Four Benefits Of Machine Learning In Marketing

Four Benefits Of Machine Learning In Marketing

Machine learning in marketing: Machine learning is only made possible by the immense volume of data generated by users every day, Big Data. This information is valuable for understanding and predicting people’s behavior, which marketers have known for years.

To differentiate yourself in the market, you must go beyond data and master other Data Science concepts, such as machine learning. Understanding the essentials of machine learning will help you get ahead when competing for a spot in a selection process and develop a more robust marketing strategy.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning, is the ability of computers to learn autonomously from interaction with the user. This is possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which allows computers to make decisions and interpret data automatically based on algorithms. 

In marketing, machine learning helps to offer consumers a more personalized experience – as is the case with Netflix, which indicates movies and series according to the user’s history. Ad campaigns on social networks and in search engines must also meet this expectation.

For it to be effective, in fact, in your strategy, you need to define a marketing goal before using it. This will help the company’s data scientist create a machine learning model that meets the action’s objectives and select the best data to train the model.

It would help if you also had a good database for the machine learning algorithm to be efficient. At these times, it is necessary to resort to an in-depth knowledge of Big Data. It will allow the selection and organization of relevant information for effective machine learning.

And there’s no point in wanting to implement machine learning in your marketing strategies if you don’t have a team capable of dealing with the algorithms and interpreting the results. The team must be multidisciplinary, that is, have communication professionals, data scientists, and designers, to name a few examples.

You could see that using machine learning in marketing doesn’t happen in a snap. It takes planning and, above all, knowledge.

Benefits Of Machine Learning In Marketing

Efforts to include machine learning in marketing strategies pay off – and in the long run, save your budget. Discover four benefits of machine learning, according to Think with Google :

  • Discovering New Audiences: Reaching the right users has become even more difficult in an online environment filled with offers and information. With machine learning, you can classify and analyze audience sources for your website or service. That way, you can optimize campaigns and show ads only to the people most likely to buy your service.
  • Development of personalized creatives: An ad’s relevance is essential for the consumer’s purchase decision, who seeks an increasingly personalized experience. Machine learning makes a digital marketing strategy more effective by combining different ad titles and descriptions, thus creating a unique creative for the user. It also simplifies the campaign creation process and delivers more efficient results.
  • Ad bid optimization: Search engine ads work on the search auction system. The highest bidder will appear first in search results for a given keyword. To make the perfect bid, marketing uses machine learning. It analyzes millions of data to adjust bids in real-time.
  • Measuring results: Machine learning analyzes clicks on search ads to identify which was the most effective in the user’s purchase decision. The algorithm compares the journey of clicks from consumers to purchase the product or service with those who did not close the deal. So it identifies patterns and identifies which are the most valuable touchpoints in the customer journey.

Amazing. And you can further deepen your knowledge in specific machine learning and big data courses to acquire new skills, create new strategies and leverage your career. The postgraduate course prepares an IT professional to deal with cloud computing and acquire knowledge to occupy management positions.

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