Instagram Direct: Deployed On The Desktop Version!

Instagram Direct: Deployed On The Desktop Version!

Instagram Direct – The founder of Facebook’s focus on his messaging platforms has continued to intensify in recent months, whether with facial recognition projects on Facebook or advertising integration on WhatsApp. Now, Instagram will stand out with new additions to its network. And your SMO agency explains the issues behind these adjustments.

Instagram Direct – A Test Phase For Now

The founder of Facebook and his team have decided to deploy Instagram Direct on the desktop. Instagram’s in-app messaging service has taken on considerable importance since its creation in December 2017. Users can exchange messages, photos, videos, and publications from the platform, as on the mobile app. So, this deployment to the desktop version remains, for the moment, a test phase, which is available only for a tiny part of users. Still, this feature will undoubtedly please users and will be deployed soon.

According to the American media, The Verge, this desktop version is similar to the mobile version; users can create groups or start a discussion similarly, send photos from support (here, the computer), and even have message notifications. The arrival of Direct on Desktop will mainly benefit influencers, community managers, or other regular social network players. The service could also be helpful for users who do not use Instagram for professional purposes.

Then we got the usual question in the replies to the Instagram announcement tweet about a timeline view of the News Feed. This is one of the most recurring requests. And although social networks do not necessarily materialize all the ideas of their users, we will have to observe the subsequent decisions taken by Instagram to develop its society.

One Step Closer To His Goal

Private messaging is one of the significant growth areas for American society. The founder of Facebook  She told the New York Times last spring. Naturally, this is a feature that is going to get the approval of a bunch of users. Indeed, whether it’s Twitter, Messenger, or WhatsApp, they all benefit from desktop support for their messaging. So this desktop functionality will necessarily be welcome. 

Thus, lately, we always come back to the same observation, following news from Facebook. But it’s a new clue leading to the interoperability of the parent company’s messengers: WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct. The desire of the CEO of Facebook is really to accentuate his philosophy on private discussions. This new philosophy came after the many scandals surrounding the privacy and poor protection of its users’ data.

Instagram Direct is Inspired By TikTok?

A few days earlier, the Silicon Valley company had given a new twist to its photo application. Over four years after its creation, the Boomerang format of Instagram stories has finally benefited from new features. So, there is nothing phenomenal to note, but it was a step to take, especially when you saw its competitors. Now users can crop the beginning and end of their animated images. 

Then, a SlowMo feature offers the possibility of having a boomerang in slow motion. Then, the Echo option adds a blur and haze effect to your videos. Finally, Duo brings a distorted result. For once, Facebook’s photo and video-sharing service has never denied being inspired by TikTok or even its competitors. In this case, it is clear that the American giant did not invent anything; it simply aimed to catch up, offering similar tools to its rivals.

To Conclude Instagram Direct

Although The founder of Facebook, He has claimed that this is one of the most dynamic sectors, and putting so much involvement into this joint messaging project seems like a daring bet. However, such interoperability between three of the most used messaging systems globally may be revolutionary, mainly improving the user experience.

In addition, deploying Instagram Direct on the desktop will benefit the American giant, particularly with influencers and community managers, to name a few. So, if you want to benefit from better visibility on social networks, particularly on Instagram, do not hesitate to contact your agency. Its SMO specialists will advise you in the best possible way, with a strategy perfectly adapted to your intentions.

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