iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: What Are The Differences?

iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: What Are The Differences?

If you are considering buying an iPad and need to know which one to choose between iPad 9 Vs iPad 10, follow our comparison and discover the differences. Apple has recently announced the new iPad 10, leaving the predecessor iPad 9 in the catalog. This is still an excellent alternative, despite the improvements made on the newcomer: new processor, renewed look, more colors, and the USB-C port. 

Just the USB-C port represents a great novelty that makes iPad 10 future-proof, given that soon all electronic devices will have to be equipped with a Type-C port, as the European Union requires. So what are the differences between iPad 9 and iPad 10? We will list them in this article to help you choose the model that best suits your needs.

iPad 9 vs iPad 10: The Price

Let’s start with the available configurations and the relative list prices that could make you prefer one to the other, especially if you have already established a budget.

iPad 10 2022 Is Available In The Following Configurations And Prices

  1. 64 GB WiFi only for 589 euros
  2. WiFi only 256 GB for 789 euros
  3. WiFi + Cellular 64 GB for 789 euros
  4. WiFi + Cellular 256 GB for 989 euros

iPad 9 2021 Is Available In The Following Configurations And Prices

  1. 64 GB WiFi only for 439 euros
  2. WiFi only 256 GB for 639 euros
  3. WiFi + Cellular 64 GB for 609 euros
  4. WiFi + Cellular 256 GB for 809 euros

We’re talking about a price difference that starts at 150 euros, which probably tips the balance towards iPad 9.

iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: The Design

iPad 9 and iPad 10 recognize each other at a glance. Apple has completely revised the design of the iPad 10, making it more modern and closer to that of the iPad Pro. The central Touch ID button and the giant bezels disappear to make room for thinner borders. The new iPad 10 is much more like the iPad Air with Touch ID tucked into the top power button. The colors also change. iPad 10 comes in silver, pink, blue, or yellow, while iPad 9 is only available in space gray and silver. From this point of view, the design of iPad 10 is much more attractive.

iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: The Screen

This restyling also leaves more room for the screen that goes from 10.2 inches to 10.9 inches. Again, the iPad 10 has much more similar characteristics to the 2022 iPad Air. The screen has a resolution of 2,360 x 1,640 pixels, while the iPad 9 has a resolution of 2,160 x 1,620 pixels. In reality, you will not notice any difference in daily use as the pixels per inch (PPI) are always the same (264). The brightness is the same, there is no anti-reflection coating, and the refresh rate is standard. In short, the iPad 10 wins only for the screen size.

iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: The Cameras

There are also some differences in the photographic sector, which Apple has tried to enhance. The rear camera goes from 8 MP to 12 MP with the possibility of shooting videos up to 4K resolution and slow-motion that reaches up to 1,080 at 120 fps or 240 fps of iPad 10 against 720p at 120 fps of iPad 9. The front camera remains 12MP but is positioned on the long side of the tablet, a much more comfortable position than the short-side implementation we have on the iPad 9.

iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: Connectivity And Accessories

iPad 10 has the Type-C port instead of the Lightning, which will soon become obsolete and offers support for 5G, WiFi6, and Bluetooth 5.2. It integrates function keys for quick actions and attaches via magnets to the iPad from which it is also charged. 

It’s also compatible with the new Magic Keyboard Folio, with a sizable clickable trackpad and consistent Multi-Touch gestures for swiping, pinching, and moving the cursor. The keyboard must be purchased separately. Both offer support for the first-generation Apple Pencil, but there is a slight problem with the iPad 10. 

The stylus is recharged via the Lightning port, while the new iPad has the Type-C port. Therefore, you need to use a Type-C / Lightning adapter (included in the new 1st generation Apple Pencil version package, while it costs 10 euros to buy it separately). 

A strange choice by Apple. iPad 9, on the other hand, is compatible with the Magic Keyboard, so if you need a keyboard, you can also use it on the previous model. iPad 10, therefore, wins on the connectivity front.

iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: Processor And Battery

The new iPad 10 is also updated under the body, using the A14-Bionic processor, which – unlike the A13 Bionic of iPad 9 – involves an increase in performance speed, in addition to the 5G above support that is missing on the predecessor.

From the point of view of autonomy, nothing changes. Apple promises the same duration for both models: up to 9 hours of web browsing on a cellular data network and 10 hours on WiFi or video playback. Therefore, it will certainly not be the autonomy that will move the balance.

iPad 9 Vs iPad 10: Which One To Buy?

Generally speaking, the ‌ iPad 10 might be the iPad to buy for most people. It has a faster chip, 5G connectivity, a larger screen, and a Type-C port, which – combined with the software updates it will receive over time – make it perfect if you intend to keep it for years. In addition, the camera on the long side and compatibility with the Magic Keyboard Folio makes iPad 10 also ideal for work. 

Not to mention the more pleasing design. However, the iPad 9 offers a good balance, but in an older design with slightly less advanced technologies. If you already own one, it’s not worth upgrading to the next generation. However, it can be a valid alternative, especially if you want to save a little bit and the innovations introduced on the new model interest you less.

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