Google Ads: An Overview Of New Features For 2023

Google Ads: An Overview Of New Features For 2023

Google Ads is now essential to gain visibility on the Internet, especially since competition is fierce in some sectors of activity. More than just standing out from others by focusing solely on SEO is required. And once again, Google is the key player in this market. Indeed, it is the most widely used search engine in the world, and for many years now, it has offered advertisers ever more innovative services adapted to their needs. 

Google Ads is one of them, and new features are regularly developed, such as Performance Max. And the advertising solutions of the web giant seem easy to use. In that case, they still require mastery, especially since they evolve frequently. Google Ads campaigns put our expertise at their service. The agency has a team dedicated to this online paid advertising program, which constantly monitors. This allows us today to present to you some of the new Google Ads 2023 and the main changes to come in the coming months. Follow the leader!

Quick Reminder: What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online paid advertising program available to advertisers, formerly called Google Adwords. Its simple principle allows companies to create ads by working on specific keywords. They then appear in the first places of the SERPs (the results pages of a search engine) when Internet users type in the targeted keywords.

Thanks to this program, companies can gain visibility and traffic on their website and promote their products and services to Internet users likely to be interested. To date, different ad formats are available so companies can choose the best campaign according to their objectives. And to best optimize a campaign, it must be well configured by defining a target audience, creating an attractive ad, and setting the appropriate budget.

 This involves knowing how the Google search engine and its Ads program work. It is also necessary to ensure regular monitoring of campaigns and to be informed of new developments to implement an effective strategy. And in 2023, there will be many of them! Here are the major changes expected soon.  

Ever Smarter Performance Max Campaigns

Execution Max crusades are not new to research Advertisements 2023 since they have been accessible since November 2021. By the by, they have developed, and toward the beginning of the year, new elements are (exceptionally) anticipated, which, whenever utilized well, should permit sponsors to acquire better changes. Depending on computerization, a Presentation Max crusade serves promotions on all Google organizations: Search, Show, Find, Gmail, YouTube, and Google Guides. This works on administering the various promotions since they are served from a solitary mission. 

It likewise enjoys different benefits, as we made sense of in a past article, including a special transformation rate, the dissemination of promotions to qualified targets, better permeability, and an enhanced publicizing financial plan. Also, with the new elements arranged by Google for 2023, the Exhibition Max crusade gets each opportunity of turning out to be significantly seriously intriguing and powerful for a promoter! Given, as usual, to design it well.

The Integration Of Negative Keywords And Brands

Making a rundown of negative catchphrases at the record level of a Presentation Max crusade is currently conceivable. A practical choice that permits you to better control the inquiries on which the missions are communicated by saving the watchwords that are not extremely pertinent. A prohibition of brands is likewise approved for each mission or a few missions utilizing a common rundown, which likewise concerns Shopping and Search promotions.

The Launch Of Comparative Tests

In 2023, advertisers can run tests to compare their Performance Max campaigns with other campaigns. The first, the uplit test, shows how a Performance Max campaign can improve the number of conversions and the value of ads already served. The second compares a Performance Max campaign to a Shopping campaign on an identical product. Thus, an advertiser can discover the most effective way to achieve its objectives. 

The Creation Of Videos

Performance Max campaigns will be enriched in 2023 with a new video creation tool. It’s under “Workflow Elements” and includes an option to preview on YouTube before going live in a campaign. Thus, creating them quickly and easily on the platform without downloading them using one of the templates offered is possible.

Ever More Detailed Reports

For 2023, Google has planned more comprehensive reporting on asset groups – the images, logos, titles, descriptions, videos, and audience signals added when creating a campaign. The goal is to allow advertisers to analyze their conversions better, as well as the cost and value of these. And also to have more visibility on the Performance of a campaign to improve its monitoring and optimization. 

Then, these reports will be supplemented by other information related to a campaign’s budget, such as current and forecast costs, the distribution of expenses, and recommendations from Google for better budget management. In addition to these new features, others are on the agenda, including adding a page feed to Performance Max campaigns. Thus, thanks to these additional features, managing and optimizing campaigns and improving their effectiveness will be easier. But these are not the only changes planned by Google in 2023. The web giant has other surprises in store for us this year.   

Better Keyword Targeting In Ads

Two years ago, Google changed keyboard settings, replacing “exact phrase” targeting with “modified broad targeting.” This made it easier to analyze its algorithm and adjust automatic bids. In 2023, Google advises users of its Ads platform to create broad match keywords using existing keywords. By following this method, they should get more conversions for the same or higher ROI, which helps expand campaign coverage. 

Google also recommends removing redundant, too-specific keywords to have a single targeting, which promotes the automation of campaigns. This should allow it to analyze audience signals better and achieve conversion goals. For Google Ads users, this means trusting the engine’s algorithm… and giving it more leeway.

Google Analytics 4 Is Mandatory From July 1, 2023

Another novelty will apply this summer, for which Google Ads users have already been preparing for a few months. This replaces Google Analytics Universal with Google Analytics 4 (GA 4). From July 1, 2023, only this version will be available. As soon as this new tool was announced, Google encouraged users to migrate to GA 4 as soon as possible to benefit from a history of statistics and indicators. And this change is no accident.

It allows Google to offer its users a tool more compliant with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) applicable in Europe. Indeed, the CNIL and similar bodies in other European countries consider anonymizing data by Google Analytics insufficient. Therefore, The web giant had to develop a new tool to avoid losing customers in the European market

This is how Google Analytics 4 was born, which better meets the current challenges of e-privacy by providing, in particular, anonymization and the absence of storage of IP addresses and the expiration of user data at the end of 14 months. It also offers other features which are not necessarily related to e-privacy, including machine learning, a more intuitive dashboard, and better integration of Google Ads campaigns. We have an SEO technical team at the agency dedicated to Data and Analytics issues.

The End Of Look a Like Hearings In May 2023

Before the disappearance of Google Analytics, the web giant plans to say goodbye to another feature: similar audiences. Introduced more than 10 years ago, they will be replaced by “more powerful and sustainable” audiences (more automated, in other words) in 2024, normally. The reason for such abandonment? 

The entry into force of new rules on online privacy. Thus, from May 1, 2023, these lookalike audiences can no longer be added to new ads or ad groups or used for targeting and reporting. Then, in August 2023, they will disappear completely. According to Google, this should enable it to reach more qualitative audiences while ensuring respect for user privacy, as the GDPR requires.

New Ad Assets For Verified Advertisers

An outright curiosity expected in 2023 merits being introduced in this article: the presence of new publicizing resources on Google Promotions advertisements. Until further notice, I just confirmed sponsors are impacted. Solidly, this intends that in the SERPs, their advertisements will be related to the name and logo of their organization. 

The objective is to all the more likely safeguard their image name against rivals in the query items pages, which are some of the time very swarmed. This new element ought to offer them better permeability by making their promotions all the more outwardly engaging and subsequently work on their Presentation.  With these promoting resources, Google additionally desires to restrict extortion and wholesale fraud.

 Crusade, the board is turning out to be increasingly robotized. This additionally infers more information gathered and utilized by Google to appropriately design the missions to accomplish the designated change goals. This arrangement can likewise be shared with our organization, which offers its clients customized help in making and dealing with their Promotions and Execution Max crusades.

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