Can You Get A Personal Loan In The Same Day

Can You Get A Personal Loan In The Same Day

Nowadays, consumers have minimal patience for processes that take any length of time. Everyone is in a rush to move on to their next task. That includes the loan process. 

It’s important to recognize; however, some lenders might offer immediate access to cash, but the terms are not always ideal. Generally, the time it takes will depend on the sort of loan you’re pursuing and your credentials.

Fortunately, there have been innovations in the processes for applications and approvals, allowing a simple, straightforward decision with fast disbursement, often allowing a loan on the day or the opportunity to receive approval and cash within the same day.

Lenders recognize the client’s desire to work with providers offering the most seamless experience and intend to focus on a quick, straightforward experience. 

While a borrower wants things to move at a fast pace, particularly if there’s a dire need, it’s still vital to pay attention to the key details of the loan, including the rates and terms. 

That means putting in the time and energy to research and shop for the best provider before making a formal application to get the most reasonable deal. Read a few myths being debunked regarding the personal loan process here. Let’s work through how long it takes to get approval and what the process looks like.

How Does The Personal Loan Approval Process Work

Before being approved for a personal loan, you must formally apply with the ideal lender who will meet your specific needs. The application is what the loan provider uses to gauge creditworthiness. These forms are available either online, in person, or even by phoning a provider to complete the process.

Usually, you’ll need to go in person with a traditional banking institution or credit union. Many people aren’t fond of having to read each minute detail on all the forms. Generally, when meeting with a loan provider, the representative can guide you through the information, so you understand each document and what they say.

Before beginning an application, it’s wise to ensure that you meet the basic criteria. You don’t want to turn in a form with the potential for a hard credit pull only to find out that you didn’t meet the basic eligibility guidelines. 

For instance, some providers have restrictions where consumers must be over a specific age to apply, either a US citizen or permanent resident, and a minimum with their income level. The income restrictions are a primary guideline because lenders want assurance that those borrowing funds can pay the money back, especially since personal loans are unsecured products. 

Primary considerations will align with the credit profile and financial circumstances, serving to make the final decision on approval and help designate the interest rate and terms. A lender will use these determining factors to assess whether your credit and income criteria are sufficient for the sort of personal loan being pursued.

The general identifying documentation

The lender needs access to the credit report and to confirm your identity using the information you provide. That will primarily include your social security number, residential address, and full name. Sometimes, the loan provider will also request the driving license as verification.

The employment verification

Some loan providers will require contact information for the employer to verify your position with the company. The lending agency will, in many cases, request pay stubs to copy for the file as confirmation of the income level as stated on the application.

The credit profile is a significant determinant when considering a loan application for approval. A credit history that depicts a bankruptcy or debts that made their way to collections recently will make the application more difficult to qualify.

VantageScore and FICO base the credit scores they configure on the three reporting bureaus’ reports. These include TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax. 

The indication is that a FICO score of “670” is a reasonable rate, but you can be approved even with a score of “600+.” It’s based on the loan provider and the sort of loan you’re pursuing.

How Long Does Approval For A Personal Loan Take 

Sometimes a lender can review an application relatively quickly, discerning the credit criteria and financial circumstances to be eligible. That doesn’t necessarily mean disbursement will occur on the same day.

Loan approval varies significantly depending on the lending agencies you work with and the amount of information you submit with your application. 

Usually, with a traditional bank, approval can occur within a day, but there are situations where a completed application can go through within a matter of hours or even minutes.

The suggestion is that online lenders are often the fastest with the approval process and can generally provide a fast turnaround with disbursement as soon as the following business day. Go to howstuffworks for guidance on how to get a quick personal loan.

How Can You Ensure A Faster Process For Your Personal Loan Approval

When setting out to pursue a personal loan, the ideal way to ensure the fastest approval and disbursement of funds is to assess your credit profile and financial situation to see if you’ll meet the eligibility guidelines for the loan provider you intend to pursue. 

Doing much of the legwork ahead of time will save much time in the approval process. Research your options, and shop for lenders with a more lenient guideline regarding less favorable credit scores if you fall into that category. Also, take steps to get pre-qualified.

Not all loan providers offer prequalification, but you can research to find the ones that do, focusing your attention on working with those. Taking this step will give you an idea of whether you qualify for the loan ahead of time. 

But remember, pre-qualifying is not an approval. You can still be denied. It’s merely a guideline since timing is critical. Out of these providers, search for one with a reputation for a fast decision and disbursement process. That will mean that you must ensure you provide all the necessary documentation requested and a complete application that doesn’t conflict with the documents attached. 


Delays in approval of a loan can result if there are problems with the form or documentation. The delay can be extensive, with the potential for a rejection depending on the discrepancy. Some loans can be delayed as long as several days to weeks because of incomplete paperwork, discrepancies between the credit profile and the application, or additional review necessary for the loan in general. 

The expectation is that these delays should only take a few business days. Suppose you already know you have extenuating circumstances that could lead to delays. In that case, it’s wise to set up a meeting with the provider to go over the logistics of the situation to see if it’s worthwhile to pursue the loan.

If you’re looking at a debt-to-income ratio over 40%, it will probably be a factor that would cause a rejection since this determines an ability to manage repayments. 

When you recognize the lender is weighing whether or not to approve the loan, find ways to swing the decision to a positive one. Offer employer references to show stable and secure employment. Let the lender know there’s no chance for a job loss indicating the ability to repay well into the future. That will satisfy possible concerns for the lender. 

This tells the lender that you are taking optimum responsibility for the loan and intend to manage the repayments by paying on time and consistently. When you put full attention on the loan obligation, a loan provider will feel more at ease taking a risk on the product. 

Does Speed Always Imply The Best Deal

While you might have an urgent need to find a lender with a fast turnaround for approval and disbursement of the funds, it could cost you substantially, depending on the provider you choose to become involved with.

Some lending agencies offer loans with cash provided instantly on the same day. Still, some of these are deemed “predatory” loans with exorbitant interest rates that make the product virtually impossible to repay by the due date. 

It’s difficult to break free of the debt cycles that can occur when getting involved with some of these loan schemes. Even if you find yourself in a dire situation with a need for fast cash, it’s worthwhile to compare lenders and research for an affordable product that comfortably fits your budget.

Final Thought

You might periodically find yourself in a situation where there’s no recourse except to find a loan with immediate approval and fast disbursement to help with a dire situation. 

Even if you have an emergency, it’s worth taking a step back and considering the notion that a lender who gives you cash instantly has a catch. Usually, that involves excessive interest rates and a product that will ultimately cost you more than what you borrow. 

It’s worth taking a breath and researching providers with whom you might qualify, particularly online, since this is likely the fastest, most affordable platform with favorable eligibility guidelines. 

In the worst case, you might have to wait a day for the funds to be disbursed – if you ensure to get the provider all they need. But you save yourself considerably from the potential of getting involved in predatory practices.

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