Is Your iPhone Ready For This Summer?

Is Your iPhone Ready For This Summer?

With the beautiful summer days, many are preparing for outdoor outings: for a walk in the heart of nature or by the sea. Not to mention relaxing family breaks while enjoying the swimming pool for those with one. In these moments of relaxation, it seems wise to put aside your phone to live them fully. Something that seems difficult for many. Moreover, it happens that we use it to take pictures. Here are some tips to protect your iPhone to avoid damage caused by shocks, heat or water.

Invest In A Protective iPhone Case

The shell is essential to protect the phone during your outings and everyday life. Made of plastic or silicone, it is designed to absorb shocks and prevent breakage in the event of a fall. It also protects your iPhone from scratches due, for example, to contact with the keys in your pocket, dust or sand. It is available in various models. 

You can find one suitable for your iPhone at a retailer specializing in Apple-branded products. You can find a model there for any version of the iPhone, even for recent models. These resellers will, for example, offer you an iPhone 13 case, the latest addition to the Apple brand. Each model is available in several colors, allowing you to bring style and originality to your smartphone. 

Designer Cases For Your iPhone

The models available on the market allow you to combine aesthetics and functionality. Indeed, in addition to the classic and unicolored versions, you now have shells with original patterns. You even have the option of customizing yours. You can decorate the back with photos or one of your favorite phrases.

The customization will be done with specialized service providers. Most have a website where you can order the case and upload photos to print. To work on your creativity, you can customize your iPhone cover yourself. Find the pattern, print it and stick it on your device case. The most gifted can draw it themselves using a permanent marker.

The Waterproof Shell, A Solution Against Splashing Water

We know that water can do enormous damage to our smartphones. However, swimming is one of the essential activities of summer. Apple assures that some of these models are waterproof and can be left for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 to 4 meters. However, nothing beats protection. To do this, you can buy a waterproof shell. With this protection, you can continue using your device by the pool, on a kayak, or even in the rain.

 Sending a message, taking a photo or checking notifications on social networks will no longer be a complex matter. If you can’t find a waterproof case for your iPhone, you can opt for a waterproof protective cover. It is a plastic bag able to protect it from water and sand. Since it is a waterproof plastic, you can continue to use your phone. Did you still drop your smartphone in the water without its case? Here are a few good things to do to limit the damage:

  1. turn it off if it stays on after the fall;
  2. dry the exterior with a dry, absorbent cloth, holding the phone vertically. This allows water to drain;
  3. please place it in a box filled with rice, crushed clay or bits of charcoal. These can absorb moisture. It will have to be left for 72 hours in the box, replacing the contents every 12 hours.

Use A Protective Film For The Screen Of The Smartphone

The case is designed to cover only the back and sides of your phone. With this protection, the screen remains exposed to the risk of scratches and breakage. To preserve it during outings, equip your iPhone with a protective film. You can find models made of tempered glass on the market. This material, made with the same glass used in armored glass, is known for its high resistance to breakage.

It is a transparent glass film, which does not disturb the visual comfort or the tactile sensation. However, it can break. However, it leaves no sharp pieces like classic glass. It also absorbs shock and avoids impacts on your smartphone. Therefore, it effectively protects the screen and the touch function. Some models are also designed with plastic film. They are less expensive than tempered glass ones. However, they are less effective in protecting against breakage.

Broken iPhone Screen: How To Fix It?

Despite the precautions taken, your phone did not survive a fall. Although the touchscreen remains functional, a cracked screen can be annoying. Moreover, it will likely create greater damage if you do not repair it. Indeed, this crack will become a gateway for dust and moisture. However, these can damage the motherboard of your smartphone. To limit the damage caused to your phone, the ideal is to replace the cracked screen. 

You can take your device to a technician at an Apple Store or authorized center. Count between 150 and 400 euros for the repair. This price decreases if you have purchased insurance with Apple Care+. In this case, you must call on the services of an approved center. Indeed, the warranty is ineffective if a non-Apple-certified technician performs the repair.

Equip Yourself With A Pouch For Better Protection

You can invest in a small pouch in addition to your shell and the protective film. It allows you to carry your iPhone easily while protecting it. So you can slip it inside the pouch when you no longer need it. There are models made of fabric and leather on the market. The case represents another alternative, which combines the functionality of the shell and the protective film.

It protects both the back, the sides and the screen of your smartphone. More specific protection solutions, such as the shell with flash or integrated battery, are also available on the market. They can be useful for those who regularly use their phone to take photos or during a long trip.

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