Samsung Galaxy Tabs With An S Pen – Which To Choose?

Samsung Galaxy Tabs With An S Pen – Which To Choose?

Which Samsung tablet to choose in 2023? Whether the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, the Galaxy Tab S7+, or the Galaxy Tab A8, we show you which Galaxy tablet to buy this year according to your needs. Samsung offers tablets in its Galaxy Tab A and Tab S lines which include models for all price ranges and needs. Whether for school, work or leisure, surfing, playing or working productively, you are bound to find a model that suits you. 

In this article, we show you the most attractive Samsung tablets, considering that you can use them with the Samsung S Pen or a keyboard. As always, we start with an overview of the essential features: The S Pen is included in most cases, as you may have noticed. Find out what you should pay attention to when buying and which tablet suits you.

Buying Tips: What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying A Tablet?

Let’s start with a brief reminder of the criteria for choosing your tablet if you plan to buy one. So consider beforehand whether you need a cheap tablet that you’ll use as a second screen for Twitter and the like, in addition to watching TV, or whether you want to work productively intensely.

Stylus And Keyboard

If you want to use the tablet productively, you will need to consider the size of the tablet and especially the equipment you will be able to use it with. At Samsung, almost all tablets come with the S Pen, but you will sometimes have to resort to third-party products for keyboards.

With a large Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra equipped with a cover with a keyboard, you will work almost like on a laptop. But writing comfort is significantly lower with the 10.5-inch model fitted with a no-name keyboard.

The Power

If you have high-performance requirements and want to edit videos or play games, you must ensure that the power is sufficient. The tablets of the S8 range are mighty, thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, but the S7 FE is slightly less powerful. But all the pills in this comparison will be sufficient to write emails and daily tasks, do serial marathons, etc.


Samsung excels at building great displays. This does not only apply to smartphones and televisions but also tablets. But a 120 Hz AMOLED panel is more elegant than a 60 Hz LCD screen. Of course, the difference will be more significant if you play a lot or consume media. A presentation is also done very well with a 60 Hz screen.

Price And Release Schedule

Finally, the price is, of course, an essential purchase criterion. If you can do without an AMOLED screen and 5G, you can confidently opt for the much cheaper model in the S8 range. However, the Galaxy Tab S7 of 2021 remains a good option even in 2022.

Editor’s Pick: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+

If you’re looking for a tablet, we recommend the Galaxy Tab S8+, which packs better specs than the base Tab S8 and is more versatile than the massive Tab S8 Ultra due to its smaller dimensions. Like the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, the Tab S8+ has an AMOLED screen, which distinguishes it from the Tab S8, which has an LCD screen.

What the three models have in common is the 120 Hz refresh rate, which allows for fluidity in animations and games, and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC. The Galaxy Tab S8+ is very powerful and is a real feast for the eyes with its screen. The data sheets of the Tab S8 and S8+ are also identical in terms of storage and connectivity, including for optional 5G. The battery has a capacity of 10,090 mAh, and the recharge can go up to 45 W.

What you need to by separately?

But it is important to note that the charger is sold separately. The photo module has been upgraded for the Tab S8 models, with a 13 MP primary camera, a 6 MP ultra-wide angle lens, and a 12 MP selfie camera. The excellent S Pen is included with all models in the S8 range. On the software side, the Galaxy Tab S8+ comes with One UI 4.1 based on Android 12 and promises four major Android updates and five years of security updates.

The Galaxy Tab S8+ can also be used with a keyboard, which, however, must be purchased separately and will cost you 179 euros from the official Samsung store or less from online retailers. You can also look at our selection of the best accessories for your Samsung tablet.

If you’re looking to replace a laptop PC or prefer AMOLED screens to LED/LCD panels and are okay with paying almost double the price, check out Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, the most popular Android tablet. Market progress.

The Most Potent Tablet: Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra

The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is meant to compete with Apple’s iPad Pro line. With similar internals to the standard Tab S8, including the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC, the Ultra model expands memory options, offering up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB of storage. However, the Tab S8 Ultra’s strong point is its vast 14.6-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 2960 x 1848 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz. 

The other detail that draws attention to the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra is the notch that houses the two front cameras: A standard 12 MP wide-angle sensor and an ultra wide-angle lens, also 12 MP.Who says big screen says larger dimensions and a slightly larger battery, with its 11,200 mAh. 

As with the Tab S8, the Ultra model comes without a charger, which is unfortunate for a tablet, with prices starting at 1219 for the 8/128GB Wi-Fi model. Here, the S Pen is included, and there is also a keyboard which you can buy separately. Thanks to its larger screen, this model is predestined for productive work, especially with the optional Book Cover keyboard.

The Best Mid-Range Tablet: Samsung Galaxy S7 FE

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is significantly cheaper than the other two models in its range but, unfortunately, reduced considerably. The tablet is equipped with the Snapdragon 750G, 4 GB RAM, and 64 GB storage. Why do we recommend it anyway? Because it also has a 5G variant, the S Pen and the large 12.4-inch screen (but not AMOLED and only 60 Hz!) are included. 

The Fan Edition tablet did not wholly convince me during its test, but it is still a versatile device that can be used if you have low demands. If you like to read on the train or on your sofa, play a few not-too-greedy games or take notes with the S Pen, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE will be more than enough.

Moreover, the keyboard cover of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, which you can buy via the offer above, is also compatible with this tablet and with the tab S8+. It must be taken into account that the Snapdragon 750G is less powerful, but it should be possible to work pleasantly with a keyboard. The decisive point, in this case, could be the price. You can buy the Wi-Fi model from Amazon for under $500. On the Samsung Store, the tablet is a little more expensive (599 euros).

The Best Affordable Tablet With S Pen: Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite

If you find the tablets above too expensive and bulky, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite might be for you. With a screen diagonal of 10.4 inches, it is the smallest of the tablets listed here, but above all, it is more compact in terms of price than Samsung’s premium range.

Inside, a somewhat old-fashioned Exynos 9611 is responsible for animating the tablet, supported by 4 GB of RAM. For storage, you’ll have a choice of 64GB or 128GB variants. Of course, you’ll have to lower your multitasking and gaming demands with this model, but at least the S Pen is included, making it the cheapest pen tablet on our list.

The battery still has a capacity of 7040 mAh, and the cameras (8 MP rear, 5 MP front) are negligible on tablets. There is no official keyboard cover for the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. Still, again, you can opt for products from third-party manufacturers who offer keyboards at very favorable prices.

If you want to play casual games on a bigger screen than your smartphone, check the news, social media, and emails on your couch, and scribble down notes every once in a while, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite might just be for you. Satisfied.

The Best Entry-Level Tablet: Samsung Galaxy A8

This selection could have ended with the S6 Lite, buy Samsung launched in the market; another very advantageous alternative, the Galaxy Tab A8. When it was launched, the tablet only cost 229 euros for its Wi-Fi version and 279 euros for the 4G model.

Samsung indicates pupils and students as the target group, therefore, a generally very tight budget clientele. Here too, you will have to lower your requirements even further because this tablet is notably the only one on this list not to be equipped with the S Pen.

Some third-party manufacturers offer styluses for all touch screens at very affordable prices for those who can’t do without the stylus. Of course, you shouldn’t expect S Pen-like skills, but it should be enough for scribbling on the screen.

For the rest, the technical sheet could be more attractive. We find 3 GB of RAM, 32 GB of internal storage, a Full HD screen (LCD) with a diagonal of 10.5 inches, a selfie camera of 5 MP and 8 MP on the back, and a battery with a capacity of 7040 mAh. There is also a version with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, but it is probably intended for something other than the French market. Anyway, you can expand the storage with a microSD card.

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