How To Install WhatsApp On A PC

How To Install WhatsApp On A PC

Surely you too, like many others, can no longer help but chat with your friends using WhatsApp, the popular messaging app owned by Facebook. However, if you are here now and you are reading this guide, it is because you are most likely wondering if, in addition to smartphones, WhatsApp can be used on PCs.

That’s the way it is. Then don’t worry: today, I’m here to help you and explain how to install WhatsApp on a PC using its official application, available for Windows and macOS, which is extremely easy to install and use. Therefore, if you want to learn more about the subject, I invite you to take some free time and concentrate on reading this simple tutorial. 

By reading the information I am about to give you, you will have shed some light on the subject, and you will also have succeeded easily and quickly in the intent you have set for yourself. Ready? Yes? Great, then let’s start immediately: I wish you a good reading and job!

Preliminary Information

The primary thing you want to know is that the WhatsApp client for PCs is viable with Windows frameworks beginning from Windows 10 and with Macintoshes with macOS 11 and later. Different from the old forms, it ought to likewise be noticed that the WhatsApp client works autonomously on the client on the cell phone. 

Subsequently, assuming that you can’t help thinking about how to introduce WhatsApp on a PC without a telephone, you want to realize that this is potential because of the exceptional incorporated usefulness that permits you to utilize this help freely on different gadgets (up to four).

Thus, you will want to exploit every one of the highlights of the WhatsApp application for Android and iOS on your PC, including the capacity to send message and voice messages, send sight and sound components, and settle on voice and video decisions. Having said that, if everything is clear, we can make a move: read to get familiar with how to download WhatsApp to a PC.

Install WhatsApp On Your PC For Free

I start this tutorial by explaining how to install WhatsApp on a PC through the download procedures for Windows and macOS. Read on to learn more.

How To Install WhatsApp On Windows PC

If you have a PC with Windows 10/11 working framework, you can download the WhatsApp application through the Microsoft Store. To do this, visit the connection I recently gave and click on the Download button in the Store application, then recurrent a similar activity in the Microsoft Store window that opens by tapping the Introduce button.

Toward the finish of the programmed download, click the Beginning button to begin the assistance being referred to and begin utilizing it by examining the QR code through the WhatsApp application settings for Android and iOS. Moreover, to affirm admittance to WhatsApp for PC, outline your face or sweep your finger impression, contingent upon the biometric acknowledgment security you set on your cell phone.

How To Install WhatsApp On macOS

To install WhatsApp on Mac, you can act through the Mac App Store by visiting this page, accepting the store’s opening (if necessary), and pressing the Get and Install buttons. Type your Apple ID password or authenticate using Touch ID to complete the setup if prompted. Alternatively, you can download the WhatsApp beta client for macOS via the official website.

 To do this, connect to the page I just linked to you to download the  .dmg file and, when finished, start it by double-clicking on it. Once this is done, drag the WhatsApp icon to the Applications folder, and you’re done. Regardless of the installation method, start the WhatsApp for macOS application and log in to the service by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen, confirming the operation, if requested. Easy.

How To Install WhatsApp On A PC Without A QR Code

As anticipated, it is impossible to install WhatsApp on a PC without a QR Code, so to access the service from a computer, it is mandatory to scan the QR code from the smartphone on which the app is to be “repeatedly” installed. After doing this, you can access WhatsApp for PC later automatically without scanning the requested QR code again. Useful, right?

How To Install WhatsApp On PC Via Emulators

Another solution to install WhatsApp on a PC is to use an Android emulator, such as BlueStacks. Assuming you have never known about it, realize that a product for Windows and macOS permits you to imitate Android on your PC without performing muddled double boot tasks and introduce applications straightforwardly from the Play Store.

This program is quite easy to use. It’s free and requires no configuration except connecting with a Google account. However, I would like to clarify one thing before providing you with all the necessary explanations for using it. Considering that an official WhatsApp client and a Web version of the same service are now available, resorting to this “trick” doesn’t make much sense, given that it represents an unnecessarily complex procedure.

Furthermore, due to the limitations of WhatsApp, it is not possible to use the app via BlueStacks while maintaining access to the service on the smartphone; therefore, it is necessary to have a second mobile phone number. Otherwise, you would have to repeat the process of activating your WhatsApp account repeatedly, in some cases on your computer and others on your mobile phone. I suggest that you first evaluate the use of the official solutions that I have already pointed out to you, but clearly, the last word is up to you.

In such a manner, assuming you are keen on understanding how to introduce WhatsApp on a PC utilizing BlueStacks, you ought to realize that to do this, you should initially download and introduce the program being referred to through its true site. Then, after configuring it by adding a Google account, access the Play Store to download the WhatsApp app to use it just as if you were using it from a smartphone. In this regard, for more information on this, I suggest you delve into the subject by reading my guide dedicated to downloading and using the software in question.

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