How AI In The Cloud Brings Advantages To Your Business

How AI In The Cloud Brings Advantages To Your Business

AI in the Cloud: Anyone who is always up to date with releases and new trends in the technology market knows that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already a reality for business.

However, when we think about the economics and optimization of business resources that Artificial Intelligence in the cloud brings, it is necessary to know the details of these technologies that work together.

In this sense, it is also important to remember that for some time, only high investment companies, experienced professionals, or experts in the field of AI were able to apply this technology in the business environment.

The recent and massive use of cloud services already allows companies to see the need to use artificial intelligence together in their daily lives.

According to Deloitte Globe’s forecasts for this area, we can analyze some crucial numbers:

  • By 2020, 87% of companies will use artificial intelligence;
  • In companies that will integrate fake intelligence services in the cloud:
    • 70% will import resources through software
    • 65% will start creating apps

So, find out in this article the main advantages of using artificial intelligence in the cloud for business.

The Concept Of Artificial Intelligence In The Cloud

In practice, an AI-powered cloud environment learns from the data it gathers, makes predictions, and solves potential problems before the user can even identify them.

We can conclude from using these technologies that cloud computing and artificial intelligence are increasingly merging. The role of cloud and machine learning are currently present in our daily lives, as we are used to dealing with intelligent assistants such as:

  • Cortana (Microsoft);
  • Siri (Apple);
  • Alexa (Amazon);
  • Google Assistant (Google).

To fully understand the concept behind this marriage of technologies, we must remember that the many database servers that use cloud technology keep the information that an AI always needs available, whether to access or use in decision making and learning.

But as an AI learns, it can stream this new data back to the cloud, helping other AIs learn. With the cloud, we achieved the power of calculation and the ability to handle a series of data simultaneously.

How Is The Cloud Essential To The Work Of An AI?

The cloud is critical to the AI ​​model in two ways:

  1. The datasets that this technology uses would not be accessible if it weren’t for the cloud;
  2. The cloud allows companies to handle the scale they need, providing the data-intensive resources to multiple concurrent customers at an affordable cost.

The cloud also facilitates the work of any team, as it provides research facilities and tools for developers in charge of creating solutions that involve AI.

So, even if these professionals do not have the necessary knowledge to create, train systems, or manage data independently, they rely on cloud resources to help them. This is a significant advantage with the advancement of Big Data.

The Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence In The Cloud

Unprecedented Data Access

Working together with artificial intelligence in the cloud is essential to access data like never before. It is possible to feed much more data to AI systems with high capacity. And that’s precisely what makes systems learn what they need to deliver more assertive information to companies.

Compared to traditional data storage hosted on on-premises servers, cloud environments support much larger volumes of data without the conventional difficulties of a physical environment.

Greater Control And Data Management

AI can also move data between on-premises infrastructure and cloud environments. For example, in a hybrid cloud environment, continuous accessibility and connectivity are crucial. With this connectivity, organizations will also be able to manage and control data like never before.

Companies that leverage AI with cloud data solutions are more likely to scale their applications to set industry standards and drive innovation by maximizing the assets they already have.

Faster And More Efficient Decision Making

When an organization connects data in a cloud environment, it can more easily identify trends and patterns across multiple datasets. That’s why artificial intelligence in the cloud takes data analytics to the next level.

AI learns from historical data in a cloud environment, identifies current patterns, and makes recommendations. This automated process eliminates human errors during data analysis.

With this change, AI dramatically accelerates data analysis, benefiting both an organization and its customers with decision-making focused on the real needs of the operation.

Cost Savings

The ultimate incentive to start using AI in the cloud is this technology’s simple economics. A cloud model allows organizations to buy only the storage they need when they need it. This eliminates traditional infrastructure expenses.

With this model, an organization can use these cost savings to develop its own AI. And with no expense for physical data centers, the cost of projects drops significantly.

Remember that cloud solutions are not one-size-fits-all, so companies create environments based on individual business needs. Each domain may look slightly different, but all offer cost savings that drive AI development and growth.

Artificial Intelligence In The Cloud: How Are Companies Already Using This Feature?

In addition to knowing the advantages, how about learning the practical applications that this technology allows for companies?

The truth is, when AI works in a cloud environment, everyone benefits. Internal teams quickly receive information and data to generate recommended customer solutions explicitly based on real-world characteristics and data.

In turn, customers get recommendations best suited to their needs. The positive impact of this experience is what drives any company’s business. Cloud environments also eliminate the need for many organizations to invest most of their budget in research and development. As leading cloud vendors are constantly releasing new AI capabilities, organizations accessing the cloud can take advantage of this research at no additional cost.

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