iPhone 14 And iPhone 14 Pro: The Accessories

iPhone 14 And iPhone 14 Pro: The Accessories

If you have purchased, or intend to purchase, the iPhone 14 series also on Amazon and in stores, it could be a wise choice both from the point of view of protection and usability to start buying a case immediately.

In addition, you will need a charger if you don’t have one at home since Apple has taken them out of the box over time. But these are not the only accessories that you may need. Below we see a list of the most indispensable and the most… fanciful ones, thanks to capitalizing on the enormous potential of the new iPhones.

A Cheap House

For example, as far as cases are concerned, as soon as a device is presented, as with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, almost only cheap chances are immediately available on the market. However, there are plenty of good quality products. This is the case of ESR and Spigen, two of the major players in the accessories sector that optimize price and performance.

As for the transparent cases, we advise you to look at the ones for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro by ESR. They are made of high-quality polymer, which keeps the cover clear longer. The microdot design prevents the “wet” effect between the phone and the case. Although the two points are transparent and thin (1.6mm), they protect the device well. 

Air – Guard corners cushion bumps and drops, while raised screen edges and Camera Guards protect the screen and camera from scratches. Spigen is a leader in the care industry. The primary product is represented by Liquid Air, also for the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. But we advise you to buy the Mag Armor MagFit, which has two essential qualities: they are very robust and are perfectly compatible with MagSafe technology

Unlike other models that rely only on the thickness to work with the magnetic hooks, here we also have an internal magnetic element that allows the case to adhere perfectly to an original Magsafe or the many third-party magnetic chargers. Other aspects to consider are the non-slip texture and the critical cover.

A Case For The Series And Video Calls

If you love using an iPhone to watch movies, see a series, or make video calls, this Clikr case is what you need. In the first place, it is an excellent case ( you can find it for all iPhone 14 ) and very robust; it is made with the CL-KER (Kinetic Energy Reduction) technology to redirect and disperse the effects of drops through specially designed air bubbles within the case, keeping your phone protected from impacts up to 3.6 meters for military-grade protection.

 But in addition to this, it includes a handle that allows you to use the device hands-free with excellent safety. Plus, it works as a stand with multiple viewing modes, including portrait, landscape, and conference call modes. In practice, you will have a protected iPhone with a light and ultra-thin design (the stand adds only 2.6 mm in thickness) and more comfortable to use. Obviously, and this is its main flaw, it doesn’t allow reloading with Magsafe.

An Apple Case

If the cheap cover isn’t your thing and you’re willing to spend more to get the best, go to Amazon, where you can buy Apple cases that can immediately produce the best ones. We are talking about the Magsafe cases in silicone and leather, high-quality products that immediately went on sale on Amazon ( like on the Apple Store).

 It is, as Apple says, cases that integrate magnets that align perfectly with the iPhone 14. The case is easy to hook and unhook. They have a perfectly cut design on the new models, covered keys made of aluminum (on leather models) or silicone (on case models of the same material). 

They are lined internally in microfibre (except, of course, for the transparent version). Apple cases are an excellent compromise between weight, thickness, and protective factors. 

A Spigen Glass Protector

Even if Apple ensures increasingly resistant materials for each new model, always intending to apply the first protection to the phone, it is good to accompany the case with a front film for the screen. The best ones to buy are those by Spigen, a specialist in patients and the screen protection sector. 

With the Spigen, you buy two, in tempered glass, which completely covers the front surface of the device, leaving only a space for the notch that houses the front sensors of the phone, thus having the certainty that Face ID and all the rest work perfectly without any interference. In the package, you will also find the indispensable applicator that perfectly aligns the film to the edges. 

An important aspect to note is that the movie for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus are identical to those for iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max, but those for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, despite having a similar screen size to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus, have edges with different curvature and therefore cannot be interchanged.

A Power Adapter: Apple Charger Or Anker Nano Pro

As mentioned above, in the packaging of the iPhones sold by Apple since the 12 models, there is no longer the power supply, but only the USB-C to Lighting cable. This environmental choice could make the first recharge difficult for those who are perhaps buying their first “modern” smartphone and do not have a USB-C charger at home. 

It can be a good idea to buy the Apple 20 Watt charger powerful enough to charge even a 12.9″ iPad Pro at full power. But if you want to be “smarter” by spending a little more, you could take home the Anker Nano Pro charger.

It’s twice as powerful as the Apple charger (40W vs. 20W), has two ports vs. one, and is comparable in size. This allows it to recharge two devices simultaneously, for example, an iPhone and an iPad or, given the power, even a MacBook Air. It is, therefore, perfect for those who have not only an iPhone but also another product.

The Airpods Pro 

In the packaging of the new iPhones, there are not even earphones and if you want to think about the maximum audio integration in the Apple ecosystem, think of the AirPods Pro. Apple has just released the Airpods Pro 2, but the original Airpods Pro is still available at a lower price. We are talking about wireless earphones, which in both cases, have an excellent noise isolation system. 

They offer immersive audio, automatic activation, and deactivation. The new version also has a matter compatible with the Dov’è system. The earphones have the new H2 chip, which guarantees better audio quality, also supported by new components such as drivers. A valid alternative to the Airpods Pro or Airpods Pro 2 is the Airpods 3.

The Apple Lightning To 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

If, on the other hand, you want to use classic headphones with Jack (you have the old Grado or Sennheiser ones which it is a pity to leave aside) or you also want to use the microphone input, there is the original Apple Lightning- Jack adapter. It is perfect for everyone with traditional audio connections. Chinese companies produce many other similar accessories on the market. Given the minimal price difference, we recommend the original from Apple.

A Manfrotto Pixi Clamp Tripod

Let’s finish with an extra: since iPhone 14 has a close video vocation as the best accessory of Manfrotto Pixi Clamp, a small stable, ergonomic, and comfortable table tripod, especially in this period, Smart Working is also massively present in our lives. In addition, it is also very compact to fit comfortably in your pocket, and by closing the legs, it also transforms into a practical handle for shooting, which never hurts.

An Additional Cable: Anker Powerline III Flow

An extra cable is helpful in many situations, just like the charger. If you pay attention to solidity and quality instead of the price (there are thousands of low-cost lines), there is probably nothing better than Anker’s Anker Powerline III Flow. This cable is available in 90 cm and 180 cm versions   and different colors) The latest creation in the field of wires by Anker; does not have a plastic or woven nylon fiber sheath but a silica gel coating, extraordinarily soft but also resistant. 

It has a lifespan of 25,000 folds. Plus, it’s impossible to tangle. If PowerLine III Flow is not for you, play it safe and buy Powerline+ II, the most classic of Anker’s cables. Boasts a 30x longer life than regular cables. Proven to withstand 30,000 bending stresses in a lab environment and is MFi certified,  this ensures your Apple devices are charged safely at the fastest possible speed. It is also found in the package a carrying case that allows you to adjust the length of the cable precisely to the situation.

An Apple MagSafe Charger Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is what you need for an iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, and it doesn’t get any better than the Magsafe. It was the first capable of providing maximum power. As always, the peripheral is distinguished by absolute minimalism. It can charge the phone to almost its total rated capacity. 

Still, only when paired with the new Apple 20W power adapter: will this reach the maximum charging power of 15W, a value declared by Apple equal to double the Qi standard of 7, 5W. One of the peculiarities is that it is part of the Magsafe ecosystem; therefore, able to attach itself magnetically to the iPhone to immediately put it in the correct position for recharging. You can read our review at this address; it costs 45 euros on the official Apple website.

A Wireless Car Charger:  Spigen Mag Fit

You have little choice if you want maximum charging power with Magsafe in the car for your iPhone 14. Either buy (for €40) the Belkin BOOST↑CHARGE Pro (hard to find) or buy some accessory that allows you to mount Apple’s Magsafe in your car, such as Spigen’s  Mag Fit. It is a simple system that attaches to the car vent encapsulating the Magsafe. It is a good solution that allows you to manage the Magsafe and quickly recharge flexibly.

A Car Charger: Ainope USB-C 48W

Even if Ainope is not a well-known brand, this charger that we recommend is a small masterpiece that has made it a cult for both the iPhone world and the iPhone world. In the first place, it is tiny to the point that it almost slides out with the cigarette lighter socket, then it is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it solid and durable. 

From a technical point of view, it has two ports, one USB-C and one USB-A, making it suitable for recharging practically anything that comes to mind. The USB-C port can deliver up to 30W and is perfect for an iPhone 14 and other devices such as an iPad. 

External Battery: PowerCore 622 MagGo

An external battery could be helpful for you. Even if the iPhone 14 has a long battery life, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a situation where you would like to use it still, but you need an outlet available. In a condition like this, the PowerCore MagGo battery is ideal. 

Not only does it charge your phone, but it is also capable of holding it in a suitable position for watching a movie and playing games. The secret of this battery ( tested by Macitynet here) is in a dual technology: foldable support and a magnet that attaches to the back of all iPhones with Magsafe. 

In terms of recharging, this battery works in a “dual” way; it can send energy from the USB-C port and quickly recharge any device or transmit power (up to 7.5W) wirelessly using magnetic coupling. Magnetically attached, it also works as a phone holder. The grip on the back of the smartphone is firm, and the idea is brilliant. The 5000 mAh capacity multiplies the autonomy of an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 by two.

An External Speaker: UE Wonderboom 3 

The iPhone 14 has considerable audio power and even an excellent (concerning the device) stereo effect, but an external speaker can be a nice gift for your (or another) iPhone. In this case, we advise you to read our guide to the best Bluetooth music speakers or to go directly to UE Wonderboom 36. 

Miniature, colorful, powerful, and comfortable to carry (and position, thanks also to the fabric hook), UE Wonderboom 3, as the name implies, is the third generation of a model that debuted a long time ago. Compared to version 2, practically everything remains unchanged, except for the autonomy (increased to 14 hours) and the increased Bluetooth range. It plays well, like all UE products, and does its job even when called away from the collection.

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