Making the Most of Mobile Phone Plans Australia

Making the Most of Mobile Phone Plans Australia

When choosing a mobile phone plan, one of the major considerations you have to make is where you will mostly be based on and whether you will be travelling. When going to a country as large and diverse as Canada or even Australia, then you need to carefully consider which network coverage will work best for you, before choosing a mobile phone plan that will be great for your budget. In Australia, the choice of coverage can be confusing since there are large network carriers as well as many other smaller ones. Simply searching for mobile phone plans Australia will not yield very conflicting initial results and you need to do a more in-depth research.

Researching on Mobile Phone Plans in Australia

As with any other large country, getting a mobile prepaid plan Australia is not a one-day affair. You first need to map out your area and check which network carrier has the best coverage. The best mobile phone plans aren’t necessarily the ones you see constantly advertising their offers. In some instances, the right fit for you might be a smaller carrier with great mobile phone plans and this might not work for everyone. The reason is that people tend to have vastly different mobile plan preferences, and this reflects in how they buy their mobile phone plans.

An ideal mobile Phone Plan for First Time Travelers

Once you have selected a great carrier, then you can check out what’s on offer, either as a promotion or as a packaged deal. In most cases, the promotions will end during the initial stages of your contract, and you might end up with an even costlier package. Therefore, it’s a good idea to avoid promotions unless you are not planning on staying around for a long time. Therefore, for travelers, promotions make sense since you can benefit a lot in the short term and by the time your travel ends, you can simply terminate the contract.

Selecting the Best Plan Based on Data Use

Data is a new entrant to mobile phone plans and over the past decade, it has become the most important consideration when selecting a mobile phone plan. Generally, you use your data bundles to text, make calls and browse. Therefore, depending on which of these three you use the most, you can allocate resources based on how much you use data for each. For example, a serial caller will prefer making calls using data as this is the cheapest option of all. They may end up spending less data on calls as compared to browsing or even making normal calls on their cellular network. However, for heavy browsers, relying entirely on data may be costly and this is where WiFi comes in. With a great WiFi plan, you can set carrier data to an affordable limit and use WiFi for all other browsing, uploading and downloading.


Having a data plan is a great idea for travelers, and therefore you should enquire whether the places you will be staying at has great WiFi and carrier options. If there are, then the rest of your resources should be easy to manage.

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