Effective Digital Marketing Strategy – The Top10

Effective Digital Marketing Strategy – The Top10

Digital presence is a requirement today, but defining the most efficient and effective digital marketing strategies is essential. More and more people use the internet to communicate, research, learn, and buy every day.

Inbound Marketing

The basis of Inbound Marketing is sharing and creating quality content targeted to a target audience. Companies can and should use online marketing tactics to gain interest in the funnel, as opposed to traditional marketing that “forces” the product’s sale without giving anything in return to the customer.

Inbound Marketing prioritizes building a relationship with the customer and their loyalty. To do so, it is necessary to fully understand the consumer’s profile and behavior and strive to remain close to the public.

Content Marketing

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular digital strategies in recent times. This is fully justified, as it has generated faster and more efficient results than expected.

Rock Content Trends 2021 survey found that 63.7% of the companies surveyed have already invested in content marketing. However, among those who reported not using the digital marketing strategy, 56.9% said they still do not use content marketing because they are unaware of its application.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a effective digital marketing strategy to optimize a website and make it easier to find by search engines, such as Google.

A keyword is still one of the most effective search engine optimization tools. Just understand what words potential customers would be interested in and use in search engines. Also, you need to insert these words throughout the site. The objective is to demonstrate to search engines the relevance of your content.

Sponsored Links

One of the most important digital marketing strategies nowadays is sponsored links. They work well both on the Google search page and on social networks such as Facebook.

There is a lot of advantage in investing in sponsored links. The return on the amount invested, for example, is one of them. The ad increases the chances of conversion, as it appears exactly when the user searches for a particular keyword.

Social Media

Digital Future Focus survey by the consultancy comScore, showed that leaders in terms of time spent on social networks. On average, the user here spends 60% more time connected to social networks than the rest of the planet. That’s 650 hours spent per month on social networks. 

The same global survey, carried out in 2018, shows the increasing mobile participation worldwide, emphasizing the consumption of videos on various platforms.

Display Media

Online display media is not a new marketing strategy in the effective digital marketing universe. In the early 2000s, ads were sold as traditional media, by impressions, tracking was minimal or non-existent, as was the use of demographic data. Today, display media is key to an excellent digital marketing campaign.

On Google AdWords or another ad platform, you can hire sponsored links on the display network in two ways. The cost per click and the cost per acquisition. The brand only pays when someone clicks on the ad or when someone performs the indicated action, such as filling out a form, for example.

Email Marketing

This is the perfect initiative to build rapport and engage your customers. A good email marketing campaign should have segmented email lists in which a company’s customers are classified according to interests and characteristics.

Unlike SPAM (Sending and Posting Advertisement in Mass), email marketing is only sent to people who are allowed to receive contact from a company. Therefore, the chances that he opens the email and knows the brand’s content is more significant.

Native Advertising

Native advertising (or native ads), publishing articles and posts in the middle of website or social network content as sponsored content. It is a publicist, but it mixes with the other posts. Each platform determines native advertising policies.

Guest Post

Guest Posts are articles written by guest authors, that is, who are not part of the content production team of a blog or website, for example. It allows the page in question to gain more credibility with users, as it brings an expert to speak with the public.

In addition, just as there are advantages for sites that use Guest Post, there are also advantages for writers of this type of article. Anyone who generates quality content can be invited to write on a website. And it can become known with the help of your articles.


The last but not least solution is Remarketing. The Google AdWords tool tags and identifies users who have already visited a website and frequently shows ads on the Google Display Network. On other platforms, it’s called Retargeting, but it works the same way.

In e-commerce, the use of this proposal is widespread and necessary. Especially when the goal is brand awareness — Branding — but taking advantage of this strategy in campaigns aimed at immediate conversion is a strong current.

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