Retargeting: An Ultra-Efficient Device For Optimizing CR

Retargeting: An Ultra-Efficient Device For Optimizing CR

The Internet is a vast source of helpful information for advertisers, and the trend is towards personalization! In India, 29% of online shoppers are looking for personalized offers, and 44% of e-commerce site visitors identify themselves to obtain benefits from their previous visits. To be efficient and make sales, you must intelligently use the data collected to personalize the best customer experience.

Nearly 95% of visitors leave your merchant sites without making any purchases. Suppose the Internet user has already visited your site and has information about you in his memory. Therefore, he will be more apt to receive and pay attention to your messages. Faced with the growing demand for personalized offers, retargeting represents a marketing solution particularly appreciated by advertisers.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting, also called “advertising retargeting”, consists of setting up personalized advertising messages on other sites (partner sites) for prospects who have already visited your site to convince them to come back to make an action such as a quote request, a subscription to a newsletter or a purchase. 

This technique falls under what is called behavioral targeting. The means used are mainly Display, Facebook Ads and emailing. Regarding Display, unlike a classic campaign, retargeting is much more personalized because it is based on individual browsing data. E-commerce players mainly use this solution.

What Advantages?

Retargeting is a solution for advertisers who find themselves faced with a performance problem on their website. You should know that a visitor hesitates up to 5 times before purchasing online. Advertising retargeting directly redirects the prospect to the product already visited, increases the conversion rate and retains the Internet user. Visitors are more inclined to communicate their data when obtaining an advantageous counterpart. 

The acceptance of cookies, therefore, makes it possible to acquire new prospect files and to be able to offer them content adapted accordingly. Retargeting also brings in highly qualified traffic. The generated click rate is significantly higher than those of a classic banner. These advantages are strong arguments for improving the performance of your website and its notoriety. Advertisers now consider retargeting as an essential solution.


To set up an effective retargeting system, it is a question of clearly identifying the prospects to be retargeted and collecting relevant information to create the advertising message (ex: which products have been consulted? which pages? etc.) This action is done by inserting codes or tracking tags to create cookies or retargeting lists. 

Then comes the choice of the retargeting advertising platforms best suited to your situation and budget, like Google, which offers its tool, Google Remarketing via Adwords or the Criteo platform, but also Perfect Audience or Re Targeter. And finally, you need to select the type of retargeting related to your activity and your target by choosing Display or Facebook Ads.


How to run an effective campaign? Retargeting is a recent technique that requires particular expertise and mastery of new tools and campaign settings, even if you already have some knowledge. Today, there are solutions to know all the workings of the different levers in the purchasing process to refine your acquisition strategy. Our agency specializing in digital marketing can support you with the retargeting solutions best suited to your activity and your target. Do not hesitate to contact our team if you want to set up a retargeting system.

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