Huawei: How And Where To Trade In Your Old Phone?

Huawei: How And Where To Trade In Your Old Phone?

Do you know, 37% of Indian people want to resell their smartphone and change their mobile. Are you one of them but don’t know how and who to turn to? Find in this article some tips regarding the recovery of your Huawei smartphone.

Huawei Smartphone Trade-In: The Main Advantages

Nowadays, more and more smartphone users are attracted by the trade-in concept. The main reason is that the price of these devices tends to increase from year to year. Trade-in consists of an individual selling their old mobile to a specialized store to recover money. This solution provides numerous advantages:

It offers you the possibility of selling your phone and using the amount obtained to cover the cost of a new smartphone partly. You should know that the trade-in value depends on several parameters, such as the condition of the mobile, the brand, the model, or even the duration of use. In most cases of Huawei brand smartphone resale, newer models have a higher trade-in value than older models.

It also allows you to make an ecological gesture. Indeed, instead of throwing your old Huawei smartphone in the trash or putting it in the bottom of your drawer, you give it a second life thanks to trade-in. After cleaning and some minor repairs, recycled smartphones can be resold at a more affordable price. By acting in this way, you help reduce the demand for the production of new mobiles and, therefore, that of the raw materials necessary for manufacturing specific components.


The recovery also positively impacts the environment because you limit the quantity of electronic waste, some of which is highly toxic. This is the case, for example, of the battery, which can contaminate a significant quantity of water. However, other materials, such as mercury, lead, or cadmium, can harm water and soil.

For companies or businesses, taking back their devices allows them to carry out a CSR approach to improve their environmental record. Finally, if this practice becomes widespread, companies operating in the recycling field will need more employees for sorting, cleaning, and repairs. To this end, this will automatically promote job creation for young people.

Note that the recovery process is not complicated:

  1. Your phone will be evaluated.
  2. There will be a take-back proposal, which will be followed by sending the smartphone.
  3. The last step concerns payment.

Some Of The Most Purchased Huawei Smartphone Models

This year, 2023, the Chinese manufacturer is still at the top of the rankings regarding phone trade-ins. The most purchased models are the Huawei P30 and the Huawei P30 Pro. They are closely followed by the P40 and P40 Pro models, whose repurchase price can rise to 170 euros. Consumers know very well that betting on a refurbished Huawei smartphone means you can acquire a mobile phone with a quality camera and high storage capacity. Apart from the models mentioned above, here are some best-sellers from the Chinese firm: Huawei Mate 20 Lite, Huawei P20 Lite, or even Huawei Mate 20 Lite.

Who Should You Turn To Trade In Your Huawei Smartphone?

Are you wondering who to contact to trade in your Huawei smartphone? You can turn to different actors. Examples include manufacturers, online resellers, specialized stores, and telephone operators. Some manufacturers, like the Chinese giant Huawei, suggest take-back programs. Thanks to these programs, you benefit from a discount on a new mobile in exchange for the old one. But sometimes, trade-in offers from manufacturers are not attractive. It’s the same thing with the big classic brands on the market.

An Effective Solution To Benefit From A Buyback At The Best Price

Have you decided to sell your Huawei smartphone on the internet? In this case, you will need to be patient because if you want to benefit from a purchase at the best price, you will be forced to analyze each offer from different sites. And the worst part is that prices can change from one week to the next on each site. You must, therefore, carry out a complete comparison without wasting time. 

To make your task more accessible, you can quickly and easily compare offers from the best professional reconditioners via its repurchase price comparator. For this, collaborates with partner sites such as Twig, fonebank, Magic Recycle, e-Recycle, La Mobile, Hexamobile, Mobile & you, Certideal, and Easy Cash. These refurbishers are recognized for their operational skills in reconditioning devices professionally. 

Additional Points

In addition, the smartphone trade-in catalog is ultra-rich (more than 20,000 buyback offers) with very detailed information on the offers. You do not have to fill out a long form by choosing this site. All you have to do is enter the following information: the general condition of your Huawei smartphone, the model, and the storage capacity. You immediately obtain a price list in descending order of price.

Indeed, the user can place an alert at a different rate. As soon as one of the site’s partners makes a price change and exceeds the price you set, you will be immediately alerted via email. Please note, however, that this alert system cannot be used globally but only applies offer by offer. 

On the other hand, it should be noted that the number of alerts you can place is not limited, and what’s more, it’s free. In terms of payment, you will pocket the money on average 2 days after the site’s partners have received the smartphone. You must choose the payment method: check, transfer, cash in-store, etc. If you resell your Huawei smartphone online, you can earn around 40% more than by contacting your operator.


To conclude, we can say that the resumption of smartphones is gradually becoming part of consumer habits. By favoring this practice, you will not only be able to benefit financially, but you will also be doing an excellent service to the planet. Furthermore, don’t forget that, in a way, you are also helping others (especially those on a limited budget) by making a quality smartphone at a more affordable price. In a word, everyone wins.

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