How Important Is Cloud Architecture, And How To Do It?

How Important Is Cloud Architecture, And How To Do It?

Cloud Computing: Did you know that old infrastructure can bring great costs to a company? With this in mind, managers began to look for solutions that improve practicality to increase results and technologies that reduce costs. But how can cloud architecture resolve these issues?

Cloud technology has attracted the attention of most companies in recent years. After all, the platform gives the company several benefits: greater data security, practicality in accessing information, or even reducing energy costs.

Despite the benefits mentioned, the transition to innovation must be planned by trained professionals so that the investment has value. For this, the manager must know the tool’s architecture, among them, about the different layers. After reading this article, you will know how to plan cloud architecture easily, but first, better understand its importance.

Understand What Cloud Architecture Is

Cloud architecture specifically refers to three distinct layers that can operate separately and in parallel. They are divided as follows:

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service);
  • SaaS (Software as a Service);
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

To make the most of it, it is recommended to adopt the three modules, thus making the architecture more efficient and helping the company’s internal activities.

Know The Importance Of Technology In Your Company

The move to the cloud has become essential for companies that want to reduce their costs and improve the practicality of their processes. In addition, the changes eliminate the physical restrictions of the old data centers, increasing the company’s physical space and providing space for the strategic team to use in future projects. Among the benefits we can mention:

  • energy consumption reduction: as the data centers are no longer used, the company starts to consume processes directly from the services available in the cloud;
  • more practicality to access data: access can be done through different devices (provided they are previously authorized), just having an internet connection;
  • better information security: when hiring the service of a qualified company, it will provide secure tools that use data encryption as one of the main means of protection;
  • Eliminates the need to update, install or perform maintenance on servers: thus, IT employees can be redirected to more strategic stages of the company.

Given this, it is necessary not only for good planning but also for trained professionals in the area.

Learn How To Plan Your Enterprise Cloud Architecture

To deploy the technology, you must understand the three layers of cloud architecture. See below for the definition of each term and its main functions. That way, you’ll be more aware of the investment you’re making and know how to get the best out of it. Are you interested? See below!

See What The Three Layers Of Cloud Architecture Are


Infrastructure as a Service is the basis for implementing the other two layers, so it is considered the main pillar of the entire operation. IaaS aims to replace on-premises IT infrastructure with an outsourced service. The model benefits from reducing costs in different ways: either in the excessive consumption of energy or keeping the equipment functioning, since it is not necessary to update, install, or carry out maintenance on the infrastructure. IaaS-enabled companies allow you to host your entire company’s system in the cloud, including database, virtualization, hardware, and even the network.


Platform as a Service focuses on the IT team responsible for developing applications in the company. Therefore, it is little used by end-users. The model is suitable for professional developers who work on Java, .NET, and Android platforms. They are looking for a method to make their applications viable in the cloud, making development available to all programmers in the corporation. 


The Software as a Service model is the most used among the three mentioned. In this way, the software provider makes the tool available on a web page, but what is its advantage? As the service is available over the internet, there is no need to install programs on your infrastructure. For this reason, we already have another benefit: the elimination of the need for maintenance if there is a problem.

Another advantage of the service is that the company does not need to worry about validating licenses, performing maintenance, or updating the system, saving its employees from the service. As the tool remains active 24 hours a day, your authorized staff can access the service anytime, as long as they have an active internet connection.

It becomes a great attraction if the employee needs to access a document for a meeting outside the company’s premises. With internet access, he can access the information he needs, even when away from the computer, since the application runs directly from external servers. Using the cloud structure, the company stops delegating stressful activities to the team, directing it to areas where it can assume strategic roles and bring solutions to the enterprise. In addition, the group can now count on the benefits offered by the platform, including gains in productivity, mobility, and practicality.

The companies that most benefited from the tool were startups. Young companies saw its potential and sought to align resources with their individual business needs and thus began to develop better solutions for their customers. Technological advances allowed new solutions to reach the market, making life easier for many users and companies that consume the product. On the other hand, the need for change has also become mandatory for companies. As we said in the article, technology is on the rise in the cloud. Through its services, users have the most varied solutions, ranging from simple data storage to complex applications running directly from the cloud.

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