Even your food is more innovative, IoT in your Daily Life

Even your food is more innovative, IoT in your Daily Life

It may still seem like science fiction to many, but the Internet of Things (IoT) is already a reality. And, increasingly, it becomes part of people’s daily lives.

IoT technology is revolutionizing the world and society in its operation, and its use is becoming more democratic. This technology is constantly being used on a greater or lesser scale to automate and improve various processes in everyday life. IoT (Internet of Things) refers to a network of physical objects, software, and interactive sensors that collect data and communicate with each other. These wireless devices and networks significantly impact everything from transportation to healthcare.

Control the lights, turn on home appliances and sound and TV equipment, activate the house gates, all at the touch of a tablet or smartphone. Manage energy consumption and ensure server room temperature. Watches and bracelets are capable of monitoring heartbeats and collecting other data about the individual’s health. All this is already within reach of people.

IoT In The Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is a field that has become more complex over the years due to population growth (which increases the demand for food) and increasingly extreme and unpredictable weather conditions. Thanks to the IoT, farmers can now obtain detailed data and analysis, in particular, to monitor growing conditions and thus put the odds on their side for successful harvests.

Farms are most often composed of large open spaces, where many costly machines are scattered over several hectares. Therefore, the ability to monitor livestock, machinery, and other equipment allows farmers to protect their livelihoods. Furthermore, IoT devices and applications can help farmers make better decisions by being better informed during the growing season.

For example, smart devices can provide important soil or crop conditions. Automatic notifications allow farmers to stay one step ahead and anticipate potential problems. Soil condition readings will also enable them to make greener water and fertilizer use choices.

Much More To Come In The World Of The Internet Of Things

Health is one of the areas that has invested the most in new IoT technologies. And along with it, food companies are also looking to offer intelligent foods and drinks that can help keep consumers healthy.

For example, in 2016, Gatorade introduced the innovative bottle project. Equipped with a sensor on its cap that communicates digitally with an adhesive, similar to a band aid, the two together (cap and adhesive) can provide real-time information about the need for fluid intake for athletes and sportspeople.

The patch measures sodium, potassium, chloride, and fluid loss through sweat. This data is then passed to the Gatorade platform. On the other hand, the intelligent cap lights up LED lamps, indicating the relationship between current consumption and the user’s hydration goals.

Although the technology was already tested in 2014 with the national team and the Football team, Gatorade planned to market the intelligent bottles in 2018.

Snacks, Wine, Expiration Date, etc. The Infinite Possibilities Of IoT

But not only health data lives the internet of things. The possibilities for companies of all sizes are endless for the Internet of Things and nanotechnology, which seem to be walking more and more closely together.

This year, as a form of advertising during the Super Bowl final – American Football Championship, the snack brand Tostitos created a package with a “breathalyzer.” The box featured a sensor capable of recording the presence of alcohol on your breath. The package lit the message Don’t drink and drive if this happened. In addition, the boxes made it possible to call Uber and offered a discount through an individual barcode per package.

Imagine if your milk carton could send your cell phone an alert that it’s about to expire? Or if your medicine reminded you that it’s time to take it? Technology makes our daily lives easier, avoids waste, and allows us to enjoy our time more.

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