How To Create An Instagram Ads Campaign In 2023

How To Create An Instagram Ads Campaign In 2023

In setting up an ad campaign on Instagram, every step is important, but also, when the goal is to bring users to a site, make sure it is fast and secure by relying on the right web hosting service. In the first years of its existence, Instagram was just a small application where users enjoyed sharing a few photos. 

After several years, and above all after the purchase by Facebook, which has incorporated Instagram into its “universe,” the small app has become a very useful tool for professionals and companies that need to achieve online business goals. Below we analyze how to create an Instagram Ads campaign to enable brands to reach their target and increase the number of potential customers.

Why Sponsor Posts On Instagram

The growth process of Instagram has been constant, with today’s reality speaking of incredible numbers. The reason why advertisers should choose Instagram to launch advertising campaigns is, in fact, all in the numbers.

According to data reported by datareportal [1], Instagram ranks fourth among the most-used social media in the world, with the possibility for advertisers to address an audience of approximately 1.4 billion active users worldwide (in Italy, there are 27.4 million active users on Instagram).

Another fact that underlines the growth of social media is that around 18.1% of the world’s population uses Instagram. We are therefore talking about a successful platform, which in recent years, has also opened a section dedicated to electronic commerce (we are referring to Instagram Shopping ). These statistics confirm the central role of Instagram in the field of social media marketing.

Instagram Ads: The Steps To Create A Campaign

Instagram advertising campaigns can be launched in two ways. The first possibility is represented by the Business Manager, the platform used to create sponsorships on Facebook (and also Instagram, if the profile is connected to the company page on the blue social network); the second involves the creation of the sponsored post directly from Instagram.

The procedure for sponsoring a post from Instagram, without going through the Business Manager, requires some steps that can be difficult, such as configuring the Pixel and is analyzed step by step below.

Step 1 – Choose The Post To Sponsor

Once logged into the corporate Instagram profile, you need to identify the post you intend to sponsor to reach users who fall within your target audience. Investing a sum of money in social media is essential now because, with organic reach alone, it becomes complicated to achieve great results. After choosing the sponsored post, click on the “Promote post” button.

Step 2 – Define The Goal

Defining the objective is a very delicate point because a large part of the “destiny” of the campaign depends on it. Goal definition is a key element. It is possible to choose whether to increase the visibility of the Instagram profile, whether to receive messages, or – the most selected choice by companies – whether to direct users to a site page. After selecting the objective, click on the blue “Next” button.

Step 3 – Add URL And Call To Action

After having decided to send users to the page of the company site, the URL of the page where they will land must be entered. It can be the page of a single product, a specially created landing page, or the homepage of the site: it depends on what the goal is (for example: to sell a specific product, increase incoming traffic, raise awareness of the brand, and so on ).

After the URL, the call to action should be inserted. Again, the “call to action” choice depends on the objective set. If the objective is selling eCommerce products, it could be useful to choose words such as “Learn more,” which is less aggressive and less directed at selling only than “Buy now.”

Step 4 – What Kind Of Audience To Target

The crucial point of the whole procedure concerns the selection of the public to which to show the sponsored post. First, it must be indicated to Instagram if the post deals with specific topics, such as social issues and politics. At this point, you can create an audience of people identified by Instagram as similar to the profile followers by selecting the “Automatic” item.

It is preferable, however, to create your audience, to identify the niche that could respond better to the advertisement. In this case, all the characteristics of the target to be reached must be entered (especially places, interests, and age range). All information that a user dealing with the management of a web project can collect from tools such as Google Analytics to clearly understand the basic characteristics of the buyer persona.

STEP 5 – Budget And Duration Of The Campaign

How much to spend on the campaign depends on the definition of the budget to be invested for the duration of the sponsorship. Investing in a large budget is certainly convenient, but everything always depends on the choice of the objective and the definition of the public previously made. You save money if all the steps have been set up correctly.

Step 6 – Control And Launch Of The Campaign

The last step concerns a general summary of the campaigns to check that everything has been set up correctly before the launch. If all the parameters are correct, click the “Promote post” button to start the campaign. The results will be visible in the professional tools on the company profile dashboard

The procedure for creating an advertising campaign on Instagram is very simple. Still, it is necessary to carry out each step carefully because the smallest inaccuracy risks causing money to be spent without achieving any results.

Furthermore, if the goal is to bring users to your company site, you must ensure that the site is fast and secure before starting an Instagram Ads campaign. In this sense, a professional web hosting service is needed to have the best performance.

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