Database Tuning: Know Everything About It

Database Tuning: Know Everything About It

Database: Slow response time, slow processing, and difficulties in conducting business operations that previously took seconds and required few clicks.

This is the technological reality of several companies in a single state regarding their Database. However, the fear of spending or being forced to change systems and equipment prevents them from seeking practical solutions. However, one of the best alternatives in this sense seeks to remedy these concerns: Database Tuning.

What Is Database Tuning?

Database Tuning is an action that aims to optimize the performance of your data infrastructure. In other words, leverage the work of your resources in search of maximum performance, whether in the operational layer or even in the source code.

However, it is essential to note that Database Tuning is not the simple addition of resources such as memory, faster processors, more cores, or even SSDs.

This intervention is usually palliative, as there is no prior analysis of the conditions and needs of the Database. The complete Database Tuning process considers all possibilities, studying the state of the infrastructure in depth. It takes place as follows:

  • Understanding of the problem;
  • Development of a complete diagnosis;
  • Application of changes and optimization techniques as indicated in the diagnosis.

In this way, it is possible to plan proactive solutions that solve problems — increasing performance and often reducing unnecessary costs for the organization. In other words, Tuning is synonymous with optimization.

Why Perform Database Tuning?

Companies that want to stay ahead of the competition must be clever with their investments and, above all, careful with their Database.

Gone are when it was just a corporate asset whose capacity was rarely extrapolated. Nowadays, the Database is one of the operational and strategic arms of the business, configuring an entirely digital environment of resources used daily.

In addition to storing data, it is responsible for processing it and serving as the basis for programs, systems, and applications to work. It is the starting point for an ecosystem of solutions that integrate the entire company.

Keeping your performance at the top with the adoption of Database Tuning practices is more than necessary. In many cases, Database Tuning is performed in a corrective way when the system already has a performance failure. However, a good practice is to perform Tuning as a preventive action.

After all, it is a punctual, assertive, and strategic correction of the heart of your technological infrastructure. Thus, the company guarantees maximum system efficiency continuously, 24x7x365.

In addition, Tuning in Database proposes the control of the changes made. This makes it much simpler for the company to analyze the effectiveness of the actions taken. This is also a prevention tool, giving the organization the power to anticipate future problems.

What Are The Database Tuning Activities That Can Be Performed?

Database Tuning can be divided into three different activities, with specific objectives according to your system’s needs. Check out:

1 – Performance Planning

Definition and configuration of the environment in which the Database is installed. In this activity, Hardware, Software, Operating Systems, and the entire Network Infrastructure are considered.

It is usually related to the applications that are part of your Database. The executions here vary greatly, as each case is typically different and scaled according to the organization’s needs.

2 – Instance Tuning

This activity concerns the work of a DBA (Database Administrator), such as adjusting configurations and defining new system parameters.

It must be conducted by a professional certified in the activity, as it is very technical action and capable of influencing the company’s daily operations.

3 – SQL Tuning

Nothing more than the optimization of SQL statements. In this case, the activity must also be conducted by a technical person specialized in the standard declarative database search language.

Now that you know more about Database Tuning, how about considering this option to improve the operational performance of your business?

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