Google TV: How The Interface Developed By Google Works

Google TV: How The Interface Developed By Google Works

Google TV is the new interface designed by Google and dedicated to home entertainment, The home entertainment offer has become increasingly broad and versatile in recent years thanks to the proliferation of services dedicated to streaming. Today, even traditional television broadcasters can be reached online with live channels, on-demand content, and exclusive programs on their respective platforms. In this continuous multiplication of proposals, it can become complicated to orient oneself, taking the time to choose the film or TV series to watch is long and tedious.

Google TV is the solution to this problem with a new and easy-to-consult interface, which promises to group the content of the most significant interest intelligently. Therefore, the intent is to simplify the search for titles with a system divided by genres, which no longer forces the user to explore each platform before finding something to see on TV. In this guide, we will learn more about the features of Google TV, how to make a correct configuration and which devices on the market already use this system.

Google TV, Because It Is Different From Android TV

As anticipated, Google TV is the interface developed by Google for intelligent TVs, boxes, and HDMI devices that give access to online entertainment services. This is not a different platform compared to Android TV ( here is our in-depth analysis on the subject ) but a renewed graphic layout based on the same system, of which it retains the same features. On Google TV, it is, in fact, possible to interact with Google Assistant, take advantage of games and applications on the Play Store, control Nest devices, and much more, just like on Android TV. 

How functions and contents are presented changes: Google has designed an intelligent algorithm that classifies the contents according to the user’s interests, taking information from the streaming services to which one subscribes. The titles are divided by tabs, recalling the solutions proposed by Amazon with its Fire TV Stick or by Apple with Apple TV, among which it is possible to navigate through the remote control. We will therefore be able to find Netflix, Prime Video, or Disney + titles in succession, with the possibility of starting playback immediately without entering the application dedicated to each service.

Devices With Google TV On Board

To benefit from the new Google interface and all its features, it is necessary to have one of the compatible devices. If you already have a TV, you can orient yourself on the Chromecast with Google TV, a device capable of playing content up to 4K. The set includes a practical remote control with an integrated microphone to take advantage of the voice commands of the virtual assistant. Chromecast with Google TV is currently available at 59.99 euros. Still, a cheaper model is also on the way, with a list price of 39.99 euros, which will support the maximum resolution Full HD. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a smart TV with Google TV already integrated, you have to turn to the models proposed by Sony and TCL. 

Among these, we point out the Sony X81K and the Sony X81J of the Sony Bravia line, with prices starting at around 500 euros, and the TCL C635 and TCL P638 TVs, which, thanks to the current online promotions are available at a starting price of 350 euros. Google TV will be supported shortly by other brands in the sector to ensure greater diffusion of the system. However, this does not mean that Android TV will disappear altogether, but it will continue to be supported by some manufacturers, especially for the entry-level TV range.

How To Set Up Google TV

To set up Google TV, you need the home Wi-Fi password, the smartphone with the pre-installed Google Home app, and the Google account credentials. Turning on the TV or the Chromecast device connected to the TV will ask the user to select a Wi-Fi network, among those available, the language and the country. After carrying out these preliminary operations, the activation of Google TV can continue in two ways: via smartphone or remote control. If you choose the smartphone, open the Home app and follow the path Add, Configure device, and Configure new devices in your home. The phone will ask you to frame the QR code on the TV to continue and, once acquired, follow the instructions on the Home app to complete the operation.

 To access via the remote control, however, it is necessary to press the “Back” button for a few seconds. With the option “Configure with remote control,” on which you will have to click. You will be asked to enter your Google account credentials to continue with the configuration, followed by a series of steps to activate Google TV. The interface will show some of the most used apps on the main screen, but you can search for a specific platform by going into the application manager. It is clear that to watch the contents of one of the streaming services to which you are subscribed or subscribed; it is essential to enter the relevant access credentials for the first time.

Extra Features

Google TV integrates many of the functions already present on Android TV. This means that in addition to being able to watch movies, TV series, and documentaries in streaming, the system allows you to listen to music, access games from the Play Store, and consult the virtual assistant. Communicating with the Google Assistant makes it possible to ask for information on the weather, search for news online or manage smart home devices. Among the innovations introduced by Google TV, the section dedicated to children seemed very useful. It is a space in which only content suitable for the little ones appears, which can be controlled by parents remotely thanks to the Family Link app. You can then select only specific programs, block unwanted apps and set a time limit for watching TV programs. An on-screen screen will alert the children that it is time to go to bed and make an appointment for the next day. 

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