CES 2023: What Are The Innovations To Remember?

CES 2023: What Are The Innovations To Remember?

After having experienced some disruptions during the last 2 editions due to the health context, the 2023 edition of the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has once again made an impression. Find below the innovations to remember from this show like no other. Having opened its doors on January 05, 2023, the CES has some surprises. During this show, which lasted 4 days, the big names in electronics and other start-ups demonstrated through their respective discoveries that technology can help build a better future. The theme of this 2023 edition is “Tech for a better tomorrow”.

The Eminent BD3, Acer’s Amazing Office Bike

Nowadays, performing physical exercises while working is not a novelty. However, Acer has added to this concept the possibility of using the energy the user provides to charge their devices (Smartphone, tablet or laptop). In Las Vegas, the brand unveiled the Kinekt BD3, a combination of an exercise bike and a computer desk.

It has USB A and USB C ports for connecting various devices simultaneously. By performing 60 min of pedaling (with a rhythm of 60 revolutions/min), the user can obtain a power of 75 W. Depending on the needs, the Kinekt BD3 suggests 2 modes (work and sport). And to offer maximum comfort, the seat’s height and that of the desk are adjustable. Moreover,

The U-Scan, Analyze Your Health … While Urinating

Developed by the French company Withings, the U-Scan is a device placed at home more precisely in the toilet to analyze urine easily. This is the very first non-invasive connected laboratory. It is hung exactly like a toilet block. Thanks to its sensors, this box can detect urine jets. In addition, it contains a cartridge containing many capsules. Inside the latter, we find the reagents that make the urine analysis possible. 

The replacement of the capsules is done automatically. When the U-Scan completes the scan, the information is sent to the “Maison Health Mate” app. The advantages of this device are interesting because the user will be able to know, for example, if he is drinking enough water; other than that, women will also be able to monitor their menstrual cycles. It should be noted that Withings designed the U-Scan by collaborating with health specialists such as urologists and gynecologists.

The Connected Sports Bed By Ergomotion

For high-level sports enthusiasts, recovery is essential after intense competition during which the muscles and the body have been put under great strain. To help them recover in record time, the Ergomotion company has invented a connected bed called “ErgoSportive”. The latter is equipped with sensors that collect valuable information during sleep. 

It can, for example, indicate your level of fatigue and stress, the number of calories the body burns when you sleep, the number of movements performed during the night, etc. Based on this information, the ErgoSportive app will offer several recommendations to help the athlete recover. But he can also give the data provided to his physical trainer or his doctor.

Displace Wireless TV

The Displace company has achieved a small feat at CES 2023: bringing something new to a sclerotic sector, television. Imagine a wireless 55-inch OLED device that runs on battery power and benefits from a unique hanging system: the suction system. It must be admitted that Displace TV has something to stand out from other connected televisions on the market

Altogether 4 batteries can be placed nearby, but the device can operate when powered by only one battery. This allows the user to have time to recharge others. Each battery can support use for up to 45 hours. With the 4 batteries, the user benefits from a total autonomy of 180 hours. But the most surprising thing about this TV is undoubtedly the suction system. 

Indeed, the user only has to place the device against the wall (it’s better if glazed) and then turn it on. The system will then suck the air for a few seconds, and the fixing is assured. A permanent pressure evaluation allows the system to hold the device to the wall effectively. Another confusing detail: you will no longer need a remote control because you only need hand gestures to control the device!

The Cray X, The 5th Generation Connected Exoskeleton

We owe the German Bionic company this technology, which is very useful for all those who lift heavy loads at work. The Cray X is an exoskeleton designed using carbon fibers. It is carried like an ordinary backpack. Thanks to it, professionals working in an industrial environment can lift loads of up to 30 kg without any problem. During their daily tasks, this device guarantees them optimal stability not only in the back but also in the hip. The Cray X will also greatly help people with spine problems. The user will be alerted when the device detects signs of fatigue or stress. The Cray X will then suggest that the worker take a short break!

Make Way For The Chameleon Cars!

Cars that change color like a chameleon, yes, it is now possible. The big names in the automobile industry, like BMW, have distinguished themselves by presenting their vehicles at CES 2023. For the German manufacturer, the BMW iX Flow was unveiled to the general public. Press a button, and the car will start changing colors in the blink of an eye. Wow, the effect is guaranteed.

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