Learn How CRM Can Increase Your Company’s Sales

Learn How CRM Can Increase Your Company’s Sales

CRM: Have you ever wondered how many sales you might be missing out on because you couldn’t answer customer questions promptly? Or how many opportunities to sell more to the same customer are passing you by?

Sales are the structural pillar of any business, and you already know that. You may be missing how to use technology to sell more and better relate to your customer through automation tools.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the opportunities in using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), in particular Bitrix24. Follow this reading and learn more about one of the most used tools by companies and see how to increase your business sales using technology that improves customer relationships.

Why Do Large Companies Invest In CRM?

CRM is equivalent to Customer Relationship Management. It meets the market’s needs to know data about consumers’ expectations and desires. By collecting information, the system allows managers to make decisions while consolidating the relationship with their customers, building loyalty and, thus, increasing sales.

Because it is an efficient, practical and safe system, it can be accessed from any device with the internet without needing installation and other lower costs. Cloud CRM is the best option for those who want to optimize their sales without spending too much. Next, we’ll show you tips on how using CRM can boost a company’s sales. Check out!

How To Extract Maximum Benefits From Your CRM?

CRM is an excellent ally for companies, offering a single technological tool capable of collecting, storing and analyzing essential and highly relevant customer data, allowing more qualified relationship management.

Through CRM, management can monitor the evolution of its business opportunities in the sales funnel, record the history of interactions and purchases, segment customers and automate personalized marketing actions. As we have already mentioned, CRM is a very versatile tool and can be used on several fronts. Here we separate four options on how to implement this tool in your company:

Service Quality: This tool allows you to offer quality and charming service to your customers. Once the service team has access to strategic information about each customer, it is easier to provide greater agility and a personalized approach when solving demands.

Performance Analysis: The CRM platform allows tracking of individual and collective metrics, providing complete reports on the performance of employees. Data like this allows for complete performance analysis of sales, marketing and service teams, allowing management to identify opportunities for improvement more quickly.

Business Strategies: CRM helps better understand the behavior of customers and employees, which directly interferes with business strategies, making them more realistic and practical, ultimately enhancing results.

Ensure Customer Success: Customer success is crucial to many relationship strategies. With CRM, you can ensure that your customer will successfully use the company’s solutions as quickly as possible.

What Are The Strategic Advantages Of Using A CRM?

CRM can offer several benefits for commercial operation; we highlight here, in a generalized way, the four main ones:

Error Reduction: No matter how prepared a team is, it is susceptible to failures, so it is essential to have strategies for them. CRM can be the ideal choice to solve this problem since the salesperson can easily access customer information, increasing the sales team’s security.

Organization: When a tool is responsible for storing information related to the business process, there is an improvement in the organization.

Team Satisfaction: CRM provides a platform capable of improving the quality of the team’s work, directly impacting the team’s satisfaction, and encouraging and motivating it, which will undoubtedly result in better results.

Productivity: Every company aims to increase productivity and, consequently, profits, primarily when investing in new tools. CRM promotes the digitization of processes, which directly impacts team productivity.

What Are The Key Points When Implementing A CRM?

Despite all the advantages listed here, it is essential to understand how this tool can be used within the company so that it acts as an agent for improvement. Therefore, we list some fundamental points to be analyzed and understood during the tool implementation process.

Analyze Data To Understand Your Customers Better

It is not enough to know the customer in general for those who want to increase sales. It is necessary to go further and get to know them in a personalized way since there can be many consumers who enter a store interested in buying products. With CRM, the manager will be able to divide all customers into specific categories, such as:

  • More frequent customers on visits;
  • Customers who buy the most;
  • More punctual customers;
  • Customers who delay the payment;
  • Customers who purchase a wider variety of goods.

You define the filters. The criteria can be very diverse, depending on the profile you need to analyze.

Train Your Team

Another essential thing to do is train the team to work with the new CRM system. If not, CRM alone won’t get very far. The team also needs to do their part so that the solution offers the expected results; that is, it helps increase your company’s sales.

Generally, training is not complicated, and sound professionals who are used to dealing with new technologies will not find it very difficult to learn how to use the Customer Relationship Management system.

Centralize The Information

CRM offers this vital benefit through an automated system: the centralization of customer information in a single database, making it easier for professionals to access and consult. Centralized information guarantees more security for the company and the customer, preventing confidential data from leaking and falling into the hands of third parties who may use them in bad faith.

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