find free or paid solutions on the market, reaching up to 200 euros per year. Sometimes, one to ten licenses can be purchased to be distributed to users and devices in different geographical areas.

 Finally, for individuals with particular professional needs, there is the opportunity to request the creation of a tailor-made solution by specialized companies, which will draw up a complete estimate of all the various sums. They are undoubtedly expensive, but in addition to being paid only once, they must be considered an authentic form of investment capable of increasing profits.

5 Solutions: Which One To Choose

In the following lines, we will mention some business card programs, used by numerous companies, freelancers, and private users.

Business Card Designer (For Windows And MAC)

It is a paid program characterized by an intuitive and fundamental interface. To create a business card, select Start from Templates and choose from the many ready-made templates. A trial version is available, which does not allow you to save already started projects; therefore, if you intend to use it, you must proceed immediately with the printing of the products. The availability in English gives another con.

DRPU Business Card Maker (For Windows Only)

An advanced-level program that allows the total design and customization of your business cards, which can be easily printed using unique integrated settings. Inexperienced users or those with little time can also use ready-to-use modules.

Easy Card Creator (For Windows Operating Systems)

This product lets you make and print business cards of different sorts, marks, postcards, and letterheads. Its instinctive point of interaction makes it usable for the two amateurs and more experienced clients. In any case, we should call attention to the shortfall of instant models that stretch the plan, particularly for the people who should be more recognizable.

Home Business Card (For MAC)

Home Business Card is a paid program that gives clients a free preliminary rendition that can be downloaded straightforwardly from a site of a similar name. On the left half of the dashboard, you can choose your #1 format to redo with your logo and data.

Business Card MX (For Windows Operating Systems)

Fast and straightforward to-utilize programming to make your business cards in minutes. Presenting around 750 instant layouts and a starter instructional exercise, it is reasonable for beginner and experienced clients. You can download the free demo rendition before choosing whether to purchase the paid adaptation.

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