Facebook Advertising: 5 Tips To Try To Be Successful In 2023

Facebook Advertising: 5 Tips To Try To Be Successful In 2023

Why it is useful to create sponsorships on Facebook and what you need to pay attention to. Here are some tips. Anyone intending to sponsor a project or a brand online must consider using social media because they can bring considerable visibility to their brand and services/products.

 However, it must be considered that social media continue in their evolution process, constantly making changes and new features, which is why it is necessary to keep constantly updated. Below you will see, in particular, the new trends of Facebook regarding advertising activity.

Why Do Sponsorships On Facebook

Having become an integral part of people’s lives for the past fifteen years, social networks have changed how we communicate and the marketing strategies of companies and businesses. Among the many platforms available, Facebook firmly holds the scepter of “most used social network in the world.”

Even today, many professionals tend to snub companies like Facebook to promote their brands. An error of evaluation that could be defined as out of time. In fact, not only on Zuckerberg’s social network is it possible to sell products online via the Facebook Shop function (perfect for eCommerce ), but advertising campaigns can also be launched aimed at achieving variable objectives about increasing visibility and collecting new leads.

Facebook Ads: 5 Useful Tips For The New Year

You must use the Business Manager platform to create effective Facebook advertising campaigns. Once your company’s Facebook page has been renamed, you can take advantage of all the features made available to advertisers. To have precise data on individual campaigns, you must first install the Facebook pixel. In the next paragraphs, five features that can increase the effectiveness of a Facebook Ads campaign will be analyzed in detail.

Create A Custom Audience

When you set up an advertising campaign on Facebook, the system allows you to define the audience to reach through various parameters (for example, interests, behavior, job position, etc.). Although you know, even specific, of your buyer personas, it is advisable to opt for a different solution: create a . Once inside the Business Manager, click on the “Public” item at the top left.

After clicking on the “Custom audience” item, you will have to choose the source from which to draw users, who will then be “hung up” on the social network. If you want to show the campaign to users who have already visited the website and know the brand, click on the “Website” source.  After creating this audience list, it is advisable to create another “Similar audience” to address users who, in terms of interests and behavior, are similar to those who have already visited the site.

Choose Your Target Carefully

An objective choice is one of the most important elements of a Facebook advertising campaign. This is because, depending on the objective indicated, the social network will then show the sponsored post to users who are more accustomed to carrying out the indicated action. For example, if you want to create a campaign to sell products online, setting the item “Sales” as a goal, you will be able to reach users who have already carried out this type of operation on the social network.

Carousel And Video Format

A valuable tip for Facebook Advertising activity in 2023 is to choose the different formats available to create the sponsored post. Video content remains the one with the greatest potential, given that we are in an era in which realities such as TikTok have transformed video into the most performing and “appreciated” format by the public.

However, video is only one of the opportunities available, given that the carousel format also performs very well in campaigns. With this format, it will be possible to create different units, which will then be customized both graphically and in terms of text and landing page: a solution to consider when you have to promote many products through different landing pages to direct users to.

Take Advantage Of Advanced Optimizations

Once the graphics have been uploaded to build the sponsored post, it is possible to take advantage of a recently added feature by Facebook, capable of optimizing the same images. To make the content much more interesting

and increase its potential, there are several optimizations available: 

  1. Standard improvements: images or videos are adapted according to various formats and placements;
  2. Image brightness and contrast: images are modified, both in terms of brightness and contrast, when there is an opportunity to obtain better results;
  3. music: possibility of adding a musical theme, chosen from the standard ones made available by the social network, to increase the quality of the content in formats such as Reels and Stories;
  4. 3D Animation: by choosing this optimization, the social network will give the image movement and depth in 3D to increase the chances of obtaining results by improving the content.

Divide The Different Formats For Graphics

You can decide on the different placements when setting up a Facebook advertising campaign. Suppose you have made it appear in all available formats, including Stories and Reels and the Desktop version. In that case, you will need to create graphics with dimensions capable of fully adapting to these formats. An optimization work with which the user will be able to view the content properly, depending on where he will view the sponsored post.

Create Successful Online Advertising Campaigns

A website with low loading times (to ensure that this is the case, you need to focus on a fast hosting service ) is the basis for online success, but more is needed. Creating advertising campaigns on Facebook is an opportunity to consider reaching target users and increasing incoming quality traffic.

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