Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads: Which Platform To Choose?

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads: Which Platform To Choose?

Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads? The inquiry unavoidably emerges when you must make a mission to advance your image in interpersonal organizations. Even though Facebook Advertisements and Instagram Promotions have had a place with a similar Meta bunch beginning around 2012, many focus on separating these publicizing stages or even making them corresponding. Posting on Facebook or Instagram, how do you pick? What variables are advisable for you to consider to upgrade your Social Promotions battle?

Facebook Ads Vs Instagram Ads: What Are The Differences?

With 2.91 billion dynamic clients overall on Facebook and 1.4 billion on Instagram, every one of these two social stages offers genuine promoting crowd potential, whether to increment brand mindfulness or produce leads and transformations. How might you significantly impact your Social Promotions crusades?

They are assuming that Facebook Promotions and Instagram Advertisements have the typical reason behind overseeing publicizing efforts through a similar device, the Publicizing Record; the two informal organizations offer key contrasts in utilization.


Facebook has become, over time, more of a media platform. Many users refer to it for information through textual content, such as news or advice. The size of the groups is also essential. Instagram has retained its identity as a social network, more focused on exchange. The content is more visual. As a result, on Facebook, editorialized advertisements are more effective. On Instagram, it’s more about the ads with slick creation.


The Facebook Ads audience remains the largest but tends to age. It is easier to find seniors on Facebook than on Instagram, which convinces younger people more. That said, the targeting criteria are essentially the same on both platforms. It is possible to constitute an audience by sociodemographic standards, interests or behaviors. Both social networks also allow you to create personalized audiences and remarketing.

Advertising objectives:

If the options regarding campaign objectives are relatively equivalent, Instagram Ads lends itself more to marketing actions at the beginning of the funnel. For example, they are building awareness, engaging the community, introducing a new product and encouraging referrals. Whereas Facebook Ads is more mid-funnel oriented, focusing on conversion optimization. Both platforms nevertheless make it possible to target a wide range of campaign objectives.

Advertising formats and locations:

Facebook Ads has a broader offering than Instagram regarding the diversity of ad formats and their distribution locations. Instagram is more centered around pictures and recordings. Beyond the technical aspect, it is essential to consider advertising creation in its context, which differs between the two networks.

The algorithm:

If Facebook’s algorithm, like Instagram’s, is in perpetual motion, Buffer has published some hypotheses on their differences. Instagram would be more sensitive to engagement, the publication’s relevance to the target, the volume of interactions with the account, the freshness of the magazines, and the time devoted to the report. At the same time, Facebook Ads would be more responsive to the source of the publication (friends, family, etc.), and it could generate a conversion of the time spent on the publication in question. Overly aggressive incentives, on the other hand, are harmful to visibility.

Instagram Ads Vs Facebook Ads: Which One Offers The Best Profitability?

With these observations in mind, the question of the profitability of the advertising budget quickly arises. In this matter, it isn’t easy to give a generic answer. To obtain good performance and choose the best acquisition lever between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, it is essential to ask yourself a few questions before launching the promotion:

  1. Does my product correspond more to a Facebook or Instagram target?
  2. Is my brand “instagrammable”? Is marketing able to offer graphic advertising creations?
  3. What are my social media campaign goals?
  4. Where will my ad creatives be most visible?
  5. What Social ad trends will my brand follow?

The ideal remains to test for a short period – from 30 days to 3 months – to measure and analyze performance. On Facebook Ads like Instagram, it is possible to launch an ad campaign with a low budget. To go further: Social Ads, the seven mistakes to Avoid for your advertisements.

Which Platform To Favor, Depending On The Targeted Audience?

To choose between Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, the main thing is to favor the social platform that most unites your target. Here are some key targeting factors to help you select the network best suited to your market and audience. Sociodemographic criteria:

  1. Age: This is one of the important differentiating factors between Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook, the audience is broader but also older. Thirty-three million French people over 13 have a Facebook account, and 22 million on Instagram. 33% use both daily. 64% of Instagram members are under 35, compared to only 40.2% on Facebook.
  2. Gender: Men are more connected on Facebook: 50%, versus 47% on Instagram. For women, the proportion is reversed: 53% on Instagram versus 49% on Facebook.
  3. Location: For Instagram, the top 5 regions are distributed as follows: Île-de-France (23%), Rhône Alpes (18.5%), PACA (9%), Aquitaine (5%), Nord pas de Calais ( 5%). On Facebook, Île-de-France (9%), Rhône Alpes (9.8%), PACA (9%), Nord (7%), Pays de la Loire (5.6%).
  4. Income: The data is approximately equivalent. Instagram users show a slight added value in terms of household income.


  1. Facebook Ads: The older audience is interested in food, catering, technologies, and societal issues (ecology, associations, etc.). The public is more identified with the status of parent, engaged consumer, science enthusiast and culture enthusiast. A strong predominance is also around humorous and controversial content, leading to discussion and sharing.
  2. Instagram Ads: The audience wants to be younger, more fashionable, more optimistic, and more focused on discovering and exchanging good deals. Instagram users appreciate a more vital emotional dimension and are passionate about sports (running, yoga, tennis, etc.), the arts (design, photography, etc.) and socially engaged subjects (ecology, feminism, etc.).
  3. Consultation time: A Facebook visit lasts, on average, 105.55 seconds compared to 192.04 seconds per visit to Instagram.

Considering the specific audience of each advertising platform, focus on the social network best able to generate helpful traffic for your brand.

How To Choose Between Facebook Ads And Instagram Ads?

As you will have perceived, to realize which publicizing stage to pick, either Facebook or Instagram, the most pertinent thing is to advance your image on the two organizations and analyze execution utilizing identical standards. All the while running a publicizing effort for your site on Facebook and Instagram, begin by characterizing a mission objective: for instance, increment traffic, produce leads or increment the volume of changes. 

Then, at that point, still from your publicizing account, select your crowd, focusing on measures. To look at execution, there is nothing comparable objective between the two organizations. Go on with picking your transmission areas. This is where you put the two stages in the contest by choosing Facebook and Instagram. Lastly, set your financial plan and the transmission time frame. 

Likewise, guarantee you have accurately arranged your following devices to gauge the consequences of each promoting promotion. Figure out in our bit-by-bit guide how to make your most memorable social promotion.  On the off chance that there is uncertainty between an Instagram crusade and a Facebook promotion, it is ideal to counsel the JVWEB Social Advertisements group. 

Our specialists will assist you with gauging the advantages and disadvantages of every stage as indicated by your objective market and business goals. Save time; contact a specialist advanced showcasing organization.

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