How 3D Product Animation Levels Up Brand Promotion

How 3D Product Animation Levels Up Brand Promotion

Launching a new product on the market is a decisive moment in a project’s success. In most cases, the foremost risk in the first stage is weak presentations that lead to audiences’ lack of interest. Eventually, consequences can be fatal for a company, so it’s vital to put in as many resources as possible to draw clients to your brand. One of the most powerful tools serving this purpose is 3D product animation. Since this method is the backbone of multiple successful marketing campaigns, it’s widely used for product presentations. Thus, we invite you to figure out the essence of 3D product animation, its benefits, and an efficient way to find a proper 3D outsourcing studio to perform this task for you.

The Meaning Behind the 3D Product Animation

Product animation is a field in digital content creation for marketing and advertising purposes. With the use of advanced digital tools and specific modeling, as well as animation skills, specialists create video commercials with a 3D model of a product at the center of events. Usually, 3D artists create a digital twin of a promoted item in order to manipulate it in three-dimensional space and create attractive scenes to impress a target audience. Moreover, a product animation project can be sparkled up with impressive VFX to showcase the item’s specific features in a more illustrative and engaging way.

6 Benefits of 3D Product Animation for Your Business

In promoting products, many marketing specialists prefer traditional methods like photo shooting or filming. Yet, the use of product animation for the creation of impressive promotional pieces benefits the company much better. 

  • Engaging product showcasing: There’s no doubt that high-quality commercials starring famous actors impress the audience and make them pay attention to your brand. However, when a budget for marketing is limited, the most common solution is to use static photo shooting or nondescript filming. At the same time, you can create a vivid animated video with dazzling VFX and a dynamic plot.
  • Cost-efficiency: Typical photo and video shootings require too many resources in order to get an excellent result. In such projects, many specialists participate, from photographers/cameramen to actors/models and art directors. In addition, it needs plenty of professional equipment and scenery. All of these costs significantly, while product animation requires less budgeting, equipment, and human resources.
  • Fast project execution: As mentioned, it takes plenty of resources (especially time) to organize and conduct photo-/video-shooting, then get it all together for a promotional video. In contrast, it requires much less time to create a 3D model of a product, arrange the concept of future commercial, and animate it. Thus, specialists can get a project done faster so that you start the marketing campaign as soon as possible.
  • Possible to reuse: Once a product animation is created, you can request a tech partner to provide you with a file of a 3D model or even a digital twin that was used for a project. Moreover, your product can be rendered to get a photorealistic 2D image of it. Later, it’s possible to use this source material for other commercials, banners, posters, catalogs, and other platforms to place a product for showcasing. 
  • Customization: In contrast to using a real product, its digital twin or 3D representation can be customized when needed for new purposes. For example, when you need to promote a new laptop model, you can get a model of a previous generation and add the required features to it. As a result, the next projects for the same kind of product will be executed faster and with even less spending. 
  • Detailed visualization: Regular videos and photos are not always capable of conveying a gist of product functionality. Fortunately, there are multiple options to visualize an item’s features with product animation. Thus, your target audience can see the ins and outs of a product from different angles, getting a detailed review in an engaging way. In addition, it’s easy to show some details hidden from the human eye.

Please note: There are multiple ways to present a product in an attractive way, while product animation is a robust tool that makes your message to the target audience clearer. Thus, it would be even better and more efficient to combine this technique with other methods and instruments when creating a promotional piece.

How to Get an Outstanding 3D Product Animation

In a nutshell, you need a team of experienced 3D artists, powerful hardware, and a set of advanced software to perform outstanding product animation. Yet, instead of covering all of these with your company’s resources, you can use the professional product animation services of a reliable technical partner. Thus, you can get your project done for a more favorable price and terms.

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