E-Mobile Trio From The iPhone Manufacturer

E-Mobile Trio From The iPhone Manufacturer

An SUV, a limousine, and a city bus: the iPhone manufacturer Foxtron from China goes under the car manufacturers and is launching a trio of the new Foxtron brand. The names of the cars are reminiscent of Ford and Tesla.

What has been in the making for around a year is now official. Foxconn, prominent and well known as a contract manufacturer for the Apple iPhone, goes under the car manufacturers. During a Tech Day in his home country of Taiwan, the company officially named Hon Hai Precision Inc. Co., Ltd. meant his specific plans and, in the course of this, presented three self-developed models whose model names are reminiscent of Ford and Tesla.

Foxtron Model C Electric SUV

Foxconn is also rather uncreative with the company name: Foxtron is the name of the joint venture founded almost a year ago together with the Yulon Motor Group, which is also based in Taiwan. In the global boom segment of SUVs, Foxtron is expected to arrive with the Model C in 2023. 

The manufacturer does not mention performance data but some driving values. The Foxtron Model C should complete the zero-to-one hundred sprint in 3.8 seconds. The Taiwanese put the maximum range at 700 kilometers. The low drag coefficient of 0.27 helps to achieve this value. The price? The equivalent of around 30,000 euros.

The electric SUV Model C will be the first Foxtron model to hit the market in 2023. The electric car is 4.64 meters long and has a reduced design. 

The front view is characterized in the lower area by generously dimensioned air inlets, the side branches extending upwards in a C-shape. Above it sits a narrow band with brand lettering, followed by the headlights extending far into the flank. The look of the front hood suggests that it is made of carbon. The wheels also present a structure in the material and are enclosed by black wheel arches. 

The color of the passenger cell contrasts with the rest of the body. Foxtron wants to require little space for the technical components. As a result, the interior of the SUV, which has a wheelbase of 2.86 meters, can accommodate up to seven people and their luggage.

Foxtron Model E Electric Sedan

The Foxtron Model E is based on the same platform as the electric SUV, an electric sedan that targets well-known competitors such as the Tesla Model S, the Lucid Air, or the Mercedes EQS. The car was developed in collaboration with Pininfarina and is at a distance from the Model C at the front: the branding is not in but under the continuous strip of lights. The Model E also presents a relatively smooth front design. And it can communicate with the outside world there and at the rear.

The Foxtrot sedan also fits perfectly into the competitive environment with its data: it has 760 hp. It is expected to accelerate from zero to a hundred in 2.8 seconds, and the Chinese promise a range of 750 kilometers. And modern digital solutions such as door opening via face recognition and seamless integration of mobile devices, which is why the Model E is particularly suitable as a mobile office.

Foxtron Model T Electric City Bus

Foxtron’s third electric vehicle, the Model T, is an electrically powered city bus. The Taiwanese particularly emphasize the practical aspects of this. For example, the heat-resistant and long-lasting battery, the torsionally rigid and safe body, and the 25 percent climbing ability. Foxtron specifies a top speed of 120 km / h.

Foxconn does not want to use its automotive technologies for its Foxtron brand alone. The group repeatedly emphasizes the open character of its platform, from which other car manufacturers should also benefit in the future. 

The Yulon Motor Group, with its brands Luxgen and CMC, is in pole position. But Foxconn has long since teamed up with other manufacturers. There are joint ventures with Volvo parent Geely and the Stellantis Group and collaborations with the financially troubled Chinese electric car startup Byron and the current electric car project by Henrik Fisker. 

Foxconn recently had an automobile plant in Lordstown, Ohio, taken over by the electric car startup of the same name. In addition, there are persistent rumors that Foxconn will manufacture the car of its long-term partner Apple – if it comes out, then ever.

Car Manufacturer, Contract Manufacturer, Supplier

Foxconn wants to be three things in the future:

  • an independent manufacturer with the Foxtron brand
  • a contract manufacturer for other car companies
  • a supplier who wants to provide its partners with complete hardware and software solutions.

About the latter, Hon Hai Precision Inc. Co., Ltd. at their Tech Day for the first time precisely. In a new development center, applications for autonomous driving and its commercialization for intelligent car cockpits and other software-based technologies are to be created.


Foxconn seems to be serious about its ambitions to evolve from a cell phone manufacturer to an auto giant. However, there is a risk that Taiwanese people will get bogged down with their dance at many weddings. Especially since problems from other sources threaten: Ford still holds the rights to the car model names “Model E” and “Model T.” And when it comes to protecting their trademark rights, Americans generally have no friends. Even Tesla had to see that: Model 3 was initially supposed to be called Model E. Ferrari even had to rename a Formula 1 car once because it was called “F150” – this is the name of Ford’s pickup bestseller in the USA.

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