How To Succeed In Your Marketing Automation Campaign?

How To Succeed In Your Marketing Automation Campaign?

Have you ever heard of this “new” trend Marketing Automation Campaign that developed alongside Inbound Marketing in the 2000s? No? So stay there because it’s time to decipher this buzzword!

What Is Marketing Automation?

In vogue since the 2000s, at the same time as its big brother, Inbound Marketing, marketing automation allows you to personalize each customer relationship while your database has thousands of contacts! Marketing automation will reconcile marketers and salespeople by managing leads until they convert. A Marketing Automation Campaign, automates repetitive and simple tasks to actions that will be triggered according to a defined criterion. 

We often wrongly summarize marketing automation as the simple automatic sending of emails. In any case, it is substantially more than that in actuality! It is a real personalization operation. For example, you can automatically send an email for each customer’s birthday, offering them a discount coupon. Imagine doing this manually; it’s borderline impossible unless you have Tom Cruise. Anyway, back on topic! 

Many marketing actions can be automated

Direct marketing, be aware that marketing automation is perfect for personalizing your correspondence actions. Depending on your data (anniversary date, loyalty, etc.), actions will be triggered automatically while taking care not to make any errors since past relationships are considered. Social media marketing automation can save you time by automatically sharing new blog posts on your social media channels. A website’s workflow (flow of content) can use marketing automation to personalize its content based on visitors’ past actions. 

Large e-commerce sites are very fond of this technique to adjust their content according to their visitors’ behavior. Lead nurturing and marketing automation will make it possible to set up lead nurturing campaigns since, in the context of long sales cycles, it will be necessary to feed the prospect with relevant information encouraging him to contact the company. Marketing automation actions are, therefore, not limited to the simple sending of emails. 

Recruitment of new customers, improvement of the average basket, personalization of the loyalty program, and marketing automation may surprise you with their effectiveness and scope of action. Based on the behavior of Internet users, marketing automation makes it possible to send them targeted messages by automatically segmenting them according to pre-defined criteria and scenarios.

How To Set Up A Successful Marketing Automation Campaign?

Supported by platforms such as Hubspot, Marketo, or Eloqua, to name only the most important in the sector, marketing automation campaigns must follow certain key steps to be effective. Follow the leader!

Target The Right Leads

Marketing automation will save your sales team valuable time! Thanks to automated marketing, you can collect real-time data on the behaviors and needs of your prospects. It would help if you targeted them as well as possible to understand better how they behave on your site, their habits, and what they expect from your offer. 

Lead scoring (classification of prospects according to their degree of maturity) is a method that can be used to select the most qualified contacts and discard those who will not bring you anything. Next comes segmentation, which will help define the segments of prospects to whom you will communicate and offer your content. In marketing jargon, the segmentation step consists of defining “buyer personas.”

 These are typical customer profiles that will help you focus your marketing actions. Defining their identity, behaviors, and purchasing habits is a question. After this step, you must think about the content your targets expect from you. Putting an editorial line in place will allow you to stay the course on your prospects’ expectations and offer them relevant and adapted content.

Set Up A Follow-Up Of Your Prospects.

The buying process can be long in some cases, and it is important to remain attentive to the behavior of your prospects. The ideal remains to motivate them by encouraging interactions. But how will you tell me? Quite simply by adapting to their needs! Being there for them, at the right time, in the right place, and above all, with the right content. Several things are possible:

  1. Stand out by opting for story-telling: tell them a story, showcase your brand, and play on emotions to make them adhere more easily to your products.
  2. Be on various social networks and segment your posts according to these different networks to target more prospects who may only be present on a specific network.
  3. Post on other specialized blogs or forums to reach your targets.

Choose The Right Marketing Automation Tools

As I told you above, the sector is disputed by three main players in marketing automation and inbound marketing: Hubspot, Marketo, and Eloqua. These platforms can be suitable for any type of business regardless of size and budget. Thanks to these solutions, a company can hope to see its marketing costs reduced, its sales productivity increase, and, the icing on the cake, see that its conversions have improved. So compare the solutions they offer you and make your choice; you risk succumbing to their effectiveness!

Analyze The Performance Of Your Campaigns To Keep Improving

Like Google Analytics with the analysis of your website traffic, marketing automation allows you to analyze the results of your campaigns. You benefit from comprehensive real-time reporting to check whether your marketing automation solutions are appropriate and effective. The goal is to measure performance based on expected results and identify the most profitable traffic sources to adjust your future campaigns. Therefore, reporting is essential to prevent you from repeating an error and continuously improve your campaigns.

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