Multifunctional SEO Tools: 19 Best SEO Software

Multifunctional SEO Tools: 19 Best SEO Software

Are you looking for the best SEO tools on the market?

SEO is becoming a vital acquisition channel for any business that wants to develop its visibility on the web. However, to develop your natural referencing, you must use the right software and tools for auditing your website or its visibility in general.

This is why we have listed you the best natural referencing software to develop your national or local visibility. This list includes the tools and platforms most used by SEO agencies or SEO consultants.

Multifunctional SEO Tools

Out of all the SEO software you need to know in 2023, four meet all your needs.


LocalRanker is a French local SEO platform that serves local businesses, web agencies, and chains. Via this powerful software, you can easily manage, publish and optimize your content.

  • The advantages are that you manage your SMS campaigns, collect more customer opinions thanks to the intuitive use of QR codes, and develop your local SEO with accurate monitoring. You can plan your Google posts or publish several simultaneously on several cards.
  • Cons: Without a GMB plug, you will not be able to use it.


You can easily follow your position and that of your competitors. Versatile helps you find new keywords and do SEO audits for your website.

  • The advantages: very complete software, positioning by keyword.
  • The disadvantages: even if it is relatively complete, the free version is limited and the paid version quite expensive.


Analyze the keywords, backlinks, and content, follow your positions on the various search engines, and audit a site with Ahrefs.

  • The advantages: the huge database helps you define your SEO strategy.
  • Cons: does not help with campaign analysis.


The observer is a French SEO tool that allows you to group the monitoring of your positions to consult your backlinks.

  • The advantages: qualitative support to (re) climb the SERPs.
  • The disadvantages are the lack of completeness of materials intended for beginners and expensive software.

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SEO Tools For Finding Keywords

Google Keyword Planner 

The Keyword Planner is probably one of the best SEO tools for finding keyword inspiration. This tool is integrated with Google Ads and allows you to see the search volumes and the competition in a specific area.

  • The advantages: free.
  • Cons: requires at least one active campaign to allow access to all data.
  • The price: free but limited since the activation of a campaign is necessary to access the data.


Ubersuggest is an SEO tool that offers related keywords from a single query. It is based on Google’s auto-suggestion.

  • The advantages: intuitive, provides information on the difficulty of positioning yourself on a keyword. 
  • Cons: Free but may pay off if you use it more frequently.


Answerthepublic is a tool that provides access to questions that Internet users ask from a keyword.

Technical SEO Tools

Screaming Frog

Many SEO consultants use screaming Frog; it is a tool that crawls your site and looks for URLs and internal links.

  • The advantages: the best in crawling and free.
  • The downsides: the simple interface.
  • The price: It is free but limited to 500 crawls.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is probably the essential tool for site owners.

Designed by Google, the console provides information on the correct indexing of your site. She gives you her top tips for improving your SEO.

  • The advantages: helps resolve errors related to AMP content and site ergonomics.
  • The disadvantages: only interested in Google and abandoning other search engines.
  • The price: It is entirely free.


Oncrawl is a tool for exploring a site as a whole. You thus know the technical performance of the area and in terms of SEO.

  • The advantages: able to crawl millions of pages.
  • The disadvantages: none.


Botify is quite simply a robust crawler; the SEO tool claims to analyze 100 URLs per second.

  • The advantages: its modern interface, its reliability.
  • The disadvantages: none.

SEO Tools For Your Content, the SEO tool, works with a scoring system and provides a list of words to add to your articles. Not bad for having ideas for articles or keywords to include in your texts.

  • The advantages: easy to use.
  • The disadvantages: the score is only indicative and cannot be used for innovative themes. analyzes the content of sites by spotting keywords and tells you the density of each keyword used.

  • The advantages: easy to use.
  • The disadvantages: interface reduced to a minimum.
  • The price: free. gives the lexical field surrounding a keyword. The tool also performs documentary searches.

  • The advantages: fast, simple, and accessible.
  • The disadvantages: few free resources to familiarize yourself with the tool.

SEO Tools To Monitor Your Positioning


Myposeo allows you to follow your progress for each of your keywords. It can be used with Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

  • The advantages: analyzes the competition in real-time.
  • Cons: missing features.


Monitorank helps you to follow your positioning on several search engines. 

  • The advantages: modern interface.
  • The disadvantages: none.


The tool analyzes changes in Google’s positioning, particularly after an algorithm update.

The advantages: many features.

The Best SEO Tools To Do A Global Audit


The platform allows you to audit your Google My Business listing and your website continuously.

  • The advantages: very complete tool, modern interface.
  • Cons: local SEO tool only (if you don’t have Google My Business listings, you won’t use the platform).
  • The price: the price depends on the size and the number of establishments you manage.


This extension allows all sites to be analyzed and gives a score out of 100 based on several criteria such as speed, SEO technique.

  • The advantages give relatively quick recommendations.
  • The disadvantages: none.
  • The price: free.

Sitecheckpro helps find SEO errors for a URL.

  • The advantages: is interested in tags, internal links.
  • The disadvantages: none.

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