Exploring the Meesho Supplier Panel India: Transforming Indian E-Commerce

Exploring the Meesho Supplier Panel India: Transforming Indian E-Commerce

There has been a recent uptick in the number of Indian vendors targeting online markets. Meesho separates out from the competition as a cheap and user-friendly platform. Vidit Aatrey and Sanjeev Barnwal founded it in 2015. Because it can be used as a resale app, this online marketplace is popular among SMEs. The key reasons for Meesho’s success are its vast consumer base, straightforward logistics, and full data visibility. The procedure for becoming an authorized Meesho supplier is simple and uncomplicated. Detailed steps for signing up for Meesho can be found in this tutorial. 

The website allows users to sell both branded and unbranded goods, and it has over 10 lakh suppliers. It ranks high among India’s most popular online marketplaces. Before we begin the registration procedure, I would like to discuss with you the potential advantages for your firm of becoming a Meesho supplier.

Benefits of Becoming a Meesho Distributor

Based on the platform they pick to sell their items on, suppliers can see an increase or drop in their profit margin. Meesho stands itself from other e-commerce platforms in several ways:

  • No Sales Commission and Collection Fee: It offers suppliers a significant financial benefit in the form of no sales commission and no collection fee. Also, the provider gets the full amount for their sales because Meesho doesn’t impose a collection fee.
  • Signing Up Is Easy and Free: Making an account won’t take more than a few minutes of your time, and there aren’t going to be any hidden costs, either. 
  • There are no fines for RTO:  RTO, which stands for “return to origin,” is exempt from prosecution and fines. There are a total of three times the delivery partner tries to contact the consumer. There are no penalties for returning the product at any time if the customer is unhappy with it.
  • Affordable Advertising: It is essential for Meesho to offer its suppliers a variety of affordable advertising options in order to enhance product sales. Thousands of customers can peruse online catalogues, expanding service providers’ potential customer bases.
  • Meesho Makes Shipping and Delivery Easier, So Vendors Can Concentrate on Making Sales Rather Than Shipping and Delivery. Meesho makes it simple for vendors to post and sell their products. 
  • The obligation to pay the 18% Goods and Services Tax (GST) on shipping charges lies solely with the suppliers. 
  • Meesho provides its suppliers with a seven-day payment cycle that begins on the day the order is fulfilled and continues for that amount of time. Cash on delivery allows suppliers more control over their money and better management of their cash flow.

The Meesho Supplier Registration Process

Meesho makes it simple to sign up as a provider. A GSTIN (GST number) and a bank account are prerequisites for beginning. Next, in order to get your supplier registration in order, you have to complete these steps.

1. Start by making an account.

Click the “Start Selling” button on the top right corner of the Meesho website to create an account and become a supplier. To finish signing up, enter your phone number, confirm it with the one-time password (OTP) you got, and then enter your email address and password. Proceed to revise your supplier, bank, pickup, and GST information on the internet. There will be a brief verification process that your registration must go through.

2. Supplier Panel 

The supplier will be able to access the supplier panel once they have completed the registration process. For all your selling needs, this panel serves as a one-stop shop. Adding products to your supplier panel is as easy as logging in as a supplier and going to your panel. Everything in the supply chain is at your fingertips, including product listings, inventory management, order processing, and payment tracking. 

3. Product catalog upload 

You have the option to upload your product catalogues one by one or in bulk on our website. Within two days of uploading, your catalogues will be visible on the website. Within the first few days of creating your account, upload at least 5-7 catalogues to boost your visibility in the Meesho network. Include a variety of images of each product so that customers can see it in all its glory. Details like pricing and GST for every product are also required.

4. Transportation and shipment

Meesho handles everything pertaining to the logistics of your items. Simply accept the order, package the product, and label it; that’s all it takes to be a supplier. In order to provide the product to the consumer quickly, Meesho provides fast delivery schedules. To boost sales and customer happiness, they offer the Next Day Dispatch Program (NDD) and deliver over 28,000 pin codes in India.

5. The Fee 

You can pay for your Meesho order online or with cash on delivery. The vendor will have his money deposited into his bank account. Payment for Meesho orders is due seven days after shipment. The supplier panel will display the payment details for your review. 


Indian small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from the services of Meesho suppliers by expanding their online reach. Providers can reach a big audience on the MeshoApp thanks to its roughly 11 crore users. Suppliers may keep track of the prices of their items, promotions, and discounts with Meesho. 

In addition to its large customer base, intuitive platform, affordable prices, and easy logistics, Meesho offers full data visibility. Registering will be a snap if you follow this beginner’s tutorial to the letter. Meesho has several advantages, such as a payment cycle of seven days, cheap advertising expenditures, and no sales commission. Any vendor can set up an online storefront in no time at all with Meesho’s detailed instructions.

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