Opel Astra : The New Astra Hits The Market

Opel Astra : The New Astra Hits The Market

“Opel Astra attacks”!

The new version of the compact from the German manufacturer arrives on the market. It is now available to order at all Opel dealers.

With its successful appearance, a quality chassis born at Peugeot, a good level of equipment, and Opel prices, the new Astra has the correct arguments to make a place for itself in the C segment, that of compacts were famous models. 

Well, seats are already present. One mainly thinks of the Golf, the 308, the Megane, the Focus, or the Corolla without forgetting the “premium” of the segment, which are the Class A, Serie 1, or A3.

Straightforward without being outrageous, in the right tempo in terms of design, the new Opel Astra (L) can find a nice place on the market, and first of all, it deserves it. Six trim levels are on the program, but only one diesel and a single plug-in hybrid.

The Engines Available At Launch

The new Astra 2021/2022 is offered on the automotive market with three engines, which are as follows:

  • L3 1.2 L Turbo petrol 110 hp at 5500 rpm, 205 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm.
  • L3 1.2 L Turbo petrol 130 hp at 5500 rpm, 230 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm.
  • L4 1.5 L Diesel 130 hp at 3750 rpm, 300 Nm of torque at 1750 rpm
  • L4 1.6 L Turbo Hybrid 180 hp (combined power), 360 Nm of torque

The 110 hp and 130 hp (petrol and diesel) engines are offered as standard with a BVM6 or BVA8 (born EAT8 at Peugeot) for an additional € 1,800. The 180 hp plug-in hybrid version is only available with the BVA8.

Note that the 225 hp hybrid engine is not available on the Astra, and we imagine that Peugeot reserves the use of this version for the new 308, which is also arriving on the market. This 225 hp hybrid engine should come on the Astra in the second half of 2022. The Astra 2021 during its presentation to the media this week.

The Opel Astra And Its Equipment

The Opel Astra (L) offers six trim levels to buyers. Here is the range and an overview of the standard equipment for each equipment level.

  • Basis: 16-inch rims, automatic air conditioning, 10-inch “Pure Panel” touch screen, wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto connectivity, LED daytime running lights, cruise control.
  • Edition: Base + led fog lights, front and rear radar, Keyless system (without starting).
  • The PHEV version adds 17-inch aluminum rims and the Driver Assist Pack (Stop & Go, adaptive regulator, steering wheel paddles, panel recognition).
  • Elegance: Edition + Keyless system with keyless start, 17-inch aluminum rims, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, bi-material Upholstery Fabric / Alcantara, front central armrest, Driver Assist pack, dark tinted windows, reversing camera, Opel connected services via Wifi.
  • Elegance Business: Elegance + heated front seats and steering wheel, anti-pollution cabin filter, “Plus” navigation multimedia system.
  • GS Line: Elegance Business + memory mirrors, black headliner, 17-inch aluminum rims (Kadet model), black roof, luxury leather steering wheel (?), “GS Line” bumper pack, 360 ° camera, by against the induction charger, the navigation “plus” and the pollution filter are no longer standard but optional.
  • Ultimate: GS Line) + heated windscreen, leather / Alcantara bi-material upholstery, heated and electrically adjustable seats, 18-inch aluminum rims, sunroof, Intelli-Drive Pack (semi-autonomous driving… level 2), Matrix adaptive headlights, “Plus” navigation system, and HUD (Head-Up Display).

To all this, Opel will add options that will allow buyers to customize their new Astra.

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