Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Vs. Xiaomi 13 Pro: Which To Choose?

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Vs. Xiaomi 13 Pro: Which To Choose?

If Samsung has long been the leader in the telephony market, Xiaomi is currently in second place after it. If the latter develops affordable smartphones using the latest technologies, the South Korean giant’s products are not intended for everyone because of their high price. In this sense, you are considering buying a state-of-the-art smartphone but need to know which brand to choose. The choice between the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Xiaomi 13 Pro is difficult, but don’t worry! Our comparison is there to help you with your choice.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: The Most Complete Smartphone On The Market

To best satisfy brand fans, Samsung continues to improve its products. Among the latest additions to the S series, the Galaxy S23 Ultra revolutionizes on all fronts: a powerful processor, exceptional cameras worthy of a professional device, and even more storage in sight without forgetting its integrated S Pen.

The Highlights Of The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

  1. A top-of-the-range eco-responsible smartphone with a very elegant design and a perfect finish
  2. Excellent performance of its Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip
  3. A handy built-in S Pen
  4. Robust autonomy
  5. Very fluid One UI 5.1 interface
  6. Smartphone certified IP68
  7. Four years of Android updates

The Weak Points Of The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

  1. A rather large size that will not please everyone
  2. Fast charging is not so fast
  3. A bit of high-pitched sound due to a lack of balance in the speakers
  4. A fairly high price compared to other high-end smartphones on the market
  5. A lack of precision in HDR content and colors

Xiaomi 13 Pro: The Excellence Of A Powerful Photophone

Much more robust than its predecessor, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is undoubtedly one of the best high-end smartphones on the market. Moreover, it has an impressive technical sheet that allows it to position itself among the flagships of leading brands. This flagship model of the Chinese giant is also the first smartphone co-designed with Leica to be available worldwide.

The Highlights Of The Xiaomi 13 Pro

  1. Excellent build quality
  2. A very high-quality OLED screen, one of the best on the market
  3. Ultra-fast charging and decent battery life
  4. Top performance, very high-end
  5. A great photo experience
  6. An IP68-certified smartphone

The Weak Points Of The Xiaomi 13 Pro

  1. A mirror coating that easily retains fingerprints
  2. A little disappointing autonomy for some
  3. A 3-year-old Android update only
  4. Too many pre-installed apps

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra VS Xiaomi 13 Pro: Our Comparison

As it is difficult to decide between these two high-end smartphones, we have tested them for you. Therefore, after a brief overview of the specific characteristics of the two smartphones and their strengths and weaknesses, it is time to have a little duel between the Galaxy S23 Ultra and the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

Two Smartphones, Two Designs

Although the two devices adopt different designs, we will make a few points about them. If Samsung’s Galaxy S23 Ultra retains its monolithic look with its straight edges and right-angled corners, the Xiaomi 13 Pro opts for a more classic design with rounded corners. However, its gigantic photo module makes all the difference. 

In addition to an aluminum frame and a neat finish, both have IP68 water and dust resistance certification. In terms of looks, we have a preference for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. It also has a more industrial and minimalist look. On the other hand, compared to it, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is more compact and lighter, with a weight of 229 g against 233 g. In terms of colorways, Samsung offers various color choices compared to Xiaomi, which only offers two.

Screen Level Comparison

The Chinese and South Korean monsters have ruined their leader by giving them a great board. Regarding AMOLED innovation, both advantages are from zero glimmer time and endless differentiation. Regarding screen size, the World S23 Ultra is bigger than the Xiaomi 3 Expert. The last option has a lot better quality and goal (521 dpi against 501 dpi). Regarding insurance, Samsung’s new Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2 defensive glass protects it from scratches, shocks, and falls. 

At the same time, a straightforward Gorilla Glass Victus safeguards Xiaomi. Taking a gander at other specialized places, the Xiaomi screen is more intriguing than the Samsung one because its OLED board is a lot more brilliant, with a pinnacle of 1,441 cd/m 2 against 1,377 disc/m 2. With a reflectance pace of 43% for the Cosmic system S23 Ultra and 39.7% for the 13 Expert, we favor the last option for regular use.

Focus On Their Performance

As an update, the two cell phones are outfitted with a similar Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC, yet that of the Samsung is somewhat overlocked and stepped “For Universe.” Notwithstanding, the Xiaomi 13 Ace gives high crude execution contrasted with the World S23 Ultra. On the off chance that the exhibition of Xiaomi is more steady, Samsung procures an additional point for its temperature control. 

Tried with various computer games (even the most requesting), both showcase a normal of 125 edges each second, yet the 13 Master will generally intensify more than its rival. On the exhibition side, they have some in the engine, which procures them a tie.

What About Their Autonomy?

The World S23 Ultra has outfitted with an enormous 5000 mAh battery against 4820 mAh for Xiaomi, giving it more perseverance than the last option. With regular use and a regular screen season of 5 hours, the S23 Ultra can endure as long as two days, which isn’t true with the 13 Expert. On the stacking side, no discussion! Xiaomi removes Samsung on quick charging. With its 120 W HyperCharge, it takes about 20 minutes to go from 0% to 100 percent, contrasted with 1 h 24 min for the Samsung.

And Their Photo Modules?

Dissimilar to its rival, the Samsung S23 Ultra has an extra zooming focal point, so 4 photograph sensors on the back contrasted with 3 for the Xiaomi 13 Genius. By testing it, we could see that for daytime shots, the S23 Ultra once in a while has some powerful reach issues. Our inclination rests on the 13 Ace for the degree of detail of the delivery. 

This degree of detail isn’t held once the local x 3.2 amplification has been surpassed. In ultra wide-point mode and for night shots, Samsung offers preferred shots over Xiaomi. The photographs are less loud, thanks to the programmed night mode. On the video side, both can keep in 8K at 24 PFS (30 FPS in any event, for Samsung). Samsung exploits its selfie camera, which can shoot in 4K, unlike Xiaomi.

Our Verdict

After testing the Samsung S23 Ultra and the Xiaomi 13 Master, now is the right time to uncover which won the duel. Both have eminent AMOLED boards, a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip, and superior execution photograph sensors. Regardless of whether, as far as quick charging, Xiaomi far surpasses Samsung, our decision rests on the last option for its brilliant perseverance. Whether your buy measure is photograph quality or independence, we suggest the Samsung S23 Ultra decisively.

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