Mistakes That Digital Marketing Agencies Make

Mistakes That Digital Marketing Agencies Make

Are you going to hire digital marketing agencies, or are you considering ditching the services of the current one to find a more suitable one?

Making the correct choice saves time and saves the marketing team the stress of billing and disappointment. An agency is a precious investment for your company’s strategy, so how about directing efforts to find the ideal one?

Even with indications and good portfolios, aligning with the agency is necessary. Sometimes months can go by without the marketing team realizing they didn’t make the right choice.

But a situation like this can be avoided if you pay attention to some details early on. Therefore, we have separated six mistakes made by some agencies that can serve as a warning when choosing services.

Non-Existent Or Inadequate Planning

If you’re going to hire a digital marketing agency that doesn’t plan properly before taking a project forward, think again. If she doesn’t make any plans or studies before she starts working with the client, be warned: this is where you start separating the wheat from the chaff.

The company must present a plan knowing its target audience, objectives, investments, deadlines, measurement of results, and actions to achieve the proposed goals. This is how you will see if the agency understands your business or is just making a general proposal.

If that’s the case, it will be difficult to follow the briefing correctly. After all, even with good professionals and adequate tools, the lack of knowledge of the client’s needs will be reflected in actions with poor results.

Poorly Dimensioned Budget

Some marketers don’t pay attention to the agency’s budget distribution. But it is necessary to observe which channels absorb most of the money. Does the strategy consist of using the entire budget on Facebook? There may be a coherent explanation, but it’s good to know the reasons.

Suppose the digital marketing agency knows how to fit that distribution within the goals of the planned strategy; great. Otherwise, your budget may be in the hands of a company that does not have professionals or qualified planning.

Without budget scaling, even an excellent target audience strategy can be compromised. A good idea doesn’t always go ahead without adequate funding, so knowing which channels the agency invests in is essential.

Ignorance Of The Customer’s Reality

This error can be noticed in the presentation of the planning mentioned above. When the digital marketing agency does not understand or does not seek to know the target audience and the buyer persona, the work will be shallow.

How do you make a strategy for people not a good fit for the brand? For you to have an idea, even the choice of social networks can be steered in the wrong direction without knowing the customer’s reality. Thus, it will not be possible to connect the brand with the consumers, wasting time and money.

Another issue is that if the agency does not seek to know its consumers, it will also not understand the needs of the business. Your marketing team needs to deliver results, so it is essential to be aligned with those who will strategize for this purpose.

No Measurement Of Results

Can you imagine making a well-thought-out strategy, investing money, executing it as planned, and then not analyzing the results? It doesn’t make any sense. This happens in some digital marketing agencies, which goes unnoticed even in the client’s marketing teams.

How can you justify investing the money in your department without proving the strategy’s effectiveness? Ensure your agency reviews metrics such as cost per lead, conversion rate, ROI (Return on Investment), and other KPIs (key performance indicators) chosen for that strategy.

Be careful not to consider the number of likes or followers as a presentation of results. It is essential to have a report with metrics that will make a difference to your marketing goals.

The Meager Amount Charged

When researching a digital marketing agency, it can be tempting to look at the price of the services provided. But you will need quality work if you want to optimize your company’s results and achieve the proposed strategies.

Many agencies charge little to increase their client base, which overwhelms employees and affects productivity. Therefore, when hiring an agency, do not opt ​​for the lowest value; after all, those looking for good results must prioritize the chosen professionals’ performance.

Seek peer references, analyze portfolios and pay attention to the strategies produced. An excellent digital marketing agency is worth the investment and will show new possibilities for the brand.

Failure To Meet Deadlines

Delaying postings, initiating actions, or delivering reports indicates the agency’s lack of commitment and disorganization. This situation can happen when you are charged a low amount to attract more customers than you can manage. Not having deadlines met on time can be a consequence of hiring service at the lowest price.

In addition to selecting the agency well, is there a way to prevent this from happening? It is essential to align with professionals on the correct dates to start work. It’s no use charging immediate start and then complaining about delays. Take advantage of this conversation to define the approval cycle and minimum deadlines for delivery of actions and ordered parts.

Ideally, there is an understanding by both parties about the processes involved. Thus, the marketing team will respect the production period within the digital marketing agency, which will make its planning consider the client’s deadlines.

An essential tip to improve the synergy between the marketing team and the agency is cultivating a good relationship with employees. In addition to customer service, get to know the team that will execute the strategy and produce the content. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to the items mentioned above, but knowing the other side is an opportunity to discuss the brand’s needs and develop a partnership.

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