Digital Marketing: Learn How To Define Your Audience

Digital Marketing: Learn How To Define Your Audience

Digital Marketing: Knowing your brand’s audience well is one of the first steps to investing in inefficient communication strategies, whether in the physical or virtual environment.

But there is an advantage for those who want to start on the internet; there are about 46 million active users on social media. The target audience is a general representation of potential customers that don’t go into such specific detail. The persona is a semi-fictional profile of a company’s ideal customer. It does not only cover aspects such as social class, demographics, age and others but also behaviors, motivations, goals, challenges and dreams.

The chances of offering good service and being successful in sales, for example, are much higher when we know who we are dealing with, that is, when we know who our target audience is. In this regard, the virtual environment serves as an accurate database and should not be wasted.

In addition to helping to build more assertive digital marketing actions, good public perception prevents the company or professional from spending time and effort on what does not work. It is necessary to pay attention to who your presence can interest. Here are some tips on being successful and defining your consumers well on digital platforms.

Research The Target Audience

Getting a clear idea of ​​your target audience takes time, but you can gather this information little by little. Dedicating time to daily research is a good start.

Go after demographic and psychographic data, identify patterns, and analyze the information obtained to build, little by little, an image of your ideal potential buyer, also known as a buyer persona. This is a beneficial first exercise to define, for example, the tone of the conversation between the brand and the customer.

Location, age group, gender, interests, preferred website and apps, hobbies, profession, economic status, concerns and purchase motivations are preliminary information you should get from your audience to know them more in-depth.

Pay Attention To Your Audience

No one is better than the customer to say who he is and what he wants. This is your most precious source of information. Have a fixed channel of relationship with your customers, pay attention to who visits your page or profile, compliments, and, above all, complaints.

Define A Niche Market

When it comes to the market, it’s easier to miss the target when you shoot in all directions. The mistake of many brands is precisely in making efforts for mass reach. It’s easier and less expensive to focus on a specific slice of the market. Establishing a niche market can even make the company stand out.

Digital Marketing Tools

Identifying and defining your audience on digital platforms is not an easy task. However, some tools can help with this task. The Audience Insights Facebook tool, for example, gives insights into the audience of your page or an imaginary segmentation you can create.

Similar Web is an excellent tool to evaluate the leading digital marketing metrics of your competitors’ websites or blogs and get insights from your audience. For audience behavior analysis, Hajar is a good choice.

If you are not yet familiar with these tools but do not want to be idle, you can bet on more superficial forms of research directly with your customer base. An example is running online satisfaction and rating forms using Google Forms or Type form.

Know The Competition

Knowing how your competition works online can also say a lot about your business and your target audience. You should pay particular attention to how the competitor communicates on social networks, which strategies he uses, how he relates to customers, and which network he is most present in. The audience of other companies may be similar to what your brand already has or intends to impact on social media digital marketing.

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