Introducing Google MUM

Introducing Google MUM

Several weeks ago, Google announced a redesign of its search engine, introducing a new way to explore topics. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to an artificial intelligence (AI) function called MUM (Multitask Unified Model). Google thus plans to guide users through the topics that interest them more visually. It claims to be 1,000 times more powerful than its predecessor, BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers), first introduced in 2019. In this article, we will see what Google MUM will be and how Internet users will be. We, Will, benefit from these changes.

Google MUM, What Is It?

The MUM update aims to meet the demands of modern research using an algorithm powered by AI. The goal? Improve the capacity of online search. When searching the internet, users are faced with, contrary to what they expected, multiple searches, geographic and language barriers due to lack of search engine intuition.

The update MUM removes the need to perform multiple searches to compare and get further information. MUM can understand and deliver solutions based not only on textual content but also on the interpretation of images, videos, and podcasts, in a way that has never been possible before.

Google MUM understands 75 different languages, which means that it can aggregate results to give users the complete search experience, answering even the most complex queries. For example, it will automatically translate a website with specific information on a topic and then provide that information to you.

Google MUM will redefine search relevance by changing the way people access and use the information on the web. Still, it’s best to take this update with a grain of salt. Because all content is irrelevant and ultimately comes down to the discretion of the user.

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Google MUM And SEO

While there will likely be big changes in the way content marketing works, the idea of ​​regularly posting engaging and informative articles that respond to user intent will remain the same. Here are some things SEO related that we could expect in the age of Google MUM:

The Potential End Of Keywords

When it comes to research, users have a huge advantage with MUM. The intuitive nature of the program makes it almost a personal assistant for web research. The result is probably less dependent on keywords, as MUM will extract important pieces of information from a wide range of media and topics.

Less Reliance On Written Content

Do not mistake yourself. Written content, like blog posts and articles, will always be important. But MUM also uses videos, pictures, and audio media for information.

This means that if you mention an art exhibition in Paris in your podcast, Google will be able to tell, from that audio medium, that your episode contains that information and add it to the search results.

Increased Competition For Research

The other aspect that could be a problem for SEO experts is the increased competition for searches. With MUM, there are no linguistic or regional barriers. This means that your information competes with that which is on the other side of the world. Now there are some areas where the local search will still be relevant. In this case, it makes sense to try to ‘ emphasize the regional aspect of the content so that it is perfectly identifiable.

More Efficient Voice Search

More and more people use tools like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa daily. AIs are starting to become part of everyday household life, so it’s important to accommodate them. MUM is just another step in this trend. This means that brands and advertisers need to jump on the bandwagon and take a serious look at internet user voice search.

Best Practices With Google MUM

  • Create content that stays high-quality and perfectly focused. The content should answer questions and provide a high added value, including appropriate multimedia formats, to get MUM to notice you. The written content, including tickets, website, and products, remains a key element to attract attention. It is increasingly important to support it with podcasts, pictures, audio, and video content, which will come in handy when new iterations of MUM come into play.
  • Google MUM will know it’s relevant and add it to search results. Your content will now compete with the most important contributions from around the world. While this removes language barriers, it would still be a good idea to have multilingual SEO as part of your strategy. This will dramatically affect the power of your content, so use it to your advantage.
  • Produce content that builds brand recognition and loyalty by using informative and engaging text, images, and other media. Don’t forget to add structured data to your page to give clues about the content. Brands and advertisers should keep in mind that this is an AI-centric update. We know that while Google MUM will expand search responses, there will always be people who know where to look and who to trust for reliable content. Widening competition in SERPs won’t shrink your current audience as long as you stay reliable. In summary, continue to develop your expertise and authority in your sector to “EAT” your competitors.

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