Computer Security: Cybersecurity Mechanisms And Threats

Computer Security: Cybersecurity Mechanisms And Threats

Computer security protects systems against intrusion, theft, or manipulation of information and damage to software or hardware.

One of the biggest challenges today is the growing increase in smart devices and network connections; computer security is essential to protect a company’s strategic data.

To prevent digital threats, the company must have a team of professionals capable of quickly testing, anticipating, and identifying the vulnerabilities of a system.

Computer Security: What Is It?

Computer security is also called cybersecurity. It protects equipment and systems against intruders, preventing the theft, damage, and manipulation of files or devices. 

A professional field in constant growth within the Information Technology area, computer security is essential to guarantee the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of a company’s strategic and private information. 

Computer Security Threats

Computer security is constantly threatened by a variety of sources, such as: 

  • An email with a malicious link;
  • Outdated software;
  • A pirated application;
  • A suspicious website; 
  • An infected removable media (such as a USB stick);
  • Between others.

Malware, malicious programs that invade the computer, can affect files, programs, and even the device itself. In this way, the company loses essential and strategic information for the business and is prevented from following its activity if it depends on these tools. 

Professionals focused on computer security are essential to minimize the company’s vulnerabilities, reducing the effects of possible invasions. 

Can you imagine having your projects, financial information, and strategic plans stolen by an attacker? Can you imagine having your computers invaded so that they become junk? 

In addition to the financial loss, the competitive advantage, the differential, and the company’s credibility are put to the test, which can impact even more on the business’s economy.

Why Computer Security Is Important

As we have already mentioned, computer security is a measure that prevents invasions and digital threats, reducing negative impacts on the business

Without this awareness, you leave your life’s work vulnerable: your projects, your strategies, your differentials — not to mention, of course, your team’s personal information and communication. 

In an oversight, you can have stolen customer and supplier data, message exchanges, and other sensitive information.

How To Ensure Computer Security

To implement computer security in your company, you need three main actors: those responsible for this management, the mechanisms used at work, and the policies that must be written and shared with everyone. You can create an effective and efficient process to combat threats. Let’s clarify each point. 


If you have an in-house IT department, you need to assign roles to each individual. IT encompasses numerous activities: software development, infrastructure, user support, networks, and security, among others. Count on professionals focused on computer security to ensure the maintenance and attention due to this topic. 


The professional security specialist can choose and implement the mechanisms necessary for the company’s reality according to the current scenario, needs, and work models.

For example, in a company that has employees working from home, the computer security analyst must provide a VPN network for secure access. 

Other mechanisms that are part of the work are the installation of antivirus, a secure password policy, double verification, and a digital certificate, among others.


Once the company’s security mechanisms have been defined, the person in charge must develop clear and effective policies. Computer security policies must be shared among others so that each user understands their role in eliminating or reducing digital threats. 

After all, it’s no use investing in systems and trained professionals in the IT sector, and users keep installing counterfeit programs or clicking on suspicious email attachments, right?

Effective asset management is the first step towards this control. Count on a system that automates and facilitates your IT routine, leaving professionals focused on activities that have the most value for your company, such as computer security.

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