Company Website Redesign: Things to keep in mind

Company Website Redesign: Things to keep in mind

The website is one of the primary resources for publicizing and presenting a company on the internet. Through it, new people get to know your products or services every day and can buy or interact with greater ease. However, it is necessary to understand how to identify when it is time to website redesign the site; after all, no one wants to leave a wrong impression on potential customers.

Some people are wary of redesigning the site because they think having the work won’t be worth it. However, it is necessary to remember that now, with internet access increasingly accessible, the customer often seeks the company and not the other way around. Therefore, optimizing a website will undoubtedly impact the experience of customers or visitors and can strengthen the credibility of your brand in the market. We’ve gathered some of the top reasons to invest in revamping your website. Read on.

Modern And Updated Website

If your website looks old and outdated, visitors may have a bad image of your company, thinking it’s old-fashioned. Imagine, for example, that a potential customer visits your website in search of a type of service but finds it outdated as if your business does not have regular maintenance. That would probably cause a negative feeling, would you agree?

Now, think that this same user who found an outdated site with an old and unattractive appearance enters the competitors’ site and finds entirely modern, updated, and attractive pages. This will possibly impact customer choice and people’s opinion of your business; after all, it will be challenging to leave comparisons aside.

Therefore, your website must have a modern, current, trendy, beautiful, and easy-to-use look. This will indirectly tell visitors that you care about their experience interacting with your business.

Ideal For All Devices

It is increasingly common for consumers to use mobile devices such as smartphones, for example, to perform different tasks, whether to order food, connect with friends or search for products and services. 

This has become so relevant that it is very likely that at this very moment, many people are reading this article through a smartphone or tablet. However, this would not be easy if our site was not responsive. If this is not the case with your site, redesigning it to make it responsive will give visitors a better experience when accessing it on these devices and the desktop. A responsive website is a website that adapts to the format of the device being used to access it.

 Website Redesign Faster

Slow websites are thoroughly unpleasant and drive users further and further away. In an increasingly agile world, people access the internet searching for practicality. Not everyone will be waiting for their website to load completely; after all, close the page and access another website.

If this is the case for you, your site could be slow. You can check these reasons in more detail through the Google Page Speed tool. However, when you redesign your site, you can take several actions to maximize your site’s performance.

Layout Consistent With The Visual Identity

A scenario that is also very harmful is when the company modifies the brand’s visual identity internally but does not bother to update it on the website. Your visual identity must be the same in all communication vehicles to improve your reputation and gain relevance on the internet. If your site has outdated colors, logos, fonts, icons, information, or contacts, it’s time to redesign it.

This will make it easier for visitors to recognize your brand and become more established among consumers. Regarding the layout, it is not difficult to notice when a site carries an old look, as we have already mentioned here. Finally, ensuring harmony between text and image and leaving everything consistent with your visual identity will make a difference in the site’s impression on people.

 Website Redesign: Ensuring That Everything Works Correctly

Appearance is not the only important thing on a website; after all, what good is everything to be beautiful if some website features don’t work correctly? Website redesign is also an excellent opportunity to reassess which features matter. A site full of useless buttons and links or even those that don’t work correctly will lose credibility.

In other words, when redesigning the website, your company will have the chance to look inside its processes, analyze objectives, observe marketing strategies and define what should be on the website and what resources it needs to contain.

In short, a beautiful, modern website where all features work correctly and efficiently navigable will significantly impact the customer experience, considerably increasing your conversion potential.

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