Is Marketing Worth Investing In Digital Influencers?

Is Marketing Worth Investing In Digital Influencers?

Controversies about digital influencers are constant; however, not considering investing in this option can make your marketing strategy fail to take advantage of the benefits that digital influencers provide.

What Does Digital Influencers Mean?

A digital influencer, also known as a digital influencer, has a dedicated following on their social media and is seen as an authority in their niche. Contrary to what many think, a profile with thousands of followers is not always considered an influencer. Often a tiny influencer with a thousand 10 thousand followers can have more authority than a profile with millions of followers.

Influencers are in various industries and across all social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc. For this content, we will focus specifically on Instagram and YouTube, where most of them are.

Influencer marketing refers to the business partnership between a digital influencer and a brand. Without a good plan, influencer marketing can be a “shot in the foot” and make your ad look fake or insincere. But, when executed correctly, this investment can change the course of your business.

What Are The Benefits Of Investing In Digital Influencers?

Influencer marketing is targeted and often more cost-effective than other traditional marketing investments. Currently, consumers are skeptical of campaigns that flood them with promotions every day. Therefore, people are much more likely to trust a recommendation from a person they see as a reference these days.

Influencer marketing is similar to receiving a recommendation from a friend or family member, as digital influencers build an image of authority that brings security and transparency. Most digital influencers bring their real-life experiences to followers, making their followers feel like they’re going through the experience personally. This creates an influencer campaign much more compelling than a traditional marketing campaign.

How To Find The Ideal Digital Influencer For Your Marketing Campaign?

As already stated in this post, influencer marketing is worth it if you find the ideal digital influencer for your product. Don’t get attached to the number of followers; try to understand the level of authority that the influencer has in the niche market that your campaign wants to reach. In addition, it is essential that the values ​​and image that these influencers pass are fully aligned with your brand.

A widespread mistake when choosing influencers is looking only at their popularity – popularity does not necessarily mean influence or authority. So, look at the niche and reach of the digital influencer. Understand the niche market that the digital influencer attracts and the ability to engage them with your content.

The engagement rate can be analyzed by evaluating the proportion of followers about the number of comments and likes. Be wary of influencers with thousands of followers and preferences but few words. It is common to use robots that automate likes and the action of following profiles.

Tips To Get The Best Out Of Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Now that you already know that your company can work with influencer marketing and generate good results, it is essential to pay attention to the tips below to extract the best possible results from your actions.

Don’t Limit Creativity

Don’t let your insecurity about dealing with your brand in an environment not as controllable as your networks impose obstacles on how you will structure your Influencer Marketing campaign. Remember that people want authentic, truthful messages, so don’t be afraid to be bold and creative.

Marry Channels, Cross Campaigns And Explore Combinations

An Influencer Marketing strategy may only involve an influencer, but it is never just about the influencer. Think about how you can use your other channels to increase the reach of your message. If you intend to use more influencers, create a dialogue between your communications and ensure that the actions are not publications that do not talk.


Investing in influencer marketing may seem complicated, but most of them already have experience with this model and are easy to relate to. Look for more than one digital influencer that meets the requirements mentioned in this post and ask them to forward you more information about how they work with influencer marketing. They will certainly send you all the information you need to analyze which one will best meet your expectations.

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